MLM Training Tips- 3 Quick Secrets on Building a Team Online

home business mlm online team building

mlm online team building

Have you ever considered, for your home business  recruiting online, but yet when you thought about building a team, you shut down as nothing seems to work?

Did you ever recruit someone in your MLM and then from time to time tried to work with them online- and you got frustrated as they were never available for you?

That is normal for a lot of MLM leaders that work online. There are many mistakes made when building a team online, and we have seen a lot of those being done.

This really can make you feel like you are inadequate and cannot do this business right.


Well, you ARE adequate and there is NOTHING wrong with you.

But there are some network marketing home based business team building secrets that you may want to consider if you are going to build an online team across the country. It might serve you well to take example from the success had by the Thailand team building from TeamXL. There are quite a few things to prepare for and having all the foresight to do so without examples is a stretch. Do yourselves a favour and read about how to do it properly.

Many software companies out there do offer great tools to find people via the internet, and recruit people online.

But here is THE Million Dollar Question:

How do you KEEP people in your mlm home business team? How can you reduce your attrition, which normally online is enormous?

Well, I got some good news for you.

Here are 3 secrets to building online that will help you MULTIPLY your team, versus lose your team on a monthly basis, or so it seems like.

1. Create a SYSTEM of training that is sent to them for at least for the first  14 days.

The first 2 weeks are CRITICAL.

You are being “tested” by your team and you do not even know it. We have found that the first 2 weeks of a new team member’s journey are the most important. They need to be EDUCATED, MOTIVATED, and ACTIVATED to go out and work their new home business.

Get an account with and learn the system. It is an autoresponder system and you are going to have to have one to grow a team online.

Assume they know NOTHING. Start there. Give them the very basics of this business, including what IS network marketing. Make it so basic that even a 5th grader could understand it.

The cover the actions they need to be doing and send them an email or social mail covering each action one day at a time.

Then give them GOALS to achieve everyday that are obtainable. Focus them on GOING and SHOWING and not just Learning and Yearning.

2. Create an Online Success Environment with a daily webinar for 10 minutes.

This “Focus Webinar” helps focus the new people and get them GOING and SHOWING. It will display your Leadership as well as your commitment.

You do this everyday for 10 minutes. It can be in the morning or at lunch time. But do it DAILY.

Why daily?

It establishes a great CONNECTION with your new members, builds momentum, as well as shows them they need to do the same thing for their new people.

You can get a great free webinar software to do this at:

Spotlight each new member in the webinars, and congratulate them for their efforts.

Give them daily a LEADERSHIP QUOTE and one tip for building their business. Give them a chance to ask questions as well. This will create a community feel to it. Then tell them how much you are looking forward to them walking across the stage as a top earner.

3. Send “Encouragement Texts” daily and let the new people know you appreciate them.

These are simple one or 2 line messages stating you believe in a person and that keep up the great work as every top earner in the company started the same way.

Feature them on social sites and make them feel like a super star. Tweet about them. Post about them. Youtube about them. Cinchcast about them. And more of the same on other social sites.

If you do these things, you will see that your new team members STAY LONGER, WORK HARDER, and GROW BIGGER in your MLM network marketing home business.

Prospecting Secrets for the New Person?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Social Network Marketing Training for YOU- read this.

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MLM Training- 11 Blog Tips for Link Magnet Optimization

home business blogging mlm

home business blogging mlm

In a home business, How do you truly optimize your Link Building on your blog and create a destination that can become a viral monster in network marketing?

In the melbourneweeklyeastern blogging world, it is a lot about LINKING and who links to your website. This counts towards SEO and how the search engines rank your website. The more links you have , the better your website will appear to the search bots.

I think that it is hard to argue that Home business blogs are now part of the network marketing culture. It is imperative that you have a blog today or your MLM business. I cannot tell you how many times that someone has told me that their blog changed their whole business structure.

