MLM Training- The 2 Most Business Exploding Words in Home Business

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2 MLM Power Words for Success Explosion.

Do YOU ever use these 2 words in your recruiting and home business?
Do you use them when you talk to yourself about your mlm business?
What words could be so powerful for your network marketing success?
Most people today are talked out of their dreams for their life.
They listen to the wrong people, the wrong words, and the wrong conversations.
Negative people.
Small thinking people.
Small life people.
Many are talked out of their dreams by well meaning people.
People mean well talking about small lives and small living.
 But we must understand the “Law of Life Knowing:”
That is ALL THEY KNOW. They do not know anything else that is bigger, better, more bold.
They are well deceived people. They are deceived into believing that all there is to life is what is in front of them and nothing else can happen.
Many talk themselves out of their dreams. They simply talk themselves out of going after their dreams because that is what they learned growing up.
Most are focused on a “What isn’t” life.
Not a WHAT IS  life, but a negative “What Isn’t” Life. That type of focus can lead to excuses and unhappiness many times.
YOU have dreams.
We ALL have dreams.
But the difference between the wealthy and not, is that the wealthy WENT AFTER their Dreams. They pursued them and then caught them and built them into their life.
YOU have dreams. They may be buried deep down in your heart, but they are still there.
Your dreams are precious gifts:






You must come to the point of an “EARTH SHAKING” Realization.
It MUST Shake you to the VERY CORE!
It MUST shake you out of your Ruts and habits that are limiting you.
It MUST Shake your very CORE BELIEFS!
Even the wind shakes the trees to get the dead leaves off.
YOU must shake your thinking and dreams up to get other people’s negative opinions and words off of you and out of you.
 Do you know anyone that is living a “WHAT Isn’t’ Life?
I do. Way too many. But that is why I am so passionate about helping people discover the greatness within them!  Someone helped me, and now it’s my turn and YOUR turn.
Are you living a “WHAT Isn’t” Life?
Come one lets get REAL. Are YOU living a life based on what IS NOT in your life, versus what COULD BE in your life?
Isn’t it time that you moved up to a WHAT IS life?
How would you life change? it would Transform and Revolutionzie your life so quick it would make your head spin.

IMAGINE- Living your DREAMS!

2 of the Most Powerful words in Success and High Achievement as well as launguage itsself are “WHAT IF?”


Those words  ignite the imagination.
They open up possibilities.
They enlarge the scope of what can be done.
They start asking questions that shake your beliefs and force you to look beyond.
Start Asking WHAT IF about you, your life, and your dreams. These 2 words are the CORE of any and all Success in network marketing mlm home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Training- The 4 Point Success Tracking System for Exploding Business

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MLM Tracking of Activity Training.

Where do you keep track of your daily actions in your home based business?

How do you keep abreast of your network marketing work at home business or DO YOU?

Is keeping track even a part of your daily method of operation in your mlm business?

Most people do NOT keep track or even keep score in their business. It is not a priority and thus, not done or engaged.

Here is an interesting fact:

We did a study in our downline in the 90’s, and found that the leaders who kept track daily of their actions and had goals to hit everyday, had something different then those who did not.


The leaders who had a system and used it daily, had 7 TIMES MORE the income then those who did not. They averaged 7.2 times MORE income after 18 months, then those who did not.


Need I say more?

Keeping track with a system will ACCELERATE and ELEVATE your home business volume and income. It also will explode your team building efforts as it will duplicate with your people who you bring in as they are taught that from the VERY beginning.

Does THAT get your attention?

it does not matter whether it is activity in social media, mobile recruiting, or more traditional methods- it ROCKS YOUR BUSINESS!

What is a system that I suggest?

There are many out there, but one of my favorites and simplest is “The 4 Point System.”

What is THAT?

The Four Point System of Success

You must have a Tracking System to keep an account of what you do on a daily basis. Your goal is to keep track of the points that you earn everyday in your NETWORK MARKETING business.

Most do  not as I said, but YOU SHOULD.

The Points are focused on NEW BUSINESS and ONLY new business and actions. That is the lifeblood of growing your NETWORK MARKETING business.  Each Point leads to a forward moving action that will move your business forward and create some beginning momentum for your work at home business.

