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MLM Closing Prospects In MLM.

Have you ever talked to someone and talked them out of your home business?

Does your heart skip a beat when it comes to ask for the order for your network marketing business?

How do you “close” someone when you want to recruit them into your direct sales business?

I did a post a while back, called “7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Closing the MLM Prospect” you may want to check out as it really will help you recruit. And it will help you in your Closing efforts as well.

There are many “secrets’ that you can learn and use, but when I was rocking and rolling, I was blessed to have an INSANE recruiting and closing ratio.

How do you do that?


It is a combination of Psychology and “Close-ology.”

And using that combination, you will be shocked at how that works for your recruiting efforts.

There are 7 MORE “Closing Secrets” that I want to share with you, and I would suggest you learn them and engage them in everything you do.

Here are the 7:

1. You Never stop talking and talk yourself right out of the sale/partnership.

In closing it is important that you let the prospect reveal to you how joining your business will help improve their current situation. You MUST focus on that and that is what is called “the Closing Magnet.”  It will PULL THEM IN. It is important to let the prospect reveal as much as possible about them. You must shut up and listen.

2. You Display Weak Posture, Timidity, and Hestitancy.

You MUST understand that you must come across with AUTHORITY. Posture IS authority. You must have posture. To overcome this you must not fear rejection, the word “no,” or people not respondig back to you.. In closing you must BEGIN STRONG….but also END STRONG.

3. You Believe the prospect’s excuses and negative words.

When prospects give you an excuse, all it means is that their objections or words are rooted in 2 things: Fear and Worry. You have TOTAL control over this situation and results. You  must intervene and get them out of that fearful or worried state of mind.

4. YOu Don’t stick to the proven script or Talking Points.

I am a big fan of “Talking Points.” And of course, certain types of scripts or talking point. When using a proven script ot talking Points, it is important that you don’t let your ego get in the way and use it. Scripts and Talking Points are designed for a reason and of you try to add and subtract you could subtract yourself out of a sale or business partner.

5. You Get Defensive and Irritated.

Okay so you keep your posture but become defensive when you hear an objection like “ I need to think about it, ” or “I am not sure…” as it is okay to help ease the prospect fear  of course, but you must maintain your authority, power, and posture. Do not go off on them and try to make them feel bad.

6. You Totally Dominate the conversation.

It is not cool to do all the talking and focus on the words “me,” “I,” “mine,” or “my.”  80%. That’s the percentage that the prospect should talk, and you listen. This is critical that you do this, as often when you dominate the conversation, you dominate the prospect away from you.

7. You Display Lack of Leadership.

Closing is LEADING.

Let me repeat that.

CLOSING is LEADING the prospect, not just trying to get the application or sale.

Make sure that you are in a Leadership mind set and engage the leading principles that are needed. “I have an idea…let’s do this…”  “I believe that the next thing we need to do is…”  “How do you feel about locking arms and partnering up with me and together we rock this thing?”

These are 7 “Closing” secrets that NO ONE will teach you in your home business mlm network marketing business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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