There is NO other option but having a blog,  if you are planning on succeeding into today’s marketplace. I have had one for 6 years and now I have multiple blogs for different reasons. I cannot imagine anyone in a home business not using this powerful tool.

You need to consider ramping up the blog you have as well.

That is the reason for this post.

I call it “Link Magnet Optimization.”

This is optimizing your blog for total recruiting and social media success. I I am going to share 11 quick tips and tricks used by professionals at a white label SEO company. These will  really make a difference in our blog’s performance and success at converting visitors into becoming part of the PassionFire family.

What are these 11 Link Magnet Optimization Tips?

1. Enlarge and Enhance your linkability.

Simply, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. What are they LOOKING FOR? ”


Give it to them over and over again. Then continue to give them what they are looking for in content.

2. Make bookmarking easy.

Make it VISIBLE and ASK THEM. It is that simple. You can use the Add This button. You may want to consider the Sociable Plugin if you have a WordPress blog.

3. Spotlight Those who Link Back to You and CONNECT.

List blogs which link back to you via permalinks, trackbacks or recently linking blogs (like the Yahoo & Google blogs do). Email them and thank them for their link. Get to know them and build a home business relationship. They will send more links and multiply your message to their base.

4. Mobilize your Content.

Repurposing your content will increase the link magnetism. Take your blog post and turn it into a youtube video, article, podcast, mp3, ebook, and pdf report. This will explode links.

5. Be a “Go To” Resource and Feature other blog’s content.

Become an Authority site and let people think of YOU when they think of your niche. Share the content of others. Copyblogger does this. So does ChrisBrogan. It has made their sites HUGE.

You have not heard of them before in your home business efforts?

Why do you think I just told you about them? Think RESOURCE integration, not just “All About ME Ego-ization.”

6. Respond to the folks that COMMENT as well as Contribute.

Spotlight the TRUE stars of your blog- the readers and contributors. Always respond to comments as well as people who share other resources. LINKS baby!

7. Jump in the Discussions on other blogs- and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

You have heard this before. But most do NOT do this for some reason. Jump in and comment on other people’s blogs. This wll provide links as well as building strong relationships that will multiply your message- and links-over time.

8. Target the Audience with Focused Content.

PULL people’s eyeballs into your blog with content and solutions that are EXACTLY what your readers are seeking.

Find out what their problems are, and then tell them how to solve them.

9. Use

This little website can get you all kinds of links over time. Are you using it? It submits your blog to over 90 directories and search engines.

10. Put your posts on

This is something most do not do. I get backlinks a lot from this one place as people click on the links in the post, and then link to it from the knol.

11. Become a Student of Writing Copy and Blogging- things change QUICKLY.

Keep up with the changes in the blogospere. Study copywriting to focus your home business message and make it more compelling. No one is better than Copyblogger.

Make sure that your blog is pumped up for Link Magnetism for your MLM Home Business.

LinkedIn MLM Recruiting- One Little Secret No One Knows About

linkedin mlm recuriting

linkedin recruiting home business


Home business mlm training for the most part if you are marketing online, is focused on “funnel marketing” and the like. I believe that can be a powerful way to market, but the attrition is unbelievable when it comes to keeping people on your team.

Christopher Dittemore, an internet marketer and network marketer says that the problem often when you use only a “funnel” system is the number on team members you lose can be enormous.

That is why we focus a lot on social networking, as our Private Clients are having great success with LinkedIn. Yes they are using funnel marketing as well as traditional methods. But we are finding that LinkedIn is an incrdible site for recruiting people who are looking for 2 things:

1. To network with others.

2. To take their career and life to a better place.

You can PULL these people towards you by giving away something FREE.

How would you like to know a little secret that hardly anyone knows that will allow you to us ANCHOR TEXT in your profile and create a live link to a free report or ebook?

How would THAT work for your hme business?

How would that happen?

I will tell you in a minute, but I want to ask you to check out a webinar that we are doing on September 22 (or you may  be reading this after the fact and you can still check it out as there is a replay of it) called LinkedIn Recruiting 101.

