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MLM Social Media- The 3 Power Rules of Facebook Recruiting

MLM Social Media Training.

Do you use facebook for your home business recruiting efforts?

Are you using facebook daily when working your network marketing business?

Are you frustrated with your facebook results when working your work at home mlm?

Many people are, as facebook has become well….quite soaked with a lot of marketers. There is nothing wrong with that, but often, we get so caught up in the latest “tools” and soft-wares for facebook that we forget why we are on it to begin with. Lots of bright new shiny objects are around, but there are the facebook basic rules for recruiting that may have seem to forgotten and their recruiting results have suffered, that is why serves small businesses with social media advertising. 

Have you seen a drop in your Facebook advertising success when recruiting? if so, odds are, you have moved away from the facebook basics that are a part of the foundational structure for working a home based business. That is the reason for this post.

By the way, i have not posted in 2 weeks as we have been working on our websites and moving them, updating them, and also have been on the road a lot. but I am back so lots of posts daily are now back.

What ARE the 3 basic rules of facebook recruiting? Well, they are more “understandings,”  then actual rules, but can make all the difference in your recruiting results. Social Media has grown to be a staple in the home business mlm field as far as prospecting. But there are still the basics that are to be focused on when recruiting on s social networking site. That is why I wanted to write this today, as there have been some people that have become quite discouraged using facebook for their sponsoring efforts.

Here are the 3 basic Rules for Recruiting on facebook:

1.  It is about RELATING- NOT just about Recruiting.

It is about building relationships. It is about connecting with people an d seeing how you can help them, as that is all part of the process in recruiting. When you start a conversation with someone on facebook, you are not there to see how you can recruit them.

You are there to see how you can help them, enlarge their life, and their lifestyle. Once you have done that, then recruiting them is the FRUIT of helping them in a way that adds VALUE to their life.

2.  It is about finding the RIGHT PERSON –not just A PERSON.

This is so true. Many people think that everyone they talk to is a prospect. They are NOT. many you talk to and approach simply are not for this business. That is why on facebook, I have always taught that you “Reverse the Recruiting.”

What is THAT?

Ask them who they know that would be a good leader in their area, as you and your business partners are looking for the right person to help you build a million dollar business in their state. This often will PULL that person closer to listen and see how they could be a part. Finding the RIGHT PERSON is critical when recruiting- even on facebook.

3. Help them FIND what THEY are Looking For – NOT what YOU are looking for.

People are looking for basically on thing in life: A BETTER  and more SECURE life. Show them how you and your network marketing business can help them achieve that. Ask them what they really would like to see changed in their life and then help them get it. You will recruit them just about every time.

Facebook is no different then normal face to face conversation and these are the 3 Power Rules of facebook recruiting for your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE download- mp3- “2013 Recruiting Secrets” -over 25 secrets- with Doug and Diane Hochman.

blessings…doug fireaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 5 Master Secrets of Basic Online Recruiting

Online MLM Recruiting Basics.

Do you use the internet for lead generation for your mlm home based business?

Are you using any kind of lead generation software with your network marketing business?

Are you prospecting online at all for your mlm?

Cold Marketing prospecting online is an amazing tactic if done correctly. There are 5 Powerful Master Secrets for Basic Online Recruiting for your home business prospecting you need to know.

Online Cold Market Recruiting is a powerful way to find leads on the internet. Some call it “Attraction Marketing” or “PULL Marketing” or “Funnel Marketing.”

If you are NOT omfortable with online recruiting, I would suggest that you learn it before ou spend any money on ads. There are HUNDREDS of secrets for Cold Market nline Recruiting, but here are some powerful Secrets that will help you  understand how to recruit online in the Cold Market.

1. You MUST “Tip the Scales” in your message or Offer.

If  you are going to ask for someone to spend some money for something, your VALUE must tip the scales DRAMATICALLY. They must perceive that your offer is more VALUABLE then the Cost of your offer. You can Tip the Scales with a side by side comparison and how the Value is so much more than the cost. You cna do this with testimonials. You can do this with Endorsements. You can do this with “Extra Added Bonuses.” There are many ways- just do it.

