MLM Social Media- 5 Ways to Get the ATTENTION of Anyone in Social Media

social media home business

social media home business mlm

MLM Social Media Recruiting Tips.

How do you get someone’s ATTENTION with a social media prospect for your home business?

Do you have any way in particular you use for your network marketing social media efforts?

Are there any questions that you like to ask?

Social Media is unique and powerful and I have been training on this for 8 years. But the basics of Social Media in mlm never change. The sites may, the software may change, but the basics do not.

And getting the social media prospect’s attention of you do not know how can be quite, well, frustrating. Especially when you combine them with platforms or tools like ai chat bot that help you improve the user experience in every way. In addition to the speed and savings that this reflects in the income of companies when you use them in your social networks.

Let’s ask this question:

Why do people initially get into Social Media Marketing?

Think about it. WHY do they get into social media and now mobile media? Why do they market on social media?

Here is the HUGE Secret:  ;  )

It’s to get people’s ATTENTION.

That is human nature and part of who we are. We want to be SEEN, APPRECIATED, and APPROVED OF. Among other things as well.

But there are certain things you can do to insure you get the RIGHT attention of the people. And the RIGHT attention is getting them CURIOUS to who you are and what you are doing, for this you can uses simple phrases like for example Tiktok pick up lines.

Here is what we call “The Social Media Attention Process:”

Awareness ? Connection ? Conversation? Attention.

This 4 step Attention Process can create a lot of exposure for you. It also can move you into a space on social media to open up doors for you and your business. Your network marketing business can become a golden nugget that people FIND if you do the attention phase correctly.

Be smart, use the most popular apps and social media to spread the word. Visit and talk with marketing experts about the best way to advertise your products in this platform. And for you to become viral today on TikTok, you can do buy TikTok likes to make it achievable!

The ONE THING that will get people’s attention on social media:


Make sure your conversation is VALUABLE- and leaves people saying “Wow!” Leave their jaw dropping and totally amazed. That alone will get people’s attention.

Here are 5 ways to get people’s attention on social media:

1) Be Consistent and VISIBLE in everything you do and say on social media.

In your Message be consistent so it will brand.
In your Profile be consistent across the social sphere.
In your Value be consistent to make people want to hear from you.
In your Presence be consistent so they do not forget about you.
In your Tweets be consistent and regularly sent.
In your Efforts be consistent and focused.
In your Posts be consistent in great content and answers that will help people.

2) Ask open ended questions and seek answers and solutions with those that have content.

This can be a great attention getter on social sites. Put the other person in the role as an expert- and seek their advice initially. Direct message people with a question to personalize the communication. This will get their attention and also you WILL connect with them.

3) Share information with people that most do not know about and you can be seen as the “Revealer.”

There is so much great content out on the web. Find the little known information on obscure blogs and posts, and videos and especially in NICHES. Get to know the  bloggers and writers. Do not send out the same information that has been out there. Be fresh-and new and unique. Be seen as the ‘go to person” when new information in your niche is added. Take the time to do this-it pays off.

4) Recognize the contribution and conversation of others and make sure you PARTICIPATE.

Attention is a hook. It is what hooks people to take a further look.  What is YOUR hook?
Make it that you appreciate and recognize the efforts of all in the conversation. Don’t placate, but admire. Don’t kiss up, but step up and say what is of Value and what has HELPED YOU personally.

5) Come up with a phrase, hook, logo, icon, or avatar that is magnetic.

Many people have a phrase that they repeat over and over. Or a hook that works- copyblogger. Or a logo that is unforgettable. Or an avatar of you that makes people take a second look.
That will not only get their attention- but also keep you remembered.


These are 5 things that will help you get the attention of folks on social media for your mlm network marketing home business. If you are looking for a way to easily start your social media platforms, like Tiktok, with a good following right away, there are marketing agencies offer that offer customers to buy Tiktok likes in just few minutes.

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