It is a Powerful webinar with the secrets of a #1 Corporate Recruiter in the  nation for a recruitment firm. He shares his secrets then we applied them to the network marketing profession. This webinar will ROCK YOU BUSINESS.

Check out LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets!

So how would you put an anchor link (three are allowed) that offers something free?

1.Go to the “edit” section on your profile for websites. It is under your “Connections” link.

2. Click on “edit” for the first link. This will take you to the edit link page. In the drop down box next to “websites” you will find it lets you put a link in for Personal, Company, Blog, Rss feed, etc.

3. Click “other.”

4. A new box appears to the right of it that allows you to put text in the box instead of the word “blog” showing or “RSS” showing. Put in something that would cause a prospect to click on it.

“FREE ebook on recruiting- 101 secrets!” Or what you feel would work.

Then go to the next link below it and repeat.

Then go to the next link below it and repeat it again.

This will allow you to have anchor text show up on your LinkedIn profile with a LIVE link and a compelling offer to take them to a page to possibly get them to opt in.

This little known secret is quite “ninja” and I believe will explode your potential lead capturing from LinkedIn.

Like this little secret? This is the type of LinkedIn training you will get in “LinkedIn Recruiting 101.”

Our Private Clients are CRUSHING IT with LinkedIn.

They are recruiting like crazy. You can too!  Just join us September 22 at 8 pm EST for the LinkedIN Recruiting Secrets 101 webinar. If you missed it, you still can get it! Just check out the link and see how you can become a recruiting magnet on LinkedIn.

It will teach ou how to recruit on LinkedIn Powerful professionals for your home based business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM LinkedIn Recruiting- She Enrolled 5 Professionals -LAST WEEK – HOW?

linkedinin recruiting mlm home business

mlm linkedin recruiting home business


Many times in the MLM Home business profession you receive some interesting news that stirs you up.

This was the case for today.

I was talking with one of our Private Clients, and we were planning her schedule next week, and she dropped this bomb on me:

She had enrolled this past week FIVE LinkedIn Professionals and was excited. She works with a large nutrition company and her Success was quite unexpected, as she admitted. She felt that once she pulled the trigger on the secrets she learned about LinkedIn she would probably start seeing some results in a couple of months.

Not a couple of weeks.

But that happened in her network marketingbusiness. She enrolled 5 Professionals on LinkedIn in ONE WEEK and all she did was do what she had learned.

One of the things that she has mastered is the “Recruiting Blitz Webinar.”

 This is a particular type of webinar that not only is very professional- but very short. She can say in 10 minutes what most say in 45 minutes. And that is what professionals DEMAND:

Short and sweet.

A Recruiting Blitz Webinar is a special tool that has built many a home business team we have taught. But for LinkedIn, it is a monster. It is something that when done correctly, can set you apart form everyone else. It is NOT just a video that someone has done that your prospect sees.

No- a Recruiting Blitz Webinar is more personal and private. And it addresses much of the issues with professionals time schedules. And when you learn to do it right- you can literally recruit AT WILL.

The secret to a Social Recruiting Blitz Webinar is to say it in a way that the prospect or candidate gets the picture quickly and knows they can duplicate that system. It does not take a lot of time, and it does not take a lot of your prospect’s attention as well as time.

You can literally recruit someone in social media and on LinkedIN in 24 hours.

You read that right. 24 hours.

And our Private Clients are doing it. You can too as it is powerful and magnetic to the mlm home business prospect.

How does it work?

It starts by getting a fr-ee webinar account at:

And then mastering this simple but powerful webinar software. Then you need to create your “Blitz Presentation” that will PULL people towards you like a magnet.

How does that happen?

That is what the LinkedIn Recruiting 101 webinar is about if you would like to learn. You can attend it Thursday September 22, and ir starts at 8 pm EST and goes to 11 pm.

You will receive 3 insane  BONUSES as well – and if you do not attend- then your loss. It is an absolutely amazing webinar put together with me  by a #1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a national recruitment firm. He has adapted his secrets to the Home business profession.

and oh….by the way- price goes up tonight at MIDNIGHT.