2. Your List MUST know YOU and Up front and Personal.

When you are mailing out to your list, they need to KNOW YOU. Know your likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite music, what you read, they got to know you truly care about them, and going somewhere and want to take a LOT of people with you. Where do you go on vacation? what foods do you like? What is your favorite music? Let them INTO your personal side, and your results will explode.

3. Focus your Message on what people want CHANGED, IMPROVED, SOLVED or ENHANCED.

People do NOT want to learn how to become an expert classical guitarist. They want to learn a few songs to impress people, get approval, put a smile on their face, or to get their attention. They are looking for the RESULTS and RESPONSE from people. It is the same thing with online  recruiting. They do NOT want to become an online marketing guru rock star I am the world’s best teacher- they  want to know how to drive leads to a page so they can convert them into prospects.

Think BABY STEP first.

Keep the focus on WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR where they are. Show them how they can drive 20 leads a day to their landing page- not learn how the PPC engine works on Google Adsense or facebook. Keep it SIMPLE, FOCUSED and show them how they can get the RESULTS they want to start with- NOT the technicals.

4.   Find Out what People want to Purchase in your Niche, and then SELL IT to THEM.

Find out what people are searching regarding your niche. You can us these tools:


Search the keywords and find the ones that are highly searched, and also lightly searched as well- both work. We like to use keywords with as little as 5000 searches as most  of these keywords will have no competing ads and you may be the only one!

Once you have found the keywords that people are searching for in your niche, then write your emails and copy around those keywords as well as posts on your blogs. On social media, talk about your FREE report, Mastery Guide, ebook, video with Tips on what the keywords are focused on. Make sure that your copy on your landing page points to the keyword solution they are seeking.

GIVE the prospect what they are looking for- SOLUTION tips and ANSWERS through videos and other communication. THEN once you have them opting in for your free offer, then you are starting to build a list based on what they are seeking and truly interested in your niche and offer.

5.   If you cannot create a Landing page, then have someone create it for you- outsource it.
Here are three suggestions for you to research to get this done:

Give them the copy, and then you will be given a landing page that will match what you need to start recruiting online in the Cold Market for your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE mp3 download- “2013 Recruiting Secrets”-over 25 secrets from Doug and Diane Hochman

blessings….doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all right reserved

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MLM Training- The 5 Things an 11 Billion Dollar Producer Gives Away Daily

mlm network marketing home business

mlm questions for home business

MLM 5 Questions to Give Away Daily.

Have you ever wanted to tap into an 11 Billion Dollar genius in the home business profession?

What would that mean to your network marketing business and Success?

Are you looking for some answers from someone that has set records and has had over a million in his downline?

That is what this post is about. Tapping into the mind of a bonafide genius in this business and finding out his secrets to REAL network marketing success. How would that feel if you did that?

He is a very sharp man with a NO LIMITS approach to life and I can tell you, he HAS NO LIMITS when it comes to this business. Neither should you!

My friend everyday gives away 5 things and without fail, always does. He is a fanatic about it and he believes in the “sowing-reaping” principle of Success and practices it everyday.

Recently he and I were talking and he mentioned these 5 things that he gives way daily and I was quite intrigued about it. They were simple and fundamental, but yet profound. And I was quite taken back that here this 11 Billion Dollar producer, set for life- no- set for SEVERAL life times in money, and he still gives away these 5 things daily.

“These 5 things have been the seeds to my massive harvest,” he said. “And anyone can do the same thing and reap a massive harvest if they simply do it.”

And he said that his reason to give these away are to SEED into barren soil in a person, and let them know that they can become successful no matter the background. And seed he does!\

Now understand, you can give away yhese 5 things online, on social media, in mobile communications, and more. So this is NOT limited to offline but it is also an online GOLD MINE of an idea that if you simply give awy these 5 things everyday, your business will EXPLODE just from the echoes of your efforts.

Truly what you SOW you shall REAP!

Ok…what ARE these 5 things that he gives away?

1. A Kind Word to Someone that seems to Need One.

“A kind word can change a person’s life,” he says. And his words have changed millions of lives.

“Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and deep down, many do not. I just help them see that they are a good person and I would love to see how that I can help them if possible. And it has seemed to pull people my way for over 35 years and counting. Words are sweet in season and when someone is hurting they don’t want to hear about my business. They want to hear about that things are going to be ok, and you are there to listen if nothing else. And it is amazing even if they are in top of the world, what that word can do for your business over time.”

2. A Compliment that is Authentic and Real.

“it is amazing what a compliment can do when it is done for no other reason then to compliment. And agenda focused compliment can be felt and often rejected by the listener. You need to be aware of what you can compliment people with sincerity and then do it. You will be surprised how they respond.”

“A genuine compliment will MOVE the person on the inside and they will FEEL it, not just hear  it. That is what you want- a compliment that is electric and has power.”

3. A Chance to help Someone Somehow.

“I just helped this lady carry her groceries to her car yesterday and I am 78 years old and she was younger then me. But I told her that I needed the exercise and she just laughed and said go right ahead. So I pushed her cart to her car, unloaded her groceries and smile and then pushed her cart back to the store. No conversation about anything except let me help you. How can that NOT work in your for somewhere down the road?”

“Could I have recruited her? Yes, for sure, but then it would have been agenda focused. I gave her a 10$ Starbucks gift card with my number on it, and said have a coffee or tea on me. And that was that.”

“She called me the next week and asked if I would like to meet her and her husband for tea, and of course I said yes. She said that she was interested in my sizzle call that she had listened to I had left on the envelope with the card.  ”


4.  A Question about Someone to Show Interest.

“People love to be asked about themselves. Ok. I do. I ask about their kids, where they work, what they are doing for the weekend, and any other thing that will focus on the person, And when we start talking about their job, whether social media or face to face and yes I am on social media! And when I ask them what they really would like to be doing, then the conversation usually turns to what is possible in life.”

5. A CD of “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale.

“I have given this away for years and now I send an mp3  via email if I get their email so they can listen online. Earl was one of the original pioneers of the Personal Development industry in the 60’s and he was amazing. When people listen to this amazing recording they often are stunned from it’s profound wisdom and power. I recommend anyone that is serious about life and Success to listen to it and start recommending it. Oh, I have my name and number on it telling them to call me if they would like more secrets of success.”


Here is the Billion Dollar question: What would happen to YOUR BUSINESS if you would give 5 things like this away? Can you say KAAABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM?

These are 5 things an 11 Billion Dollar gives away daily for his mlm network marketing home business.

FREE audio mp3 “2013 Recruiting Secrets” – over 25 secrets with Doug and Diane Hochman!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2013 all rights reserved

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You Think Email Marketing is Dead in MLM? Think Again!

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MLM Training- 5 Ways to Explode your Personal Production in 2013

mlm home business new years

mlm network marketing 2013

MLM Personal Production 2013.

Are you looking to DOUBLE your business in 2013 for your home business?

Want to increase your network marketing business dramatically?

What do you do for that to happen in your work at home mlm?

Simple.  It’s 2013 and you need to make some changes in how you do things. We at PassioniFire have met with our team and decided to do some things differently in 2013.

What about YOU?

Should you be doing  the same type of thing for your home based business? Should you be thinking FORWARD to this summer and fall and making plans on what your business is going to look like? I think it may be a great idea for that if you have not decided to do it. It will increase your volume a lot during the year.

What things can you do NOW to increase your personal production in 2013?

First off…WHY Personal Production and nor team volume? Great question!  You need to stop depending on your team and start depending on YOU and what you are going to do in 2013. You may not have a big team. THAT is the reason you need to increase what you are doing to maximize your production!

We have found there are 5 things you can do in 2013 to help with your personal production:

1. Become MORE AWARE of WHO.

Are you AWARE of all the prospects online and offline that you have access to? Are you AWARE of the potential prospects around you that can help you and your network marketing business?  Awareness is a MAGNET and POWER for multiplying your volume and personal production.

Be more aware of where you are. Be more aware of who is around you or is online. Be more aware of the conversations that are around you, and the conversation threads on social media. Look for the “openings” that you can introduce yourself and oin the conversation. Look for the conversations that are about your niche and benefits of your products.

