MLM Training- 5 Brutal Realities of Finding the “Right Person” in MLM

The 5 Brutal Realities of Finding the Right Person in MLM by Dr. Doug Firebaugh
MLM Finding the Right Person.

Are you struggling in your mlm home business?

Do you find yourself getting frustrated or discouraged about network marketing?

Are you wanting to change that?

Understand— it is NOT the right talent that will make you wealthy in network marketing. There are many broke VERY talented people in network marketing.

It is NOT the right thinking that will make you wealthy. Sure it helps, but there are a lot of broke positive thinkers in network marketing.

It is NOT the right actions that will make you wealthy. Same situation when money is on steak, you don’t want to go gambling directly without knowing the game, so you prefer to play free slots while learning the game and develop strategy. They help in the long run, but there are a lot of VERY busy, highly trained people going broke in network marketing.

It is NOT the right beliefs that will make you wealthy. I know people who truly believed they would succeed, but could not perform at all as needed in the marketplace. They were not trained properly.

And it is NOT becoming a “professional student” who learns all there is to know about MLM and looking for THE ONE SECRET that will make you wealthy. I know some people who probably know this industry better than I do- and are totally broke and have been for years. You can find more information here.

People want to CONNECT- to the Idea you are sharing, the Product you are introducing, and the Hope you are Giving- with their heart.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you now talking about this being “hairy fairy” and that is just not who you are. THAT is why you have been struggling in network marketing if you have been.

 It is ALL about the prospects heart being connected to YOU, the PRODUCTS, the VISION of the Company, and mostly the HOPE of this business working for them and their family to increase their LIFESTYLE.

TALK LIFESTYLE and connect their heart to that picture you paint with your words.

It ALL Starts there and Ends there, whether you want to believe it or not.

They want to FEEL GOOD- about their life and future. You can help them do that.


Quit looking for the right person. You will not find them. Start looking to connect to the right heart and somehow—someway–the right person will end up right in front of you

 This is a realization that all professionals need to come to in their mlm network marketing home business.

blessings…..doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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MLM Training – The Secret Power of becoming Radically UNREASONABLE

mlm home business work at home

mlm network marketing home business thinking

MLM Training Thinking tips.

Do you think in an unreasonable way for your home based business dreams?

Are you thinking in a way that would STRETCH most people for your network marketing business?

Do you BELIEVE that you can do ANYTHING?

Have you ever been told, “You are being Unreasonable?”

I have, many times in my life. And let’s be real with each other. We both know that statement is NOT a positive one. When someone told you that, let’s be honest…how did that make you feel?

Let me tell you how I felt. I felt that every time someone told me I was being unreasonable, I felt like I was doing something WRONG.

I felt like that I was not pleasing my Mom and dad, my friends, or anyone else that told me
that, and I truly felt kind of bad. I felt like that I was not “fitting in” and it was kind of strange.

 I ALWAYS have thought differently it seemed then most anyone else I knew.

I  have always thought BEYOND where I currently am, and bigger then most people ever did. I was always looking ahead to the next goal, the next dream, the next action, and that was normal…or so I thought.

And because of that, I often heard that I was an unreasonable person who was a “dreamer’
and “had their head in the clouds.” I remember hearing from my Mom, “Get your head out of the clouds and face reality.” 

Or from others I would hear, “Those things never happen to people like us.” Or even worse, “What do you think, money grows on trees?” Or “What do you think I am made of, Money?”

Or my favorite one I use to hear: “Be careful of what you wish for, as you probably
will end up being disappointed if it is too big.”

What did you hear growing up? If you are at all like us, you probably heard similar things.

Here is the Million Dollar Question: What did that do to SHAPE and MOLD your

Probably a LOT and you may not even be aware of it.

We all have been TAUGHT how to think at a very early age. By the age of 5, a lot of our
thinking processes and habits have been already developed and set. We learned it by watching our parents and care givers. That alone has doomed a lot of potential success for a lot of home business owners.

Yout thinking MUST become UNREASONABLE! Do NOT listen to reason why you cannot do this! YOU CAN! Think Unreasonable! Take Actions that are Unreasonable! BELIEVE Unreasonable!  DREAM Unreasonable! And SPEAK Unreasonable!

“I appreciate your input- but I do not think that way anymore. I believe that anything is possible even if you think that is being unreasonable!”