So if you want a flood of Professional Leads that you cannot keep up with (GREAT problem to have) then REGISTER NOW to the LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets 101 webinar for your MLM Home Business in network marketing.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

 Create a Recruiting Flood in Social Media with Social Network Marketing- HERE

Home Business Training- How To Never Get a NO Part 3?

MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training by Doug Firebaugh on How To Never Get a NO part 3

Social Network Marketing -Finding More Leads a Day than most do a Month?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Prospecting that Produced Billions? And all tactics are FREE to do?


Home Business MLM- The 3 Things a Home Business MLM MUST Have

home business mlm

home business mlm

A Home business mlm business is one of the most powerful vehicles you can have to take more control over your Success and Destiny.

Many people start home businesses but never succeed with them.


They are missing the 3 Critical Elements that you MUST possess in order to truly have a chance are succeeding. Many people bring the wrong things into their mlm business and it costs them dearly.

The 3 Critical Elements of a Home Business MLM help make the business stronger from a success perspective, and more magnetic form a strategy perspective. There are things that people do with their business that WEAKENS their business image, as well as results. and it is ALL about results when it gets down to the bottom line.

No income in the business- no longevity in your company.

What are the 3 Critical Elements in a Home Business MLM?

1. Business Owner Mindset.

THIS is a biggie. Many people bring into their business and their actions an “EMPLOYEE MINDSET” that does nothing but turn the prospect off. YOU are a business owner. YOU are CEO of your own company. YOU are the boss and the call the shots. But you must do that from the right focus.

Not an Employee Focus- but a Business Owner Focus.

Prospects will respond differently when they FEEL FROM YOU the power of a Business Owner in your words. They will be PULLED towards you as they are drawn towards Leadership and strength.

2. A Refusal to Accept Any other Option Except Your Dream. PERIOD.

This ONE ELEMENT ALONE will change your world and destiny. Many people get into a home business mlm and are talked out of it by family and friends. Even in social media. I have seen the conversation threads of those of the “UNINFORMED” world. They are not informed at all about the power of person to person marketing and think it is something else.

You can carry those negative conversations with you unknowingly and the prospect FEELS those on you and in you.

Why does this happen?

You have never REFUSED to Accept their words and opinions.

What is REFUSE?


And that is what many people bring to the conversation concerning Consumer Direct Marketing.


It is TIME you simply REFUSED the Refuse and simply tell them, “Thanks, but I come from a different thinking perspective, but I do appreciate your opinion.”

3. Engaging Daily Actions powered by a Relentless Heart.

We all know that you will never be succeed at anything if you do not have the right heart. Your heart MUST be in something totally to succeed. A home business mlm is no exception.

Your daily actions of prospecting, approaching, following up, presenting, gathering leads, and the rest have a power behind them when you engage them.

Whatever that power is behind them- will DRIVE THEM.

The power of doubt and timidity carry little Success power and will drive you out of this business. I have seen this so many times.

The power of Decision and FINAO (Failure Is Not An Option) behind your actions will turn your actions into “success jackhammers’ that will DRIVE SUCCESS relentlessly towards you.

What is BEHIND and DRIVING YOUR ACTIONS will either put you on the Success Interstate, or the Failure Ditch. Your call.

Knowing WHAT and HOW to DO things is important. But understanding what 3 things are a MUST have in a home business mlm is IMPERATIVE.

Do YOU have a Business Owner Mindset? (BOM)

Do YOU possess a REFUSAL to Accept ANYTHING ELSE– except your DREAM in your life?

Do you possess a Relentless Heart that DRIVES SUCCESS into your actions?

Imagine what kind of business you would build if THESE 3 THINGS werr DRIVING your home business mlm.

These are three things that you must work on, and master, in your home business mlm.