2. Use the Social Media Search Tools.

If you arr using social media for your mlm business, then you should KNOW what is being talked about, and what is being ignored. You do this with social search engines. One of the greatest ways to do this is with Twitter. They have what i called Twitter Search. This will help you find the conversations in your niche. Just use has tags (#) before the search terms and you will find a world that can help you connect to people you never new existed.

Also, there are Whose Talkin, Social Mention, Same Point,  Kurrently, and of course the King of search and social search:

Google. If you are signed into Google you can search for a term (just like normal) and click on More search tools off to the left-hand side of the screen. When more options appear just select Social and your results will be filtered to include only those found in your social circle.

3. Automate your Social Media.

if you have not automated your social media, then shame on you! You can do this easily. Why> It allows you to be in a dozen places at once and at the same time connect with new people. Your personal production can skyrocket just off of automating this.

Here are some cool tools for you to do this:  Social OOMPH,  Hootsuite,  Twitterfeed, and  Tweetbeep,  

These WORK in helping you maximize your conversations on social media.

4. Send Out Post Cards Asking for Referrals in 2013.

Yes, you read that right. Post cards are now back in vogue and WORK. If you do this a couple of times a week with a HANDWRITTEN request, you will find more leads coming your way then you can handle. I did this for years.

“Dear —-,  I need your help. I am looking for some people to help <lose weight, look younger, feel better, have better skin etc> and would like to chat with you for a minute about 2 people that you know  that I could simply send some free information to about what they are struggling with. I am thanking you in advance and will call you this week to chat briefly. Thank you!”

Come up with your own script, but THIS WORKS for increasing personal production.

5. Use the 3-2-1  Daily PLAN.

What is THAT? A powerful Personal production PLAN that will help you increase your production!

here it is:

Talk to 3 people a day, and 2 will listen to you, and 1 will be willing to help you with either referrals or in some other way. (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 1 in the evening)

“Hey!  I could use your help on something. I am looking for some people to help in 2013 <lose some weight and slim down, look younger,  earn an extra 1000.00 a month etc>  and was wondering who comes to mind that I could give them some free information that would help them.”

That is 30 people a month willing to help you in some way! That ALONE will increase production in your home business.

These are 5 powerful ways that you can increase personal production in all that you do in 2013 with your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 Audio Download- “2013 Recruiting Secrets” with over 25 recruiting secrets form Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman!

blessings….doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Follow Up & Start the Closing Process Step by Step

mlm home business closing

ml, network marketing follow up

MLM Presentation / Follow Up How To Training.

Do you have a step by step system for presenting and following up for your home based business?

Are there secrets to present and follow up for network marketing?

Are you using any of them for your mlm?

Doing a presentation and following up are critical to the success of your home business. There are many ways to do it, and if yours is working,then keep doing what you are  doing. But if you are looking for some secrets that work-step by step- here are some ideas for your mlm business.

Let’s take a quick look at some ways to do this…

Now… you’re in their houses, and looking at them… what tools do you need with you, and what do you say?

Be Prepared to do Business!

On a One on One Retail Appointment, you need:

  • Your company NETWORK MARKETING Presentation Brochure
  • Your company NETWORK MARKETING Product Catalogue and PRODUCT.
  • Yor company NETWORK MARKETING CDs, DVDs.

A One on One Presentation should follow the Presentation Brochure or Online one..

We advise you to take a mac ipad or droid notebook  if you have one, and show the online video presentation or Power Point. Or let them view the 24/7 webinar presentation at their leisure.

If you are simply going to tell the prospect about your home business Network Marketing company, which occasionally you will be in a situation that requires that strategy, then follow the your Network Marketing company Presentation brochure. It was created to do brief One on One Presentations and show the MLM Hybrid Marketing Concept.

THEN, you must see where they are and if they are ready to sign up.

 “What’s Next?” —You need to eventually move the prospect into the path of moving towards making a Decision. There are “Directing Phrases or Questions” you can use:

Is this making sense to you?”

 “What did you like best about what you’ve heard so far?”

