Social Media MLM- What is More Important – Contacts or Content?

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Social Media MLM.

Are you focused on creating content for your network marketing home business?

Are you blogging and filming videos daily to create content so prospects will engage your writing so they may contact you for your MLM home business?

Content is King.

Content is what has been driving the internet for over 20 years. It has been in many forms and especially in the beginning of the internet. It was quite simple and quite different than it is today.

Social Media  is all about great, usable content and we get that. But recently there have been a lot of folks on Social Media that are saying that it is your NUMBER of  CONTACTS that matter.

The debate goes on and it appears that there are 2 sides to the question.

 Which one are YOU on?

Taking Sides.

One side are the marketers that market on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, youtbe, and other social sites. They market their trainings and information products.

The other side are the bloggers and creatives that want to give great content and revelation that folks can use and grow from. (Full disclosure – I provide content as well on many sites or social media and marketing from home professionals.)

Nothing wrong with either.

Marketers have  a valid argument, as they bring new ideas and new products to the marketplace.

Creatives have a valid argument as well, as they bring new how tos and teachings to the marketplace.

One says that it is all about QUANTITY of followers and friends you have.

The other says that it is all about the QUALITY of Content you provide that will create the Numbers of followers and friends you have.

Who Is Right?

Both may be right as far as their focus. Marketers need numbers to market their wares and information. This us how marketing is done and has been that way for hundreds of years.

But things are changing. New Marketing is starting to take ahold in the marketplace and transform the process of marketing online. Information and Content are driving a LOT of the marketing efforts now. That is what we do as well. We market using creative content that folks seem to like, and then with their permission, we will send them some future information that may see benefit in maybe ordering.

Seth Godin calls it “Permission Marketing” and that has been around for several years.

But seems that it has taken a while for folks to get it and understand the concepts of it. This is what is creating this great debate – Content or Contacts.

Here is my take-

Rule of Social Media- HOT, USABLE, FRESH Content that is virally marketed will DRIVE the Number of Contacts you obtain quicker than just about anything. Folks are HUNGRY for answers, solutions, howtos, and information.

You need both.

You need rocking Hot Content to brand your message and to get virally marketed, as well as a lot of folks to market it to. And you do this by building your list one follower and one friend at a time.

A List of what To Do.

1. Give away a free ebook. Folks will give you a look and maybe become a friend or follower.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”

2. Give away a free download. Folks will give you a look and maybe even send it to their friends.

New Rules of Home Business ebook

3. Have a HOT blog post or gift and put it on a pdf. It will be sent around and folks will follow you just from that gift.

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It is not hard to do. Create Content that folks will want to use and apply to their life and business. But make sure that you do something that is CRITICAL to building the numbers of friends and followers.

ASK them to Follow you and Become friends with you.  BE BOLD! 

You will notice everywhere on PassionFire website are social “follow tags” that you can use.

That is NO mistake. I would like for YOU to follow me on twitter as I do send out some HOT findings (urls, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc) in the social sphere that we can all learn from. 

And one More tip: Promote OTHERS in your efforts. Become a “powerful promoter. You will notice that I use a LOT of names and links in some of the posts that I send out. This is to let folks know of these folk’s work, as well as let the person know that I admire their work and learn from it.

This is how that you BLEND Content with Contacts.

I call it  “Content Blending” and it WORKS great for social media marketers.

Add contacts to your facebook notes, videos and insert them in blog posts, podcasts,  video posts, and even keywords.

Blend names into your tweets using @theirname in your message-and also Retweet –put “RT” before your message or other folks tweets on twitter as that will be a way to promote them as well.

And also in groups, use other folks names in your communication as well as this will shw that you are connected to folks in that group as well.

Bottom Line –Content Blending” will assist you in building your list, and answer the debate of whether Content or Contacts is more important.  DOUBLE the power of BOTH by making sure that you have HOT content in all you do and then blend some contacts and promote others as you do it, and you will find your numbers of contacys rocking in your social media marketing efforts for your home based business in network marketing.

blessings..doug firebaugh

 (c) 2011 all rights reserved

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  1. In my opinion Doug content will always be king and content still rules when it comes to social media. I don’t think it matters how many contacts you have if you are putting junk out there. However, if you are putting quality information out there that people can actually use, then you are really doing something my friend and will be rewarded with more followers or “friends” and more sign-ups to your opt-in lists and business opportunities!

    Thanks for the post!


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