Here is how you keep score.

You earn:

 1 Point – If you find a new lead.

 This is ANY lead that you get- online or offline. This is simply a lew person to talk to about your work at home business and products.

2 Points – If you Reach Out or Call a New Lead. (This can be also a Three-way call with another Reseller.)

 We know that it does NO GOOD if you have leads and do not reach out to them. In social media and mobile recruiting, you still need to get the prospect on the phone or skype at some point to develop a relationship that ENDURES.

3 Points – If you make an appointment with a new lead or they view a video.

 Setting online or offline appointments is CRITICAL as they are the first exposure and can lead to more exposures of your business.

4 Points – If you do a presentation to a new lead online or offline.
(This does include appointments, but 8 Points maximum for each Session).

 This can be a webinar, or a face to face appointment. This is where you tell the story of your company.

Your goal is to do a minimum of 4 points per day, or 20 points each week.

NOTE: Many of the leaders we tracked were doing at least 10-15 points a day and some were doing 60-80 points a week.

So…You may want to STRETCH yourself and do 30 or even 40 points per week.  We have found that as you increase the Points you do each day, your NETWORK MARKETING Paycheck will increase proportionately.

Keep track of your points, and work up to where you are doing a minimum of 15 points a day, and you willfind your business EXPLODING in your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- How to Develop Your Inner Success Strengths

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MLM Success Strengths

Are there Success Strengths that you can develop for your network marketing business?

How can you take these and develop them in your home based business?

What kind of Strengths do you need to develop?

Developing Your Success Strengths.

 You need to develop certain strengths along the way.  Many distributors today work out of WEAKNESS not strength.


For the most part, they are taught that. They bring skills that did NOT work that well in the marketplace or their job, and then expect it to work in network marketing.

There are many different types of disciplines that you can develop and these disciplines can add and develop strength in what you do in your mlm business. But many times they are more focused on ACTIONS that you DO, not Thoughts that you THINK.

Thinking can be a STRENGTH or a Weakness. Often it is a Weakness in a distributors business.

What kind of Success Strengths do you need to develop?

These strengths would include:

 1)    Optimistic Thinking – about where we are going, ourselves, and life in general.

2)    Success Habits – Develop ones that will empower Success, not stop it.

3)    Skills and Specialized Knowledge – Identify the skills and knowledge that you will need to develop to create Success in your business.

 What THOUGHTS will you need to develop?   List them.

What HABITS will you need to develop?      List them.

What SKILLS will you need to develop?      List them.

 Where is your BELIEF?

 There is a difference between HAVING a goal and BELIEVING you will ACHIEVE the goal. You must BELIEVE that you can Succeed in NETWORK MARKETING. Belief is built by working your goals daily and being involved in them.

 1)    SEE in your mind the Success that you want.

2)    CREATE a picture in real life of what that looks like – DREAM board.

3)    READ your goals everyday and also a positive article or part of a book.

4)    DECIDE that you will only surround yourself with positive and powerful people and things.

 Evaluating Your Success Progress.

 You need to ask these questions on a regular basis:

 1)    Where am I honestly with my goals and how is my progress?

2)    What smaller goals should I have reached already?

3)    Am I building my belief and strengths daily?

4)    Do I SEE my goals being accomplished everyday?

5)    Do I surround myself with people who will support me and encourage me?

6)    Am I taking forward moving steps daily toward my goals?

7)    What do I need to improve the most TODAY?

  Make sure that you complete the Short Range, Intermediate Range, and Long Range Goal exercises.  Do it with your NETWORK MARKETING sponsor, review it constantly and recognize and celebrate your accomplishments in your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Network Marketing Training- How to Develop an MLM Success Blueprint

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MLM Success Blueprint.

Do you want to discover how to create a Success Blueprint for your Home Business?

How would you like to learn a step by step process of doing that?

How would that help you in your network marketing business?

Goals and Daily Methods of Operation are all part of the home business mlm culture. They have been around from the beginning. There are sone RIGHT ways, and some WRONG ways to do that. I would suggest that you look at doing it right, and this is a way that can help you build a great Success Blueprint for your home based business.