 “Can you see yourself becoming successful in something like this?”

 “On scale of 1-10, with one being no interest, and ten being ”This Rocks”, where do you see yourself?”

 “Is there any reason why we cannot partner up with this and start building an amazing business?”


 “Based on what you have heard, do you see yourself more as a customer or a Reseller?”

 “Would you like to partner with me and host a gathering for your friends to share this? Let me explain how that works…”

If they want to be a NETWORK MARKETING customer:

“Great! Let’s get your name in the computer, and place an order for your NETWORK MARKETING membership.  We need to know whether you see yourself as a Preferred Customer (wholesale prices), or a Retailer (if you’d like to know how to get your Network Marketing products for free by sharing them with your friends, and earning enough money to cover them)… OK!  Let’s get the paper work done…”

Fill out their application online and ask if they can suggest a referral for you.

Once the Customer paperwork is completed and they are an official customer, you still need to address how they can help you for referrals in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download- “2013 Recruiting Secrets” over 25 secrets from Doug and Diane Hochman-to access click this link

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Ask a Prospect to Attend an Event- Online or Offline

mlm home business webinars

mlm home business events

MLM Prospect Attending an Event.

Do you have any trouble getting prospects to attend a webinar event for your home business?

How do you get them to your network marketing recruiting webinar?

How do you invite them to your mlm webinar?

There is so much information out there and it can get confusing. We suggest to keep it very easy to do and duplicate.

This is training on a 4 Step Recruiting System that we recommend you follow and focuses on inviting people to look attend an event for a presentation after they have had an intitial exposure.

The actual process of working this business and making money is:

1) FIND   (people you know)

2) ASK  (with CD/DVD/Video/Mobile Video/Sizzle call/Audio)

3) SHARE  (Invite them then to the daily Recruiting Webinar / Conf call or do a Three Way with your sponsor.)


 You need to reach out and SHARE some education and information with them. Getting them to see the message of your home business company is a must. To do this, you must turn their dreams into possibilities and beyond.

The SHARE step is the Presentation about your NETWORK MARKETING. company There are many different ways to create a Presentation, including using tools and events. But the NUMBER ONE SHARE Tool is the weekly Webinar / Conference call .

Invite your prospects to a special presentation of only 30 minutes, and even available 24/7 online at:

What are you doing at 12 noon today? Do you have 15 minutes that you can spare to attend online a webinar about what you saw on the DVD?”

Here are some other ways to use your tools to create a SHARE experience:

 NETWORK MARKETING DVDS: Hand them out for viewing.

NETWORK MARKETING CDs telling the story: Hand them
out for listening.

NETWORK MARKETING Brochures: Show them to inform of
available Products.


NETWORK MARKETING business cards: Hand them out for
contacting you.

(Also use online videos, landing pages, and other online marketing tools.)

The SHARE Presentation:  INVITING People to see the Online Recruiting Webinar.

The Single Greatest Wayto SHARE your Network Marketing company is to let your prospect listen to the National Webinar / Teleconference. INVITE them to this and let them hear a presentation that is guaranteed to be professional and powerful. You will LISTEN and LEARN the  presentation as well.  It doubles as a training tool for the new Reseller/distributor.

 1.“I am so glad that you enjoyed the video/audio/CD! Having a home business is one of the true ways to create a better life today. Let me ask you a question. Do you have 15 minutes at noon today or tonight at 9 pm? We are having a national Online Success Presentation that says it better than I can, and I would love for you to be my guest. Will you be my guest?”

 2. “Donna, I am so glad that you liked the DVD I gave you. It has changed my life Here is what we need to do next. Are you busy tonight for about 15 minutes at 9 pm? I would love for you to hear one of our top Leaders in the company who is going to do an incredible presentation on how to Succeed long term with Network Marketing.  Can I count on you to be on the call with me as my guest?”

 3. “Frank, this excites me. I am excited that you liked the DVD. Tell you what–why don’t you join me as my guest on a special webinar tonight that will present in-depth information on how to succeed with Network Marketing? It will last about 15-20 minutes. Can I count on you to be my guest?”