Social Network Marketing? What is THAT?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011  all rights reserved

The Secret of ENDLESS Daily “I want to talk to you” Leads

Home Business- The Recruiting RULE of No SEEDS-NO HARVEST

home business seeds

mlm seeds

Anyone who owns a home business knows that it is a lot like farming.

Think about it.

Everyday you are planting seeds- recruiting seeds– in your mlm  business to grow. Here is a quote that I recently sent out:

“All building a home business Success is …is farming. A farmer plants seeds and then fertilizes the seeds and waters them. And then expects a harvest to reap. But the farmer knows one undeniable fact and rule: No Seeds- No Harvest.”

The Secret to Home Business Success?


Plant Daily.

Plant Conversations.

Plant Samples.

Plant Appointments.

Plant Webinars.

Plant Hope.

Plant Possibilties.

Plant SOMETHING that can GROW your home business.

Every seed that you plant, COUNTS.

 No exception.

Just as the farmer does not know which seeds will grow, neither will you.

You have to trust The Eternal Grower and just do YOUR part.

Keep planting and recruiting and expecting a harvest. It will come and when it does it can overwhelm you…if you just…

Keep planting.


There are only 2 types of people reading this note:

Ones that WILL become Millionaires with their Home business….

And ones that will not.

YOU have to decide which one you will be in your recruiting for your MLM Home business.

Have You Seen this Training on Social Network marketing?

blesings…doug firebaugh

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Billion Dollars worth of Prospecting Training?

Social Network Marketing- The Law of EXPERIENCE?

social media home business

social network marketing


For your home business– there is a NEW KID in town in network marketing.

Social Network Marketing is a FUSION Marketing model that fuses together Social Media and Network Marketing in your home business..

 It is a powerful concept in lead generation as well as building a home based business.

Social Network Marketing has an incredible POWER to it of:


And with those 2 powerful things, you can become a Recruiting Magnet with Social Media in your work at home business.

There are what I call “Social Network Marketing Laws” and I want to introduce some more to you on some future posts and I hope that they will give you some insight as well as ideas that will help you with your Social Media and Home Business Success.

What is Social Network Marketing Law One?

 1. The Law of EXPERIENCE.

 What people experience with you in the social media arena determines much of what they do or DO NOT DO in the future. They MUST experience an emotion or idea that will MOVE THEM to DO SOMETHING that will work in your favor. 

If they experience a conversation with you that makes them feel good and is focused on them, then they probably would consider a conversation with you, something they would like to do again.

You now are starting to build a relationship of TRUST with them.

 Most people in social media focus on EXPECTATIONS – not Experience.

 That is a mistake.

 Often, it is what YOU expect to happen with a prospect is more important to them then what the prospect Experiences with YOU in Social Networking.

 Make them glad they talked with you.

 Make them glad they connected with you.

 Make them want to talk to you again.

 Give them something to look forward to the NEXT conversation.

 That will insure you that the Experience of talking with you they will want to do again and build more Trust in what you have to say and RECOMMEND.

When you engage someone in social media, you need to understand this rule”

First people FEEL…THEN they hear. Feeling is a HUGE part of what they Experience is your Social Network Marketing and Home Business.

A Powerful Resource to Learn Step by Step Social Network Marketing?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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Home Business Social Media- Social Network Marketing …What IS IT?

home business social media

home business social media

In a home business today, you MUST be online.

If you are not, then you are operating your home business at a tremendous disadvantage.

And coming soon, you MUST BECOME MOBILE.

As everything is getting ready to be transferred to the “4th Screen” in marketing and social media.

if you are not ONLINE then you off course in your home based business.

That is s truism and have been teaching that for over 10 years. We have been in internet marketing for over 12 years and have been blessed to build a solid business online and worldwide, by marketing our MLM training resources.

But there is a NEW style of home business tactics I call “Social Network Marketing.”

 This is a poweful FUSION of social media, social networking, and network marketing blended together to create a social focused marketing of a home business.

There are MANY internet marketing types out that train on how to market a home business. And they are all good.