“Yes, I heard you, but to be honest, do not agree with you. My dreams are on the way and they are huge, and I know that is not what you want for my life, but I must live my life.”

“I want to change my world first, and then other’s in the future. I believe that Success is possible and on the way for many people that ow their own business including me.”

“You may  not agree with my burning desire for Success in my life, but with my business, it is going to happen and happen HUGE.”

Yes, you will get some nay sayers, BUT—when you succeed you will prove them WRONG!

Think HUGE! Think CRAZY Huge!

Become TOTALLY UNREASONABLE! That will go a long way to driving the nay sayers crazy and your success into your mlm network marketing home business!

FREE mp3 download- “2013 Recruiting Secrets”- over 25 secrets! With Doug and Diane hochman!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 40 Questions to Assess YOU and Chances for Success in 2013

mlm network marketing 2013 home business

mlm home base business 2013

 MLM 40 Success Assessment Questions for your business in 2013.

Have you set down yet and assessed your home business for 2013?

Are you planning on getting serious in 2013 about your network marketing business?

What are you planning on changing about your mlm business that will make a difference in your coming year?

I believe that most distributors have never really assessed their business like it needs to be done. I would suggest that you assess it in 2013 and see what you need to change and REALLY get to know you and your home based business. These 40 questions are going to make you THINK and really see where you are- and are NOT in your home business.

Take these 40 Success Assessing questions and answer them and see where you stand with your network marketing business.

I promise you that these questions will reveal weaknesses and strengths about you and your home business you ill need to strengthen and take to a NEW LEVEL!

Here are the questions:

1. Why do you want to own a successful home business?

 2. What would you consider your strongest strength in network marketing: Leadership? Recruiting? Retailing? Motivating? Teaching? Closing?

 3. What would you consider your greatest weakness in your network marketing efforts?

 4. How many hours a week do you honestly WORK your business- not just pay attention to it or be busy working AT it?

 5. Do you have a DAILY Plan of Action or Success Blueprint you follow every day? If not, why not?

 6. What is your greatest FEAR that you fight with your home business? And if you say you do not have one- you are not telling the truth.

 7. Do you have a Success and Leadership Library? If so, what does it consist of-CDS? Books? DVDs? Other?

 8. How many years have you been in the home business profession? How many years have you been WORKING in the home business profession?

 9. What kind of products / BENEFITS do you market to the marketplace?

 10. What is your monthly income -consistently average the last 12 months – with your business? Are you happy with that amount?

 11. Do you have an upline that will work with you and support your efforts? How often do you work with them?

 12. What is your home / spousal support like for your business? Weak? Strong? Neutral? Negative? Not sure?

 13. How would you describe your daily Thinking?

 14. Did you grow up as a child  in a supportive environment or a destructive environment or somewhere in between?

 15. Have you ever put a Dream Board together and then it becomes a part of who you are?

 16. How would you describe your Communication skills?

17.  Would you consider yourself a Driver, Feeler, Socializer, or Analyzer? Why?

 18. What do you believe has been your greatest accomplishment in your network marketing journey?  Why?

 19. What would be your greatest STRUGGLE in your network marketing journey?

 20. How many prospects do you talk to a DAY? A WEEK? A MONTH?

 21. What is your ONE MAJOR GOAL for the 2013  to transform in your life?

 22. When you talk to prospects, would you consider yourself – Nervous? Confident?  Tense?  Powerful? Relaxed? Or WHAT?

 23.  Being brutally honest, what % of your true potential have you given to your home business consistently? (Hint: Most people give about 30% of what they could give and not much more)

 24. How many people do you have in your downline?

 25. Would you consider yourself a people person and a team player?

 26. Are you active in social media and online marketing or are you more traditional offline marketing, or a combination of both?

 27. Do you promote yourself regularly online, social media, and offline? How?

 28. Which do you have for your home business: a blog, website, mobile site, skype, Google Hangout, facebook fan page, twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and youtube account?

