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What is Leadership to you in your home business?

What is the most important part of Leadership and network marketing?

What is the least important part of Leadership in mlm?

Leadership often is talked about and bantered about, but many folks do not understand the essence of Leadership. Leadership is the focus of Team Building. Team Building is one of the most critical actions that you take in order to build a long lasting business.

Leadership is often the focus of trainings in the home business profession, but the essence of the training is more motivational than educational. There is a huge difference between training leaders and powerful Leadership Training.

They are NOT the same thing. If you understand that you can train leaders, but not give them Leadership Training, then you will have discovered the errors often given to Leaders in weekend trainings.

Understanding the essence of Leadership is critical but also the power of defining Leadership. If you were to define Leadership, how would you define it? Many people define Leadership in network marketing as directing and guiding a team. That is true, but there is a more focused definition that you can use that is applicable to what our profession is about.

If there was only one word to define Leadership in ACTION, this would be it.

Put simply, leaders are creators — they create something where there was nothing before.

They crystallize the future into a tapestry woven with the threads of dreams, belief, and action.

Leaders create magnetic direction, powerful influence, hope, possibility, and environments for growth that grow teams as well as leaders.. Leaders have the extraordinary ability to see the invisible — the art of vision. Seeing the Invisible in the mind and knowing it can be created is part of the mystique of powerful Leaders.

They take a thought, and by sharing it with others and asking their help, bring it into existence. They create compelling visions that people can believe in — in Network Marketing, it’s often that most important of beliefs which can change our lives for the better.

Do YOU have a Vision for your team and Leadership?

Change is a sister word to Create. Leaders are change agents — they create positive change in people’s lives. They know that change must occur to increase or expand anything. Change creates new directions and perspectives which are what Network Marketing is all about.

Are you starting to see that Network Marketing and leadership are blended so tightly, it’s tough to tell them apart sometimes? Leaders don’t just accept change, they embrace it for themselves and make it part of their message. The power of their approach is in the choice to embrace rather than accept.

Leaders embrace the change that is needed and act upon it immediately in their mlm network marketing home business.

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  1. Great blog post! I’ve seen network marketers try to manage a network marketing team, and fail. This is probably a bad habit picked up from Corporate America. The best network marketers are usually the most busy taking action, because their team does what their leader is doing.


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