There are two types of goals you will need for Success in NETWORK MARKETING:

 1) Personal Goals. 

2) Business Goals.

 SHORT-RANGE GOALS.  Be specific. (This is your first 30-90 days)









 Customers first thirty days?_____________________________________________

Appointments first month?_______________________________________________

Telephone calls per day?_______________________________________________

New Recruits the first month?________________________________________

My First month income?________________________________________________

Hours a week that I will work?______________________________________________


 INTERMEDIATE GOALS.  Go for the Gold! (This is your first 6 months to a year)








 When will I achieve the first position? _____________________________

When will I achieve the second position?____________________________

How many Resellers will I have in 90 days? ___________________________

How many customers will I have in 90 days? _______________________________

How many appointments will my team be doing each week? ____________________

What will my volume be in 90 days? ____________________________________

 LONG RANGE GOALS(This is your 3-5 year plan) 










  Developing Your Success Strengths.

 You need to develop certain strengths along the way. These would include:

 1)    Optimistic Thinking – about where we are going, ourselves, and life in general.

2)    Success Habits – Develop ones that will empower Success, not stop it.

3)    Skills and Specialized Knowledge – Identify the skills and knowledge that you will need to develop to create Success in your business.

 What THOUGHTS will you need to develop?   List them.

What HABITS will you need to develop?      List them.

What SKILLS will you need to develop?      List them.

 Where is your BELIEF?

 There is a difference between HAVING a goal and BELIEVING you will ACHIEVE the goal. You must BELIEVE that you can Succeed in NETWORK MARKETING. Belief is built by working your goals daily and being involved in them.

 1)    SEE in your mind the Success that you want.

2)    CREATE a picture in real life of what that looks like – DREAM board.

3)    READ your goals everyday and also a positive article or part of a book.

4)    DECIDE that you will only surround yourself with positive and powerful people and things.

These are the steps of creating a Success Blueprint for your Home Business and network marketing profession.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- Are YOU Sleepwalking Through MLM Success?


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MLM Home Business Success.

Are you SLEEP WALKING when it comes to success in your network marketing home business?

Are you taking the drug “Sleepeeze” when it comes to mlm  recruiting and prospecting?

How would YOU like a dose of reality when it comes to success in a home based business mlm?


Lets talk REAL here.

Many folks are “sleep walking” through this great profession because they are doing it out of HABIT, and not aware of it.

You WALK BY more business in a day than you could write in a year. But yet, many folks are not aware that that business is waiting for them and will do business WITH THEM.

It is called “Aware-nemia.” I have taught this for years, as many people are not AWARE of who is around them and they lack a very important vitamin.

“Vitamin P.”

Ok…what vitamin is vitamin P?

“Vitamin PRIORITY.”

Your business is NOT a priority and thus, your “business radar” remains off most of the time, and you are sleep walking through life. I even wrote a quite one time about this very thing:

“Many people’s internal alarm clock is broken. They sleep through mentally many opportunities for Success because their alarm is not even set to ring.”- DF


Hotels are a great place to spend some time. In the future as your business grows, if you are building a team nationally, you will find that out.

But if you are on the road, and if you have an appointment for in the morning, you probably will call the operator and schedule a wake up call so you don’t miss it. You may even set the alarm on the desk clock as a back up.

Why don’t we do that for “Success Appointments?”

Everyday, life give us chances to talk about our home based business, and we find our alarm clock is not set! Some of us mentally SLEEP through the chance to share our products and business with someone because we are distracted, defocused, or inactive.





The Leaders in MLM that set their internal alarm every morning to go off when a chance to share their company and product message appears….will find their checks growing alarmingly HUGE in the future.

“Hey…I am glad we have been talking…I need your help on something. You may know who I am looking for. Do you know anyone that would like to …….<benefit of your product or business?>”


There are only 2 types of people reading this article:

Ones that WILL become Millionaires with their Network Marketing Home Business …

And ones that WILL NOT.

YOU have to decide which one you will be.

This is some Brutal Success Truth that will help your MLM home based business success!

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Network Marketing and NO ONE will tell You.”

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- THE 6 Most Powerful Words In Network Marketing

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MLM Success POWER.