 29. Do you write articles regularly for your blog or for article directories?

 30. Do you use an online marketing system / squeeze pages / funnel system / attraction marketing / or other system?

 31. What is the greatest obstacle that is keeping you from going to the next level?

 32. Do you input daily Success and Leadership information into your mind? How?

 33. What is the ONE THING you LOVE about the home business profession?

 34. What is the ONE THING you DISLIKE about the home business profession?

 35. Would you consider yourself an emotional person or unemotional?

 36. When you think about your future with your home business, what picture in your mind do YOU SEE and why?

 37. Does the word “millionaire” make you uncomfortable? What about th words Wealth? Rich? Prosperous? Why?

 38. Do you like helping people you know- and don’t know? Why?

 39.  What is your education level as far a formal education?

 40. Are you TOTALLY committed to sticking it out in 2013 with your mlm business no matter what happens?

Answer these question honestly and share them with your sponsor. Be honest and be REAL.

These are 40 Success Assessment questions for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp2 audio download-“2013 Recruiting Secrets”-over 25 secrets- with Doug and Diane Hochman

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- Classified Ad Tips NO ONE Will Teach You

mlm classified ads for home business

mlm home business classified ads

MLM Classified Ads Training.

Have you ever run a classified ad for your network marketing business?

have you ever ANSWERED a classified ad for someone’s home business?

What was it that caught your attention about that work at home mlm?

Running classified ads are good if you know how to, and the rules.

Today, there are regular classified ads and social classified ads. Both work and both cannot work.

The focus of a classified ad is ONE THING:

To get the prospect to REACH OUT to you and CONNECT with you- usually by telephone.

What are GOOD ads and what are BAD ads for Cold Market Recruiting?

Good ads are the ones that create an IMPACT with the opening line and then the copy pulls them in the message.

Bad ads are scanned –and then forgotten.

Here are three ads that have proven to make the phone ring or fill your email box up!


“Who says that you cannot earn a significant income out of your home? We are doing it and we need HELP! Give me a call if you would like an extra 1000.00 a week. Call_____________

Are YOU a Leader? Call me.

“National company seeking Leader to help lead a marketing team in this region. Powerful income, great rewards, and bonuses. Call 555.1212 for phone interview.

75.00 an HOUR?  Yes.

If you are seeking somewhere to earn more money, we would like to talk to you. National Company looking for person who wants to average 50.00 to 75.00 an hour. Please call 555.1212 for phone interview and information.

Rules for Classified Ads for Recruiting in the Cold Market:

A) It all depends on whose looking.

Simply, there are weeks that there are not many people looking at the MLM Recruiting ads, and there isn’t a thing you can do about that. If that happens, just understand it, and
move on. Next week will be better.

I ran ads that pulled nothing one week, and ran it again the next week and got a lot of calls. Don’t be too discouraged if a bad week happens and you get no calls. Sometimes that
is gonna happen. Accept it and wait till next week.

B) It all depends on whose looking and what they are looking for.

So true. People may be looking, but if they are not looking for what you are offering, then you still may get limited response.

Continue on and know that the people you are looking for will eventually see your ad. Maybe not today, or this week, but it will happen.

Again, I ran a ton of Cold Market Recruiting ads, and I knew there were people looking as they called me. But they weren’t looking for what I had to offer as many were looking for a

God blessem, move on to the next response which there will be more.

C) Ads must be run consistently, not just once.

Cold Market MLM Recruiting Ads that run for weeks at a time have a better response in the long run then short run ads. I had many people I recruited tell me they looked at our ad for
several weeks before calling, as they were curious to see if we would be around
for a while.

Don’t be afraid to run an ad for weeks as you will get calls from folks who don’t call ads the first week they run.

D) The first 5 words MUST grab their attention.

The first 5 words in the headline, and copy MUST grab their attention. If they don’t, you lose them. And the first 5 words must create some form of curiosity, and compel them to pick
up the phone and call. I have run many ads that I didn’t realize the first 5
words were horrible.

E) Asking questions will draw them into your ad and increase
your response.

If your headline is a question, and a HOT one, you will increase dramatically the response ratio to your Direct Sales ads.


It draws them into the ad, and creates some curiosity and compels them to call. Questions can be powerful and impactful to grab a person’s attention. Use them and again. Use short,
provocative questions or statements in your headline.

“Has this ever happened to you?”

“Maybe this is what you are looking for…”

“I doubt it!”

“Don’t tell me they have done it again!”

Use IMPACT questions or statements to draw them into your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power -over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 7 Ways YOU May be Working Yourself OUT of Network Marketing?

mlm network marketing home business begging

home business mlm begging

MLM Success Tips.