These are 3 powerful ways to ask a prospect to view a meeting/event for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE “2013 New year Recruiting Tips” mp3 audio download- to access click here

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training – Leadership Secrets to Getting Your Team UNSTUCK

mlm home business leadership

mlm network marketing leadership

MLM Leadership Team Building Tips.

Do you ever get stuck in your home business and cannot make anything happen?

What do you do to get your network marketing business going again?

Would you like some perspective for your mlm?

Here is a great article about getting your team members to use the skills and knowledge they already have. You hve everything you need at your disposal to CRUSH IT in your home based business, but many do not use those skills and knowledge.

This article is from Smartbriefs and will rock your world if you understand the powerful message it has!


I’m very fortunate to work with very talented sales executives, team leaders, and people.  Most have very deep experience in selling.  They’ve been through some of the best training programs around. However, despite having the skills and knowledge, they aren’t producing the results or achieving the goals they’ve established for themselves.

It’s an odd thing.

Based on the backgrounds they should have the ability to perform.  They have the skills and knowledge, but they don’t seem to be applying it.

They’re somehow STUCK.

As sales and marketing people get stuck, they try to figure out what’s going wrong, they analyze what’s happening all in the effort of getting unstuck.

There’s an odd phenomenon that happens in this process.

We can’t remember what we know.

As I look at many people and organizations that are failing to meet their goals, it’s puzzling.  They have the knowledge and skills to solve the problems they are encountering, but they aren’t applying these skills or knowledge.  Hello.

Afterall, if they were, they wouldn’t be stuck.

When you start drilling down into this, what we discover is the reason we got stuck is we forgot to apply our knowledge and skills in the first place. 

We know the right way to achieve a goal—for example, how to structure a high impact sales call, how to handle an objection, how to develop and execute a deal strategy, or how to cloe the prospect.  We’ve been trained in how to do these things.

The problem is we forget to apply them and we get stuck.  But since we forgot them in the first place, we never remember them and get unstuck.

The harder we try to analyze the problem, the more difficult it is to remember what we should have done in the first place.

As managers and team leaders, coaching our people, too often we focus on the wrong thing in coaching them—we help the get unstuck, we may tell them what to do, we may go through a conversation analyzing ths situation, why we are stuck and how to get unstuck.

Sometimes, we just have to do this, but it’s a band-aid fix.  It doesn’t address the underlying issue—why did we forget to do the right thing in the first place?  Until we address this issue with our people, we won’t get sustained performance improvement.

Doing the right thing in the first place, means applying the knowledge and skills you and your sales people have already developed. 

We know our sales process—but we forget to apply it, so the deal starts going sideways.  We know how to conduct a sales call, but we don’t apply it, so we don’t accomplish what we should have.  We know what a healthy pipeline looks like, we know what we have to do to have a healthy pipeline, but we forget to apply it.

Managers and team leaders must spend time focused on the fundamentals, always coaching them so they become “muscle memory.”

We don’t forget them but we apply them consistently as we execute our sales strategies, manage our pipelines and territories.  For example the deal strategy always begins with the sales/buying process.

Conversations about deals or enrollments always have to start there.  The sales and marketing process informs us where we are, what we need to do next.  It provides the starting point for drilling down into what’s happening.

When your people are stuck, back track a little.  Help them discover what they forgot.  Remind them of what theynhave been taught and even ROLE PLAY with them. They should have the knowledge and skills, they just can’t access them.

These are sone powerful secrets to getting your team UNSTUCK in your mlm network marketung home based business.

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MLM Training- 10 Holiday Recruiting Secrets for Local, Social, Mobile

mlm home business holidays

mlm home business Christmas recruiting

MLM Holiday Recruiting.

Have you ever during the Holidays tried to recruit someone for your home based business?

Did you KNOW what to do or how to do it for your network marketing business?

Would you like to know some secrets to Holiday Recruiting in mlm?

By the way- if you are interested in Holiday Recruiting secrets, go to: Holiday Recruiting Secrets.

This has holiday tips from Myself, Diane Hochman, and over 30 super stars in our profession that have given some HOT holiday Recruiting tips. CHECK IT OUT as it has over 4 hours of tips!