What are the 6 MOST POWERFUL words in an mlm home business?

What words would carry more truth and MLM Leadership power  in them then just about any words that you could ever say?

Would knowing these 6 powerful Leadership words help you in your network marketing business?

You know…lately I have been thinking about a LOT of things as people struggle in their network marketing business.

I have been getting so many emails and communications via social media and mobile communications that people are just “done.” They have been trying so hard and yet, they continue to get the results that they do no want.

 They are ready to throw in the towel and give up on their dream as they feel that it is not going to happen- especially with the economy and all.

They end up frustrated.

They feel defeated.

They feel like a loser.

They want to quit and move on and get out of the home business profession.

I understand….I was there several times and know EXACTLY how they feel.

Well, I am not going to get up on my soap box and start preaching a Success sermon, but I will share with you what my mentor said to me one time and he has produced well over 8 Billion with one team!

You read that right.


One day at a National Conference, he knew I was feeling quite down and ready to quit. He could see it in my eyes. and he had amazing instincts as well as wisdom.

He sat me down over a brief lunch, and told me he wanted to chat. He asked some questions and then listened. I poured out my heart and told him that I was just ready to throw in the towel and give up on my dream and my business.

Then he looked at me for a long time, with his gentle eyes and spoke 6 words that pierced my heart and very soul…

 These words were absolutely golden and so needed at a time that I nearly gave up on my work at home business.

 I hope that you keep focused and these words  and they help you as much as they helped me. They are GOLD.

 What did he say?

 “Those that LAST, end up FIRST.”

 This business, this home business profession is a lasting process- and it will try you, stretch you, and pull you in all kinds of directions. That includes mentally, physically, financially, and more.


 Much more.

 So read these 6 “Golden Words” every day and KNOW that you are going to CRUSH IT out of the park.

 I am so glad he shared those pearls with me, and I can share them with you.

 Truly, profound wisdom for a home business that is not growing like it should.

 It is NOT how FAST…

 But Did YOU LAST in your network marketing mlm home business?

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(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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Network Marketing Training- The ONE and ONLY THING a Home Business is About

mlm home business work at home

mlm home business network marketing


The ONE MLM Success Secret.

What is a Home Business REALLY all about?

What is the ONE SECRET that most talk about but never “get it?”

What if you could unleash a new power in your network marketing business-online and offline–would that help?

You must, as a home business professional, understand this Platinum Rule of a Home Business team. Many network marketing professionals struggle with their business because of this one powerful secret. And there MUST be a focus on this secret-no matter where you are working.

This includes social media, mobile marketing, internet marketing, or any other kind of marketing that you use to get your message out to your mlm prospects.

If this secret is NOT working for you in your home business, you are not going to HAVE a business soon.

The MLM Rule of ONE THING.

Network Marketing is based on ONE THING –Relationships that LAST- so keep them FIRST- both in Old and New Relationships.

What is a relationship?

It is where 2 people have connected and formed a like mind and emotion towards each other and communicate on a regular basis.

 Network Marketing and a Home Business Team is based on relationships and that is the foundation of your efforts- building relationships with customers and distributors, as well as your Leaders and upline.

 Many people make a HUGE mistake.

 They put results before relationships.

 It will not work.

 Relationships that are put second place, will never put you first in this business. Even with your warm market, we many times take it for granted and assume they will be interested. But they since you are not honoring the relationship first, they become not interested.

 Have you made that mistake ever in any relationship?

 It can be a killer and people do that offline as well as online in social media and mobile media.

 But today, you must also be able to develop relationships quicker with unfettered access in order to succeed in this industry. That is why the internet and the social media /mobile media storm are so powerful. Many people that you talk with in your warm market will not be interested.

Period. That is just the way it is.

 Then many people who have worked an MLM Network Marketing business before become a part of the NFL Club.

WHAT is the “NFL Club?”

 No Friends Left.

 But that should not stop anyone with the power of the world at your fingertips through socail media and mobile recruiting to develop new relationships. The internet and social media has opened up doors for building new relationships more than any other invention within the last 100 years.