Are YOU working yourself out of your home  business?

Are YOU unknowingly getting ready to exit network marketing?

How will you know what you are doing with your mlm business?

There are many distributors in our home business profession that actually are slowly working themselves OUT of network marketing and mlm- and they have NO clue they are doing it.

Are YOU?

Let me explain….

We all have heard it.

It echoes over and over and over.

 “Work hard and you WILL Succeed! Be a busy beaver! Put the hours in! Hard work is all you need! Who needs sleep?”

But yet, many network marketing work at home distributors work very hard and long hours and do not ever succeed and end up leaving this business.

I know thousands of people that actually worked themselves OUT OF THIS BUSINESS!

How did this occur?

 1) These distributors were working very hard and very long hours and became totally exhausted with little results to show-so they left.

 2) These distributors were trying to be in too many places doing too many things at the same time-and got burned out.

 3) These distributors were talking to people who were not really interested –and led the distributor on- which started creating resentment for the industry from the distributor.

 4)  These distributors were trying to find people who would talk to them—not find prospects that were looking for them.

 5) These distributors were trying to “keep the plates spinning” so none would fall and break. But they were not aware that they were spinning the wrong plates – the wrong way.

 6) Theses distributors were being way too busy, spending way too many hours – “working this business, being BUSY”- but not BUILDING this business.

 7) These distributors were listening to the WRONG PEOPLE in their upline – who were not willing to do what they were asking OF THEIR DOWNLINE.

And I could list another dozen reasons…

These distributors attempted many of the right things for success—but did them totally wrong, totally exhausted, or totally discouraged.

They became frustrated, and many even became desperate.

And they ended up practicing in their business, without even knowing it, something that
creeps up on you and takes over your business:

“Net-BEG Marketing™”

 They end up begging people- without even being aware of it – to give them some time or to
join their business. So if you want your own business InventHelp is there to assist you at anytime with many researchers, illustrators, writers as well as customer service representatives and other staff.

This business is Net-WORK Marketing. It is NOT “Net-BEG Marketing.” You do NOT have to spend your time begging people for an appointment, or to buy something from you, or even to listen to you. There are MILLIONS of people looking for you and want to talk to you, but you must be where THEY ARE and Visible in that Market,

You move into “Net-BEG Marketing” slowly, and quietly. I have seen many people move into it their first couple of years, and someone had to steer them out of it-IF they could. You lose your power in this business and come across with a “NEEDY focus” — not a power focus.

You end up NEEDING the prospect, not the prospect needing you.

The prospect feels it and backs away. And it eventually gets to the point that many folks are mentally “on their knees” begging people for their time and money, and not even aware they are doing it.

They literally are “working themselves OUT of mlm home business network marketing.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 10 Holiday Recruiting Secrets for Local, Social, Mobile

mlm home business holidays

mlm home business Christmas recruiting

MLM Holiday Recruiting.

Have you ever during the Holidays tried to recruit someone for your home based business?

Did you KNOW what to do or how to do it for your network marketing business?

Would you like to know some secrets to Holiday Recruiting in mlm?

By the way- if you are interested in Holiday Recruiting secrets, go to: Holiday Recruiting Secrets.

This has holiday tips from Myself, Diane Hochman, and over 30 super stars in our profession that have given some HOT holiday Recruiting tips. CHECK IT OUT as it has over 4 hours of tips!

The holidays are a great time to network and recruit. I know. Some folks say the opposite. But I recruited for 4 years in a row someone – ON CHRISTMAS EVE! It is not hard to do. And these 10 Holiday Recruiting Tips I believe will help you in your holiday business building for your home business.

Here are 10 “Holiday Recruiting  Secrets” for the Holiday Season and beyond!

1.  Always seek out the Host and thank them for putting this on.

This is critical in ANY meeting or event during the holidays. ALWAYS make sure they know that you are there and hold a conversation with them as they may be an influencer and know the person you are looking for. And if you are the host, seek out the Influencers and spend some time with them.  Get to know them. Ask them if you can take them to lunch after the holidays to chat.

If you are on an online event, make sure you contact the host/ trainer of the event and thank them and get to know them. “Social Up” with them and connect with them to form a “Social Web” and eventually take it offline if possible.

2.  Always be the first to break the ice.

Whether you are on a social site, or offline, approach people with a simple, “Hey! I have not met you. My name is <   >  what is yours?”

