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MLM Communication Styles in Recruiting.

Are you looking to understand how to communicate better for your home business?

Is communication important to recruiting in your network marketing recruiting?

Why would it help your mlm if you became a better communicator?

This post came from a great article by Dr Tony Alessandra, one of the most powerful communicators and trainersĀ in the world. This article is one of the more powerful articles you will read on the different kind of communication.

When you recruit, what and how you say it will impact the prospect tremendously. There are many ways to say things, but what you must do is IMPACT and one of the greatest ways to do that is to understand how your prospect communicates and YOU as well. If you get this, you will be miles ahead of most recruiters in the home business mlm profession.

One of the biggest issues with recruiting is not being HEARD and understood. And that often is because you are talking the wrong style of communicaiton to your prospect. What if you can change that? What if you can truly get your message across powerful? Then read this post and take notes as it will open your eyes to becoming a more powerful communicator.


Four Styles of Communicators At-A-Glance

By Dr. Tony Alessandra

As you begin to understand the four styles of communicators and how they act and respond to the world around them, you will be able to better understand your own style and identify the style of the people around you. To help you understand each style, here are a few key descriptions to help you picture each one.

1. Steady Relater

  • Relationship-oriented
  • Moves, acts and speaks slowly
  • Avoids risk
  • Wants tranquility and peace
  • Enjoys teamwork
  • Good counseling skills

2. Interacting Socializer

  • Relationship-oriented
  • Moves, acts and speaks quickly
  • Risk-taker
  • Wants excitement and change
  • Enjoys the spotlight
  • Good persuasive skills

3. Cautious Thinker

  • Task-oriented
  • Moves, acts and speaks slowly
  • Wants to be accurate
  • Enjoys solitary, intellectual work
  • Cautious decision-makers
  • Good problem-solving skills

4. Dominant Directors

  • Task-oriented
  • Moves, acts and speaks quickly
  • Wants to be in charge
  • Gets results through others
  • Makes decisions quickly
  • Good administrative skills

These are the 4 powerful styles of communication for your mlm network marketing home business.

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