And the internet is constantly evolving and maturing into a medium of communication that is moving perfectly towards becoming the greatest mlm prospecting tool that a distributor or consultant could have. And there are other “trainers” out there that have moved into this arena with their information, but have missed the mark in a couple of ways.

 1)   Relationships must eventually be taken off line and voices connected over the telephone. Internet relationships-even social networking relationships– can only be developed up to a certain depth via the internet.

2)   Relationships developed via social sites must be focused on ADDING VALUE and GIVING – NOT taking – as many seem to be focused on doing or teaching.

 If you are putting relationships first, then you must understand that it is what you can POUR INTO the relationship– not just get from. And that is a secret that has helped produce billions in this industry.  Relationships are precious and should be treated as such.

 What would be a reason that YOU would develop a relationship? That is probably the same reason that most would as well.

 Home Business Professionals should focus on not just building the relationship but also HONORING it by adding value into it constantly.

 When you are building a new relationship- especially online, you should focus on 3 questions:

 1)   What is the person looking to gain in life – and can you help them in some way obtain part of that via your friendship?

2)   What does the person truly VALUE in life and how can you ADD to that VALUE?

3)   Where do they want to take their life and why?

 These are questions that you should be considering with everyone that you talk to- offline and online. Most people are not recruited because these questions have not been considered nor thought of.

If you embrace this Powerful Secret of Putting Relationships FIRST, YOU will always be coming in FIRST in your mlm network marketing business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Create an “Acceleration Tsunami” in your Business

mlm training network marketing

mlm network marketing training wave


MLM Success Tsunami.

Would you like to create an “Acceleration Tsunami” in your home business mlm?

What would it take for YOU to become an Accelerator that catalyzes people to acceleration?

How would that impact your network marketing business and team?

In a recent post that I wrote yesterday,  I talked about the 4 positions in life that people occupy and how to recruit them as well as understand who they are in your organization. This is important as you will see as your team grows these 4 positions being filled, as well as in the prospects that you talk to.

All mlm prospects fall into one of those 4 categories that you are planning on recruiting. Depending on the category they are positioned, will influence heavily their ability to succeed or fail at your work at home business.

But there is a way that you can create an “Acceleration Tsunami of Success” in your home business, and there is a secret that you must be aware of.

To do that-


If you are going to catalyze Acceleration in your results, volume, team, or anything else, it all starts with who you see in the mirror.

And that Acceleration Switch is called DECISION.

 Acceleration of success starts with a DECISION for YOU to change, and then implement it.

You may have to rescript your thinking and talking, as well as your expectations. You will have to start creating a new, powerful INPUT STREAM into your mind, that will start the change process from where you are, to becoming an ACCELERATOR. You cannot stay the same, and expect things to change. This input comes for listening to CDs, to watching online videos, to reading powerful ebooks, to talking to Successful people and upline about Success and Leadership and what advice they can give you.

I am all the time asking how can I improve, how to get to the next level, and what comes after that. YOU should be doing the same thing. That;s what Acclerators DO.

The New Technology.

Accelerators are all over the new technology on the internet, as well as social media and mobile media in their network marketing business.

Most people that gravitate to the new social networking and mobile marketing processes that are now available on the internet and mobile devices, will see income and even wealth much quicker than the average person that does not use it daily for business. These new social /mobile sites as well as technology and software, accelerate the ability to communicate, prospect, present, follow up, communicate, and close the prospect faster than anything that has ever existed in the network marketing profession.

The new Billion Dollar Producers will come from this social mobile community.


The new Billion Dollar Producers will come from this social mobile community.

The Secret of The Accelerator.

 The Accelerator Position is where the new millionaire are going to come from. THAT is a powerful statement and is the reason YOU need to embrace the new internet social / mobile processes and sites, and let them become a part of your network marketing home business work.

And that means DAILY.

 People who are in the Acclerator position also love taking people with them. They are the bloggers and video heads that educate people on the new things their business offers. They are the internet radio and TV pros and podcasters that educate people on the new ideas that have helped others. They are the wiki and mobile marketing folks that make the community get involved and reach out to them about their products and business. They are the tweeters, texters, SMSers and IMers that make the micro blogging communication  go.

 This is where you need to be headed.