I highly recommend many of them if you are looking to find leads and work your business online and with what is called “Funnel marketing.”

Social Network Marketing is a little different as it is more SOCIAL focused than Funnel focused. It requires that a distributor/consultant join social networking sites, learn the ropes of how to work them, and then connect with like minded people that are looking for a change or MORE out of life.

THEN you need to move them through a system to find out if they are a MATCH for your home business. This requires knowing the process and how to move people through the process.

Whether facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn,  you must be what I call the “2 V’s of Social Network Marketing:


You must be on the social sites daily at least 15 minutes to comment on updates, build new relationships, and to add new content, videos, and photographs that you deem worthy. Visibility is what is going to guarantee CONNECTABILITY.

The more visible you are in social networking, then more credibility you are going to have as a social networker.


How are you VALUABLE to people that friend you or follow you? What can you ADD to their life that will IMPROVE, ENHANCE, EDUCATE, or ENLARGE what they are doing with their life?

Social Network Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to not only find home business leads on social sites, but also to build a business that spans the country and globe.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you take a minute and check out a powerful training resource that teaches you not only WHAT you need to do…but HOW to do it  in Social Network Marketing.

You can get a lifetime membership to this course and any new videos added for a ONE TIME tuition for ONLY $37.00 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! This special is ENDING SOON.

That is a little over a dollar a day for 30 days. And that is IT. And this training course SOLD OUT in April when it was first offered. I would encourage you to check it out and see if this is something that could take your social media lead generation and home business fusion to a whole new level.

And remember:  VISIBLE and VALUABLE are 2 keys to creating a powerful presence in social media. And that is what it takes to get the attention and KEEP the attention of potential prospects in your social media home business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011  all rights reserved

Social Prospecting training that helped produce BILLIONS in Sales?

Article Marketing for MLM -5 Elements EVERY Article MUST Have?

mlm article marketing for home business

mlm article marketing for home business

Home business and

Article Marketing go hand in hand. The two are made for each other. One is a vehicle and the other helps drive the engine.

Article marketing I have been doing for nearly 10 years. It has been an amazing way to meet people as well as get a message out.

And of course, to train as well as educate the folks on some pretty cool things. Ahem.

Now I am going to get up on my soap box.

Recently I have been observing some articles that are…well…let’s just say are less than quality content. Ezine articles got smart. Chris Knight over at decided to go to 500 words per articles because a lot of articles were disguised advertisements for a lot of affiliate marketing, MLM, as well as internet marketing scams.

It is all over the place. Low quality articles that are deceptive at best.

I just shake my head when it comes to social media articles and what I call  the teaching and practice of “Deception Marketing.”

It is a total lack of ethics and integrity.

I am amazed by a lot of the social networking articles on the article marketing resources. Many neophytes in network marketing and social media try to come across as network marketing “experts” and social media “experts.” And when a little research is done-you find that many of the authors have not even been in the business 5 years- or even 3. They simply are doing what they have been taught to do and doing it over and over.

And they pitch and sell-pitch and sell- and pitch and sell.

Nothing wrong with that I guess.

Or is that really what articles are supposed to do?

And another thing I have found is that many of their articles contain little or no training or any useful  information that will help people in their issues with life.

Now I have a REAL issue with that.

If you are honestly going to write an article as an “expert” – then give them expert advice, training, or something of VALUE.

COME ON folks!

Tough to do-if you have not done it. I have done it a lot-and done it in a big way. The training articles of Deception Marketing also contain mostly the same old warmed over stuff- the same ideas, tactics, and the same verbiage that has been out in the article directories for years. I call it “Recycled Mold.”  The info is so old, it contains marketing mold.

What happened to the USP? Or even being unique and SETTING YOURSELF APART?

Or even branding yourself as something different?

Well, maybe I am wrong- but I believe there are 5 Elements that a Network Marketing Social Media article should contain on any article resource directory in Article Marketing:

1) Unique training and information-NOT just useless selling.

