MLM Training – 6 Ways to Answer the “What are You Selling?” Question

mlm home business selling

mlm home business

MLM “What are You Selling?” Training.

Have you ever been asked a question by a prospect that you could not answer for your home based business?

What did you do to connect your network marketing business to it?

Do you have a desire to learn what to say concerning those questions regarding a work at home mlm?

Questions from prospects are important as they show some growing interest, and possibly a buying signal. But if you cannot answer these questions, you will lose the sale or the prospect.

Many leaders do  not train on specific questions – but I believe that is a mistake. Whether you are on social media, online, offline, or any other place, you really need some ammunition to answer a prospect’s questions.

Here is a question that is often asked by new distributors:

What if they ask questions or give me an objection?

When you start using marketing tools your company has, you will get questions, and maybe even objections.   Again, keep in mind, the less you say the better off you will be.  Use the
following suggestions to develop your own brief (one or two sentence) response that shows you are comfortable with NETWORK MARKETING.

Don’t become defensive. 

Be confident, positive, and  brief in your responses.

Here are some  Suggested Responses to “What are you selling?”

1.  “I actually am not looking to sell you anything, as this may not be for you.  I only would like to get your input on something in the < industry> that I think is amazing and has helped me!  It helps <product benefits> . You will definitely learn something and you might know someone who could benefit from these types of programs to purchase products for their car!”

2. “Thanks for asking me that. I am not selling anything. I am letting people know about something I have run across that has really made a difference in my life. It will help a lot of people, and and I believe it could help,you.”

3. “Great question! I am not selling anything. I am sharing an idea with people to let them know about something that I believe will help people <benefit> and I think you would agree that would help people. Let me explain….”

4. “Selling something? Nope. Not at all. I am simply sharing something that really helped me and I think can help others with <  benefit >  let me explain…”

5. “Me sell something? Thats funny. I am not much of a sales person. I am sharing something that I ran across recently that I believe can help people. It helped me, and if I did  not know about this,  knowing what I know, I would want to.”

6. “Do you know anyone that suffers from/would like to improve <topic>? I have run across something  that has helped me with that and I want to help others with the same thing.”

These are 4 powerful ways to answer the question “what are you selling?” for your mlm network marketing home business.

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