 And I do mean if you truly want to succeed at Network Marketing Home business today. You must at least get into a process that allows you to connect to the acceleration power of the internet and social / mobile sites and start there. Do you want to honestly create the income that sets you free?

Then take a Billion Dollar Trainer’s advice and move in to the Acceleration Position.

 The future of this industry will be with the Accelerators and the Growers. And even the Growers should be moving towards embracing the attitude of the Accelerator.

Here is an “Acceleration Script” you can use daily to KEEP ON TARGET with your Success in network marketing:

 “I will not be stopped, or delayed in moving towards my goals and dreams. I will stay ahead of the curve- and I will set my OWN curve because they do not move as fast as I want. I will not listen to anyone that does not get it, and I will be educated only by those who have already been there and proven themselves to be the real deal. PLEASE – Enough of the hype, and the promises. Give me REAL – Keep it REAL- and nothing else. I am the new upcoming millionaire in this business and that is the ONLY destiny I have. Twitter / facebook / google+ /text me if you want to go with me.”

 These are 3% of the population. And the 17% of the population that are the Growers should grow to become an Accelerator that will be un-denied and unstoppable in any home based direct sales business.

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blessongs…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM List Building- 7 Holiday Tips on Building a Powerful List

mlm building a list home business

network marketing list building mlm


MLM List Building Secrets.

What do you do with your prospect list you are building for your home business?

Do you build it daily? weekly?


Would you like 7 Tips on building a list that will help accelerate your lead generation?

Here are 7 powerful list building gems that you can use for your home business mlm that i use and have proven to rock any list building:

1. Power Focused Article Marketing.

With power article marketing, I’m not focused on the usual step of submitting your articles to the usual article directories for my home business. Do not get me wrong–that still works in today’s marketplace extremely well. What I’m referring to is FOCUSED SUBMISSION-which is submitting your power articles to popular Authority Sites  in your home business market. Let me explain. If you’re in the Internet marketing niche, popular sites like Entrepreneur, About, Ehow, Associate Programs and even popular blogs like Site Fling are possible places to submit articles.

Submitting your articles at these types of submission places means you’ll have less competition in your niche and receive a bunch more traffic without being forced to compete with thousands of other articles.

2. Power Forum Marketing.

This has been around for a long time-but it still works. The problem with many people when it comes to forums is they lack a VERY important component: A SYSTEM.  You’ll want to create a list of authority forums in your niche, and then submit to all of them DAILY– no exception. If you have a list of say, 7  forums, and you submit 4 posts to each of them every day, you’ll get a steady flow of new leads and names every day. And this is just ONE of the many ways you can build a list on forums. Forums can bring a LOT of traffic if you work them daily.

3. The Secret of “List Builders.”

What is a LIST BUILDER? Good question. Think RECIPROCATE. List builders typically work like this: you sign up for the exchange, and you can promote to thousands of other members with an email promotion, but you also agree to receive emails from other members as well. Examples of these types of list building networks include: List Joe, The List Auction, Viral URL and Viral Ads Unleashed system. I have personally used List Joe and Viral url,  and I recommend this as a great way to build a quick list.

4. FREE Giveaways

Giving something FREE away is another powerful method of building your list. The idea is that dozens of list builders promote the your giveaway so everyone grows their lists-including YOU. The issue with some folks to that you may be “giving” away a lot of your people to dozens of other lists. Well, these days, you don’t even have to promote the giveaway if you choose not to. Yes, you read that right- you are NOT forced to!  NOTE: Many list building events provide the option of upgrading so you will receive additional points that will increase and better the position of your free giveaway.

5. Power Video Marketing.

Video marketing is an extremely flexible and powerful strategy for creating traffic. The hard part actually is getting the video created if you do not know how. I suggest using the FLIP video camera as that is a great and quick way to do it. Once a video is done, promotion can be easy using automated tools like Hey Spread and Traffic geyser. These powerful tools (or websites) submit your videos automatically to more than a dozen of the most popular video sharing websites online. Imagine if you create a short 3 to 5 minute video every week and submit it to more than a dozen of video sharing sites weekly. That should be enough to give you a quick growing list from your mlm videos for your home business.

