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Social Media MLM.

What can we learn from the genius marketing of Michael Jackson?

What can we learn for our mlm home businesses from the marketing talent that Michael used for his social media marketing?

How would you like to explode your network marketing business studying how Michael Jackson was marketed before and AFTER his death?

Michael  was an absolute genius at what he did onstage, on record, and in video. He sang, dance, moved, and in every possible way, blew people’s minds with his talent. Michael showed and gave to the world what no one had ever performed or sang before.

Michael Jackson and Social Media.

And found in that amazing music and marketing gift are some MLM Social Media Secrets that we can learn and utilize for our home business. Michael could be considered a sad figure in the end of his life due to his legal and moral woes and other issues, but his musical talent and genius cannot be argued or denied.

What can we embrace and engage  for social media from his genius we can all connect to and take action on to catalyze the social media genius in not only our home based business, but our own lives. After all, we understand and practice how to be and DO social, But understand it is what comes after we GO SOCIAL – that we can learn from Michael’s marketing team and advertising team.

5 Powerful Social Media Secrets.

Here are 5 Powerful Social Media Secrets we can study and engage from MJ:

1) In social media and in personal branding, you must build a VERY loyal audience and following that CONNECTS to and Embraces  you and your subject every time.

It would be hard to argue that no one had a more passionate and loyal following and audience than MJ. Across the worldwide spectrum he built a following and audience that never went away no matter what may have occurred. We must do the same thing. We that are engaged in social media and if you have your own home based business, must build a following that will look at and engage anything that we send their way because they like what we do, and like who we are.

It takes time to build a following and a loyal audience that believe in your brand and is connected to it. It took Michael years to build that audience for his personal performance songs. But he built it and build it strong, and he never lost it. THAT is what we need to do. And understand that your audience in social media will not be built overnight. It may take a few years in your personal branding, but it WILL HAPPEN.

2) You MUST be Unique, Different and set yourself APART from the Crowd. You must create and master your own “Moon Walk.”

MJ blew the world’s mind when he first showed the world his “moon walk” on TV in front of 50 million folks on the 25th Anniversary of Motown special. And it was the chatter and buzz of the music world for weeks. He set a new standard of originality for dancing and singing, as well as personal branding with the “moon walk” that even today, has not been equaled in the music world. He truly looked beyond what had been done up with dancing and singing up until that point, and introduced to the world something totally new and unique.

That is much like a powerful social media message and brand. Many today still have not embraced their own social message and brand. But you need to create, develop, and master your own “moon walk” message.

A message so different, so unique and different that people will take notice and talk about it and virally market it all around the social sphere. Your message cannot be a “me too” message. It must be a “Me One” message that YOU own and can develop into a great marketing brand and meme for your marketing.

Your “moon walk” message will take you into the marketing stratosphere if you let it. Go beyond what has been done and NEVER be settled for what is.

Think WHAT IF and then develop THE WHAT in your marketing and brand.

Do not be afraid to be different, unique, seat apart, and even “on the edge.” That is where social media home based business success is and where MJ stayed.

3) Visibility is the GOLD in Social Media. You must in Social Media be Highly Visible – like MJ was in the media and to the world.

During the heyday of the 80s and 90s and early 2000, MJ was everywhere. He was seen on TV. He and his music was heard on the radio. He image was in the newspapers. His face was in the magazines. He and his marketing folks were a marketing machine on social media with his image. You need to become a marketing machine with your home business and network marketing message.

Where should YOU BE?  Start with being on the blogs, podcast sites, social networking sites, video channel sites, chat sites, article marketing sites, and beyond that. It is not enough in social medias to be just visible. You MUST BE HIGHLY Visible in social media with a Hot message, content, and BRAND that people are PULLED towards.

Michael had amazing content- the lyrics in his songs. You must have great content in your posts, vids, audios, and conversations.

Become Highly Visible – but be it in a GOOD way. MJ became way too visible with his court cases. Make sure your visibility is POWERFUL and POSITIVE and helps folks with their problems. BE  a Solution. Be everywhere and make sure your message is YOU- and with you. MJ was a total marketing genius at that particular one.

4) You must be willing to REACH in your marketing and branding, and even push the envelope past the accepted marketing boundaries like MJ did.

Michael kept introducing new cutting edge radical new videos and songs. Take his hit “Black or White.” At the end of the great video, people’s actual faces morphed into other people’s faces. In the 80s, it was RADICAL, and it totally blew people away. The video was made in over 7 countries. And it had a powerful message of unity that hit people between the hearts and eyes.

Another masterful song MJ did that took the music world by storm and changed music forever, was “Thriller.” This was the very first “mini movie” on on the MTV network. The first and original version of Thriller was over 12 minutes long and it blew people’s minds because of the amazing choreographed dance moves- and the monster plot that was actually behind it. The makeup was head shaking as well.

MJ was not in fear to move beyond the accepted boundaries of dance, music and music videos.

You must be willing to move our from your comfort zone and push your own social media branding envelope. Do not be limited to what social media is today. It will be a total different world in 2 years. Where is it going to be even 5 years from now? Imagine that in your mind. Then start moving towards it. Push your own talents and skills. Ask ly “What is NOT being done in Social media concerning my business and niche, and why isn’t it?” THEN start moving beyond what most people are doing to increase the Value of your message and products.

Michael lived in that marketing world. He was pushing and transforming the envelope constantly.

So should we all in network marketing be doing that daily.

Here are some social media mlm tips: Do a different kind of video that has NOT been done before. Write a different kind of post than what is already out there. Record a different kind of podcast than what you hear. STRETCH yourself beyond the accepted social media limits.

THAT is where genius and superstardom in the home business profession is born.

5) You must be continually re- crafting, reshaping, repowering,  and retooling your marketing message to keep it NEW and FRESH and relevant like MJ did with his “next level” music and videos.

MJ was all the time thinking of who to take his music to the next level. He was re crafting his talent and message constantly. MJ moved from “Off the Wall,” to “Billie Jean,” to “Thriller,” to “”Bad,” to “Black or White,” to “You are not Alone.”  Each # 1 song and video GREW past the last one.

Admit it…THAT is what we all need to do in our social media marketing for our home business. It is called SOCIAL LEADERSHIP

MLM Social Media Tip: You must take the lead when no one else will to take people where no one else dares. That was Michael Jackson. He was constantly studying, growing, and retooling his craft for a more powerful impact each song and each video.

We need to do the same in our mlm home business. We need to retool our message often, and refine it, so the marketing and brand impact of our message is fresh, relevant, and has staying power like MJ had. THAT is social media marketing for massive success in our mlm home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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