Many people are looking for SOLUTIONS-not to be sold something. I have a lot of emails that people are asking why that all the trainings in these directories are a bait ands switch? They promise training but end up getting pitched on the newest deal or “opportunity.”

Been there as well as I have taken the time to look up other topics in article directories and found that good old Deception Marketing. And again- having a resource box with an offer is GREAT and that is how you do it. But let’s just not pitch in the article itself. It gives all of the authors in MLM /Social Media a black eye and bad rap.

GIVE some training / information as that is expected in an article is it not? That is what “experts” do- if there is really such a thing. GIVE something UNIQUE that will HELP people- and solve a problem for them. You will be taking your articles up to a whole new level. Get rid of the same ol same ol and THINK like an expert- write like an expert- and get creative like an expert would. That is the minimum we all should do.

2) A SOLUTION that has PROVEN to WORK.

THAT is imperative. If you are going to get in the article network marketing and social media marketing zone- make your article SOLUTION focused– not selling focused. That is what a Social Media and MLM “expert” does.

People are seeking answers to problems. They are looking for how to’s-not “here -buy this.” Create a solution for people- a REAL solution-not something that is disguised as one to sell something. Build your credibility, not your gullibility.

3) A Presentation- not a Pitch.

Articles are an information source- and a training haven. Professional authors understand that you want to create a BOND and RELATIONSHIP with the person reading your article. They will stay with you and read your blog and other articles. THAT is money in the bank. They will become raving fans of yours- instead of resentful foes that feel cheated by your article.

If you PITCH someone in your article- you have developed a short term relationship. If you PRESENT a solution or an answer- you are well on your way to developing a long term relationship-the secret to successful article marketing.

4) Your Article must contain IMPACT.

Impact is the key to a great article. Your article must create a “Wow” impact- and show them you are a TRUE expert-not someone pretending to be. The social media “gurus” teach personal branding. We have for years as well. But it takes 3 things to be branded as an Expert:




Impact is a fruit of “been there-done that” and the social proof that you are truly an expert. Impact is a fruit of having the KNOWLEDGE that experts that can Impact people in a powerful way. And Impact is taking a “TINY” focus- “Their Interests Not Yours.” Their interest in your article for the most part, is learning and solving. Make sure that your article has that within it- and you will have the impact to move people to want to know more about you.

5) Your Article MUST Contain ENOUGH Content AND – Content that is Valuable and Worth Reading.

I see a lot of “articles” of 75-100-words that only there for one reason it seems–to point to the resource box. THAT is what I call an “Article Pitch” or “Pretend Article.” It is PURE Deception Marketing. They use an article to “pitch” their offer and dilute all of the other articles in the directory.

There used to be a commercial asking “Where’s the BEEF?” Well- Where’s the Content? And many of the article directories today have gone to a minimum of 600 words to insure there IS content that is worth reading.

Now yes, there are really good articles in these directories from some really great writers. It is not all “fake it and write it.” There are great newer authors as well as older ones–that are VALUE focused– not Volume focused.

One is focused on giving Value to the reader- and the other to sell Volume for themselves. One is short term and the other is long term.

Guess which one is the most successful at building business? Yep- the Value focused article that delivers.

I have been blessed to write the last 8 years over 1000 on line published articles on over 300 directories-so I know a little bit about this. Let’s quit pretending to be authors and start giving TRUE Value first- THEN build a connection with the reader about what you have to offer.


Connect with the reader with TRUE Solution Based Value. Direct them to your offer through your resource box. Build a relationship with them then, through a blog,conference calls, or newsletter.

Folks, as we say from my home state of Texas: This ain’t rocket science. It is simply understanding the process.

You will have so much more success in your Social Network Marketing efforts if you are HONEST and INTEGRITABLE about your writing and delivering content via article marketing. If you oppose Deception Marketing like I do, great. if you practice it then do not be surprised if you stay frustrated with your MLM Network Marketing Home Business.

Looking for a resource that teaches you ths secrets of ENDLESS Prospects?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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