6. Craigslist

The popularity of is not even measurable.  Most people do not know this, the last 3 years, Craigslist’s popularity grew by 62% – A YEAR. This is probably because more people are going online to either search for bargains or to look for jobs or business opportunities. This means that Craigslist has never been a better ground for marketers to tap into- IF you know what you are doing. Check out our other posts about craigslist:

How to Recruit on Craigslist locally

The ONE Power Secret of Recruiting on Craigslist

7.  Blog Marketing

Writing a blog is laborious,  there is NO DOUBT–but at the same time it can drive a flood of targeted visitors to your home business. The great thing about a blog is that there are many ways you can leverage it for traffic and lead generation – you can use it to tag and ping, it is easy to social bookmark, RSS is easily integrated and it is great for search engine optimization. And these are just a few of the amazing ways that you can create leads and build a list with your blog.

These are powerful list building secrets for your holidays and for your home business network marketing mlm.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM – Do YOU Know the New Rules of Home Business?


network marketing mlm

mlm home business new rules


Social Media MLM.

How does someone go about changing their home business success DAILY?

Would you like to discover how to do that?

Do YOU know the New Rules of Home business and what they can do for your network marketing business?

There is a reality for 2012 that will hit every network marketer between the eyes:

In the Home Business arena today, there are three very important words that are more than true.

 Things Are Changing. 

Those 3 words are right at the very core of a shift in the Home Business and Network Marketing Profession. What worked 5 years ago, may not work today, as there are New Rules that have been laid over the Home Business grid, and either you play by them-or you don’t.

If you do not, then that can end up possibly working against you in the long run.

 Many MLM companies have come and gone over the years, and I have seen some succeed wildly, and others struggle massively. And there many times is no rhyme or reason why it happens. But today, with the introduction of the new Rules of Social Media and Mobile Marketing and Recruiting in Home Business, things are transforming right before our eyes.

 The same traditional unchanging principles will always work for your Home business, but the approach to them are changing as we speak, and transitioning many companies either into dynamos – or dinosaurs.

Depending on the decisions being made, the same thing can be said for Teams in Network Marketing. Some teams are accelerating their growth like crazy through mobile recruiting and social media, while others look at those teams as if they are crazy. All this is occurring because of the introduction of Social Media Marketing and Mobile Recruiting and Marketing in the Home Business Profession.

 There is a New Marketplace evolving in the network marketing arena and we must accept that.

 There are New Rules that we have found that absolutely must be embraced and internalized, if you are going to embrace Success in this New Social Mobile Marketplace. Yes, you can still do it the old fashioned way and succeed, but it today is a longer and harder path than what lies before you with the New Rules of home Business Success.

 Let’s see what they are.

 New Rule 1: Today, it is NO Longer about just Conversion, but Conversation. Conversion is VERY important, but Conversation is IMPERATIVE.

 The focus of Network Marketing has always been and generally always will be converting people into customers or distributors. That is the thrust of most businesses –at least gaining new customers. But today’s companies that are accelerating sales massively are not focused on just conversion, as many people today are tired of “The Pitch.” Ask anyone you know.

 They are looking for something MORE- Conversation.

People today have been pitched, sold, recruited, called, pressured, hassled, manipulated, congregated, and have become totally frustrated with the old ways of communication from Network Marketers.

People are tired of the mlm pitch-and want THE PATH.

They want a Conversation that leads them to NEW Ideas, New Possibilities, New Thinking, and New Solutions to problems that no one else has taken the time to give them.


You be the one.

You be the leader they are looking for and lead them with words that guide and direct to Value and Solutions-not just Volume and Selling.

 Look at the highly successful companies today. They are playing by New Rules and adopting New Tactics.

 So should you.

The new way to start the conversion process today is back off—and hold a CONVERSATION- about the prospect, their challenges, your solutions, and how the two can intertwine.  It can be online through Social Media Conversation, or through Mobile devices, or it can be offline and through face to face or voice to voice Conversation.

Make each prospect the superstar of your conversation and make it about their wants and desires. Take them to places of possibility that they never thought possible through the New Media. If you do, you will be holding many more conversations with them as your new Success partner in your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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