Home Business-MLM Leadership “ARE YOU ALL IN?”

home business commitment

home business commitment

There comes a time that there must be a DECISION in a home business that cannot be altered or changed.

It is all part of MLM Leadership and building a Team of Leaders. You cannot expect to build a team of Leaders when you are not focused like one and acting like one.

There comes a time that you have to draw a line in the sand and face the truth about Success in your home business.

It is a decision for what I call  “FINAO.”

 Failure Is Not An Option.


In my life, failure does not exist. Getting the wrong results does, but not failure.

Especially if you are decision bound to something.

And this will require you to possibly make some changes that you do not want to make, are you may be not aware that things need to be changed, or you simply say that you will do that you have to do to build your success in MLM.

Leadership in MLM and a home business requires a bigger than average COMMITMENT.

It requires a bigger than average DESTINY.

And it requires a bigger than average HEART connected to the Vision and the Dream. Especially with a home business.

Are you giving that in your home business?

Are you giving all you need to give in your network marketing business?

 Imagine anyone starting a company in Corporate America and they say that they will give only half of what is required.

We would call that person half hearted and going nowhere.It is the same with many home business owners. They simply are not giving all that is needed to give to succeed in a home based business.

Are YOU?

Today I want to ask you what I call the Make or Break question:


Read that again.


There is a philosophy I learned years ago that you must be “ALL IN” to achieve Success that ENDURES.

You must be “ALL IN” to live a life that goes ALL OUT.  READ THAT AGAIN.

This means your heart is all in the business, your thinking, your belief, your focus, and your time. You are simply not working the business, but you are LIVING the business when you work. 

Are YOU ALL in or just part in ?

It is FELT in your Words.

It is SEEN in your Actions.

It SCREAMS in your Belief.

I am NOT Talking about time or a clock,. or hours. The hours are not the focus here.

 I would rather someone give 3 ALL IN hours than 20 HALF IN.

The 3 would produce 100 times more than the 20 that are half hearted and barely started.

Leadership is about being ALL IN and being ALL ABOUT.

Are YOU ALL IN in your MLM and home business?

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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