Or….”Hey!  I have not had the honor of meeting you and would love to connect online. Are you on facebook or Google+? I love your photos you have been sharing. Here s my twitter / facebook name….”

3.   Always use the “W5” Networking template in Holiday Live Networking environments that you do not know people.

Always ask “Who – What – When – Where – Why.”

Who do you WORK for or With?

What do you do?

When did you start <or start your company>?”

Where is it located?

Why do you work there?   <Why did you start your company?>” if they own the company. Get their contact information.

4.  Always ask for a “Contact Number” or a “Mobile Number” NEVER a telephone number.

“I have really enjoyed this conversation. Just curious would love to chat again. Do you have a contact/mobile number/card?”

Here is a MILLION DOLLAR SECRET for LIVE Offline Holiday Recruiting:

Get your mobile phone out, ask them “Do you have a contact number? I would like to lock it in my phone.”

5. Always set a Goal for Holiday Contact Acquisition.

Contact Acquisition is THE ENGINE for your LIVE Networking Success. This alone will keep you FOCUSED on WHY you are there and not to spend all your time with one person. Set a goal for at least 3 contacts and hour. This will provide you ample time to hold a good conversation with folks and move on to the next one.

If online, set a goal to connect with at least 5 new people every session.

6. Always “Boomerang Your Network” before you leave the Holiday Networking event.

Find the people you connected with, and thank them again for their time. Make sure you do this, as it “reconnects” the conversation to the prospect. This is a boomerang for connections.

This  says three things:

You are truly a professional, you care about them and their success, and you look forward to connecting  again after the first of the year. That sets you apart as well as 95% of people do NOT do this.

7. Always get their Social Media and Mobile info and  connect with them the next day.

You  are starting to build a “Credibility Net” and you will be remembered for being so  prompt in the social world. Thank them again for their time and send them a classic  Success audio mp3- “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale.

8. Ask some “Drill Down Questions” during the Holiday Recruiting conversations.

“That  is interesting. Tell me more…”

“What  happened after that?”

“What  were you thinking at that point?”

“Where  do you see yourself with your company 3 years from now?”

If online, same thing- keep it focused on THEM and what they are holding a conversation about.

9. Always Listen First when approaching an  Influencer’s “circle” and then introduce yourself to them when and opening  occurs.

In  the Holiday Recruiting LIVE Networking world, there are “Conversation Circles” that happen when an Influencer  is speaking.

FOCUS on who the Influencers are, and then become a “passionate listener.”  Approve of their conversation by smiling, and nodding your head. Yes this is  elementary, but you would be shocked at the number of folks that do NOT do  that.

And if you are on social media, let them know- “I agree!” ‘You are so right!” “Totally on target.” You get the drift.

10. Send them a text to their mobile 48 hours  after the event saying you enjoyed the event, suggesting a lunch and you BUY.

“I  really enjoyed the event and great talking to you and connecting. Let’s connect at lunch soon- I am  buying.”

This  will show them you are serious about your building a relationship, and will show  you are a true professional as well in mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Operate in FULL Engagement Power

mlm home business power

mlm network marketing power

MLM Success POWER.

How would you describe you in your home business?

Would you consider yourself “ALL IN” in your mlm business?

Is your network marketing business rocking or rotting?

One of the common issues in home based business is lack of POWER in the actions and results. This is a big problem for a lot of people. Most are not ALL IN or even PART IN. They are just showing up at their business and hoping someone will do something.

Same with the prospect. Most of the prospect jsut show up and lack any connection or POWER in their interest.

THAT is NOT how you build a 7 figure business in a home business.

There is a phrase that we taught for years in our group that we used to describe someone In Activity that will be totally Unstoppable:


This is the level of action that Engagement training teaches- to be FULLY ENGAGED in the activity of prospecting, contacting, doing presentations, closing people, doing meetings, or whatever else you choose to take action doing with your new

How does that work?

Whether prospecting, contacting, doing a presentation, building your team, or any other action, you are Fully Engaged with your MIND as well as HEART.

You are engaged in action that is FELT not just heard- engaged in action that is EXPERIENCED– not just seen- and engaged in action FULLY WITH THE PROSPECT- as well as your new distributor- being a PART of the action– not just witnessing it.