The holidays are a great time to network and recruit. I know. Some folks say the opposite. But I recruited for 4 years in a row someone – ON CHRISTMAS EVE! It is not hard to do. And these 10 Holiday Recruiting Tips I believe will help you in your holiday business building for your home business.

Here are 10 “Holiday Recruiting  Secrets” for the Holiday Season and beyond!

1.  Always seek out the Host and thank them for putting this on.

This is critical in ANY meeting or event during the holidays. ALWAYS make sure they know that you are there and hold a conversation with them as they may be an influencer and know the person you are looking for. And if you are the host, seek out the Influencers and spend some time with them.  Get to know them. Ask them if you can take them to lunch after the holidays to chat.

If you are on an online event, make sure you contact the host/ trainer of the event and thank them and get to know them. “Social Up” with them and connect with them to form a “Social Web” and eventually take it offline if possible.

2.  Always be the first to break the ice.

Whether you are on a social site, or offline, approach people with a simple, “Hey! I have not met you. My name is <   >  what is yours?”

Or….”Hey!  I have not had the honor of meeting you and would love to connect online. Are you on facebook or Google+? I love your photos you have been sharing. Here s my twitter / facebook name….”

3.   Always use the “W5” Networking template in Holiday Live Networking environments that you do not know people.

Always ask “Who – What – When – Where – Why.”

Who do you WORK for or With?

What do you do?

When did you start <or start your company>?”

Where is it located?

Why do you work there?   <Why did you start your company?>” if they own the company. Get their contact information.

4.  Always ask for a “Contact Number” or a “Mobile Number” NEVER a telephone number.

“I have really enjoyed this conversation. Just curious would love to chat again. Do you have a contact/mobile number/card?”

Here is a MILLION DOLLAR SECRET for LIVE Offline Holiday Recruiting:

Get your mobile phone out, ask them “Do you have a contact number? I would like to lock it in my phone.”

5. Always set a Goal for Holiday Contact Acquisition.

Contact Acquisition is THE ENGINE for your LIVE Networking Success. This alone will keep you FOCUSED on WHY you are there and not to spend all your time with one person. Set a goal for at least 3 contacts and hour. This will provide you ample time to hold a good conversation with folks and move on to the next one.

If online, set a goal to connect with at least 5 new people every session.

6. Always “Boomerang Your Network” before you leave the Holiday Networking event.

Find the people you connected with, and thank them again for their time. Make sure you do this, as it “reconnects” the conversation to the prospect. This is a boomerang for connections.

This  says three things:

You are truly a professional, you care about them and their success, and you look forward to connecting  again after the first of the year. That sets you apart as well as 95% of people do NOT do this.

7. Always get their Social Media and Mobile info and  connect with them the next day.

You  are starting to build a “Credibility Net” and you will be remembered for being so  prompt in the social world. Thank them again for their time and send them a classic  Success audio mp3- “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale.

8. Ask some “Drill Down Questions” during the Holiday Recruiting conversations.

“That  is interesting. Tell me more…”

“What  happened after that?”

“What  were you thinking at that point?”

“Where  do you see yourself with your company 3 years from now?”

If online, same thing- keep it focused on THEM and what they are holding a conversation about.

9. Always Listen First when approaching an  Influencer’s “circle” and then introduce yourself to them when and opening  occurs.

In  the Holiday Recruiting LIVE Networking world, there are “Conversation Circles” that happen when an Influencer  is speaking.

FOCUS on who the Influencers are, and then become a “passionate listener.”  Approve of their conversation by smiling, and nodding your head. Yes this is  elementary, but you would be shocked at the number of folks that do NOT do  that.

And if you are on social media, let them know- “I agree!” ‘You are so right!” “Totally on target.” You get the drift.

10. Send them a text to their mobile 48 hours  after the event saying you enjoyed the event, suggesting a lunch and you BUY.

“I  really enjoyed the event and great talking to you and connecting. Let’s connect at lunch soon- I am  buying.”

This  will show them you are serious about your building a relationship, and will show  you are a true professional as well in mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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