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Many home business mlm owners make the mistake of not creating a power in their business.

Are YOU making that mistake?

In network marketing, POWER must be there to draw people towards you. But not just ANY power.

The power of making a CHOICE and then TAKING ACTION on that choice, is one of the most powerful things you can do daily. NO ONE can take that power away from you. In your home business, you will find what you CHOOSE will influence your daily Success enormously.

Here is a quote that I sent out a while back in social media and it is SO critical to creating your Success:

“It’s the Choices that you make on an hourly and minute by minute basis that will whiteboard paint and color a picture of your life in the future. Choose the colors wisely as the world will see your Artwork .”

You can choose to succeed with your Home Business or not.

You can choose to hold a LOT of NEW conversations with your home business prospects or not.

You can choose to make your home business work…or not work.

You can choose to listen to the nay sayers …or not.

You can choose to be a MAJOR SUPERSTAR with your direct marketing company and dominate the Success in your company..or not.

Choices are what DRIVE YOUR DAY…and what drives your day, eventually will drive your life.


Choices are like pistons in an engine that make it go, or make it break down. Many people’s lives today are broken down because of their past choices.

But there is always a second chance to choose wisely.

CHOOSE Today for Radical Success with your Home business mlm.

Choose wisely in what you do and who you talk to. Choose today that you WILL be a star in your own right with your company.

Your Choices are the POWER – in your Hours.

“It is the POWER in your HOURS that will DRIVE or DELAY your Home Business Success. YOUR CHOICE.”

Choose Today Success- and quit listening to those who choose differently.

It’s YOUR CHOICE…not theirs.

It is YOUR Home Business, not theirs.

It is YOUR Destiny, not yours.

It is YOUR LIFE that you will love- to create RADICAL Success in your MLM and Home Business.

Endless leads? Everyday? How does THAT Happen?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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