When YOU and THE PROSPECT are engaged together in the action, you get them involved, and they feel a PART of what you are doing from the very beginning, you are Fully Engaged.

Give them something to look at. Ask a lot of questions. Get their opinion and input. Give them the product. Get them smiling. Get them INVOLVED and Fully Engaged WITH YOU.

Full Engagement is about getting the prospect to be WITH YOU not just listen TO YOU. I do not have the time in this e-book to give you all those secrets for that- but here is one:

Keep them tuned to KIA- AM radio.

 “Keep It All About Me.”

If you make the presentation ABOUT THEM- and NOT just about the product or business- you will have them Fully Engaged and
moving towards you easily. Talk Value, Benefits, and Rewards-and put them there in their mind. Take them on a fantasy island trip in their mind of the future they could have. Show them the TRUTH of the possibilities you offer in income
and security and taking back control of their life.

Then ask, Wouldn’t it be incredible… you and I doing all this together…what kind of business could you and I build as a powerful team?

Again, yes, there is a place for entertainment and education, but a small place. Engagement is where the True training is done and the Leadership building is catalyzed and engaged. Even with social media and internet marketing. Anything less than that
is training for total mediocrity and failure.

That is why I developed “Un-Learning University™” for helping people to UNLEARN much of what they have been taught in life and in this business for Success. Much of it does not work. Then to help them learn THE TRUTH and help get a revelation of what it really takes to succeed massively in this business. This is a powerful part of the 7 Billion Dollar Networker program. Most network marketing distributors are trained for utter failure. Unlearning University™ helps to move them past that and into the Success Zone.

Train your new distributors for SUCCESS- not failure in their mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- The Most Powerful Success Magnet: FAILURE

mlm home business success

mlm network marketing success

MLM Success.

Are you struggling with the challenges of failure in your home business?

Are you wishing you had never wished you had started your network marketing business?

How do you FEEL about accepting sometime failure as part of Success?

Here is a great article from SmartBrief leadership letter that really NAILS it!


The  Success Magnet:  Faulure in MLM. 

By S. Anthony Iannarino
In an acting class I am taking, we were given an exercise to ruin the scene we were assigned. The object was to get out of your head and to stop playing the character or the scene the way you think it goes, but to do something completely different—and wrong.
 I am a natural for this exercise, since I already possess the ability to ruin every scene due to my serious lack of acting skills (unless the scene calls for angry, and then I am, for some reason, gifted).

This exercise reminds me of my aikido practice. Aikido is a difficult martial art, and there isn’t any way to learn it without feeling it.  In aikido, I was taught to purposely do techniques wrong four times so I could feel what it felt like to fail.

In both acting and aikido, the freedom to fail improves your skills and abilities. When you aren’t free to fail, you aren’t free to take the actions you might otherwise take. You stay in up in your head, and you are restrained in your actions.

Are you giving yourself the freedom to fail and to learn from your failed attempts?

Learning to Make Distinctions

You are going to fail  from time to time. You are sometimes going to do your very best work, and your very best work isn’t going to be good enough. If the little judge inside of you decides that you are a failure for having failed, then you won’t have gained anything from the experience.

Failure is merely an event. The most successful people you have seen have a huge wake of failure trailing off behind their successes.

Instead of judging yourself for having failed, your job is to have learned something from that failure.

Being free to fail works because it allows you to make distinctions. You get to feel things. You learn to notice differences, like “this is too much,” or “this is too little.” You get test your assumptions: “I believed that this is what would work and it didn’t. Was it poorly executed, or was my strategy wrong?”

No Excuses Offered, None Taken

It’s normal to make excuses when you fail. We don’t want to be responsible when something goes wrong or when we don’t get the outcome we really needed. But if you make excuses why the failure wasn’t your fault, you eliminate the possibility of learning from that mistake.

Special Note to the Marketing Leader: If you punish failure, you will ensure that you get excuses instead of a sales organization that can learn from its mistakes.

There’s no reason to try to fail; you’ll get that experience without trying. But being free to fail means being free to try. It means being free to stretch. And, it’s a necessary part of learning and gaining situational experience.


How willing are you to fail?

How do you ensure you learn from your failures?

What distinctions have you made from recent failures?

If you lead a team, how do you embrace failure instead of punishing it?

These are some secrets to massive success for your mlm network marketing business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 3 of the Most Powerful Questions You can Ask

mlm personal dvelopment  home business

mlm home business change

MLM Personal Development

Are there questions that you need to ask yourself about your home business?

Do YOU ever think about if you believe enough in your network marketing mlm?

How would opening up your eyes to answers you did not know exist help your network marketing business?

There are 3 questions that I have asked all over the world in seminars, and today I want to ask you these questions.

If you dig deep, and answer these questions TRUTHFULLY, you will find that breakthroughs for your home based business will be numerous and FAST in their happening.

Many questions need to be asked in network marketing as well as personal development. These questions really get to the CORE of what Success in your home business is about. Personal Development is the KEY to Success in network marketing and mlm, and these questions will GROW YOU if you let them.

Here are 3 of the most powerful questions you can ask:

1) “What if I believe in myself more than I ever have before in my life?”

What would happen to my emotions?
What would happen to my business?
What would happen to my activity?
What would happen to my income?
What would happen to my lifestyle?
Believing in yourself is one of the MUST DOs in your home business. People will FEEL and SENSE if you truly believe in what you are doing, as well as if you believe in YOU. If you do NOT believe in YOU, they will know it….and walk away.

2) “What If I DECIDED to Succeed Massively- how would that change me and my prospect?”

 Never underestimate the Power of DECISION.
Decision creates an “Inner Shift” that is felt and makes you more believable, more credible, more authoritative, and more powerful.
A DECISION will send “signals” to the mlm prospect and they will FEEL the decision in your words and actions. They will sense that you are a NO OTHER OPTION Leader.

3) “What if I REFUSED any other option in my company other than MASSIVE Success?”

 RE-FUSED- putting a new fuse in your breaker box!
Re-Fuse to lose!
How would that change your focus?
How would that change your perspective?
Simply, what you REFUSE in your life, disappears.
That includes all the things that are slowing you down and stopping you in your network marketing business. If you REFUSE TO LOSE, your home business prospect will again, FEEL that in all you do and say and be PULLED towards you with that Power of refusal.
Are YOU willing to search your soul and see if these questions can rock your business and life? if you ask these questions truthfully, you will find that your home business will EXPLODE.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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MLM Training- Are YOU Asking Yourself these Success Questions?

mlm home business questions

mlm network marketing home business

MLM Questions are the ANSWER.

How powerful are the questions you ask yourself in your home business?
Do you ever feel that you should ask yourself different questions in your network marketing business?
How powerful are the questions that you ask about your future- or do you ever ask any questions concerning your mlm success and personal development?
Questions often are the answers in our business and personal development. But often we do not ASK the questions that will change our lives and mlm business.
Why are questions so powerful?
They MAKE YOU THINK and probe other possibilities for your mlm network marketing business. Questions can STRETCH YOU as well and make you see things in a bigger and more bolder light.
This often is how Success shows up in your mlm home business.
Questions also are the “magnets” that PULL in the  answers you often need to know. But often in network marketing, we are afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked concerning ourselves and our personal development.
But there is a Success Law that MUST be adhered to and understood:

The questions that you ask in life will determine what you get in life.

Your questions truly do hold the key to the future of your life. But there is a question that begs to be asked:
Are you asking questions that STRETCH you and GROW YOU?
Or stagnate you and limit you?
Most network marketers ask the questions that LIMIT them, not grow them. Limiting questions often are more comfortable. They often are easier to answer. That is why many ask that level of question.
But we need to REALIZE something that will impact a lot of your home based business Success:
 The first word in “Question” is QUEST.
Questions are the fruit of the quest you are on in life concerning your home business and personal development.
I have a couple of questions for YOU:
Are you on a quest for Greatness?
Or are you on a quest for Limits and less and do not even know it?
Are you on a quest that will take you to new heights or new frustration?
The answers that you gave for those questions show you whether you are on a “Greatness Quest” or a “Limited Quest.”
Lets change some questions people often ask in home business from a Limiting Question to a Transforming Question:
1) Why isn’t this working?
Change that to “What do I need to do to make it work?”
2) What am I doing wrong?
Change that to “What do I need to do more right?”
3) Will this really work?
Change that to “Will I really work?”
4) What do I need to do?
Change that to “Who can I learn from to do this?”
These are questions that you can ask yourself in your personal development for your home business and mlm network marketing business.
 blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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