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MLM Ebook Training.

Have you ever written an ebook before for your home business?

I have, and they are fun to do- or can be a pain.

Do you have the skill set to write an ebook for your mlm business?

Are you willing to be coached on how to so that for your network marketing success?

Ebooks havce been around for about 12 years, and are books that are electronic and read on the internet. There are a gazillion ebooks out there. You need to have several workjing for you building your brand.

The rise of Kindle and Nook book readers are a GREAT reason that you should be focused on writing an ebook. It is not that difficult.

I found a great post on Stompernet, one of my favorite sites to read, and wanted to share it with you as I believe that this post is one of the best i have read about doing an ebook.

If you want to write or markete an ebook- here is HOW:

There are several really good reasons to create an ebook for your business, but for the sake of
this article, I’m going to focus on three main reasons.

1.  It Adds Credibility to You Personally

When you have an ebook available on your website, as well as on Amazon and other online
bookstores (you better be thinking big if you’re going to go through the
trouble of writing an ebook, but we’ll talk more about that in Part 2 next
month), congratulations! You have established yourself as an expert in your
field. You’ve also instantly raised your credibility. Put yourself in the shoes
of the customer who is visiting several websites or even just looking at the
meta description in an organic search. They see you listed as “Author of (Make
sure your title has a relevant keyword)”. BAM…instant credibility! You
are the expert. You are the person they will trust.

2  It Adds Another Revenue Stream

It seems that some online business owners have gotten in to the habit of offering ebooks as a bonus or a giveaway. Sure…bonuses are great. But there’s no need to give away the farm and devalue your ebook. If you’ve actually created and written a quality ebook, it has real
value to your customers. They are willing to pay for the information you have,
so set your price point correctly. (I’ll discuss more about setting a proper
price point in part two of the article.)

You can offer the ebook on your website for an added revenue stream. You can also have additional ads and landing pages to bring in more revenue. Moreover, you can offer your
ebook on Amazon and other online bookstores. All of these can bring in additional
revenue with little to no cost to you.

3. You Reach a Niche That’s Inaccessible in Traditional Publishing

I admit it, I still love going to a traditional
bookstore. I love browsing through the rows of books and picking up books and
flipping through the pages and looking at the back cover to get an overview of
the book. While I do a lot of my research online, if I have a topic that I know
I will need a significant amount of information on, I like to make a trip to
the bookstore. I grab an armful of books and head to a squishy chair, or I go
to the coffee shop, and sit down at a table with a cup of tea and start
browsing through the books to find some information that will be helpful.
The other day I really needed a book about a particular subject on which I was going to do quite a bit of writing. However, there were no books on the topic at the bookstore. To me, it was an important subject. I realize that it was a fairly narrow subject. But when I visited an
online bookstore, there were plenty of ebooks available.

Ebooks have opened up the doors of publishing on a broad range of subjects. You can talk to a target audience that a traditional publishing house would not have been willing to invest the time and money to produce a paper book. Ebooks and digital publishing has done for the literary market what digital music has done for the music market. Back in the day you
had to get signed by a major music studio in order to have any hope of getting
your music in hands of consumers. Similarly, you had to get signed by a
traditional publishing house or spend the money to get your book self-published
and printed in order to put your book in the hands of readers. In order to make
it worthwhile, you would need to have a fairly large target audience for the
publishing house to sign you, or to make a return on your printing investment.

With an ebook, there is either little or no cost to publish and print for the writer or
author. A smaller audience can be targeted. It allows a specific target niche
to be reached, which is good for both the author and for the reader. As a
reader, I love the fact that I can find a book or several books on almost any
topic in ebook format.

How to Write an Ebook the Easy Way

Once an online business owner decides that writing an ebook is indeed a good idea, a bit of panic tends to set in. The thought is, “okay, it’s a good idea, but I have NO IDEA how to do this”. Typically the idea gets shelved until they are more comfortable and guess then
that is? Usually never. I’ve found two ways work best for an online business
owner that is ready to take the plunge and write an ebook.

1. Use Resources You Already Have – Articles

Chances are you have a number of articles that you have either written or have had written for you. Articles that have been used for link building, blog content or other SEO purposes. Compile all the articles that possess, and put them in a logical order. These will form the chapters of your book. They may take a little re-working and may need a some
transitional editing, but it has saved a tremendous amount of time and keeps
you from having to start from scratch. Once you have the body coherently bound,
write a strong introduction and a strong closing chapter, and voila!
You have a great ebook that was quick and easy to put together from resources
you already have!

I will say that this quick and easy ebook will probably be priced a little lower than if you
had taken the time to write an ebook from scratch. Although it will depend on
the quality of the articles that you’ve assembled. Just be honest on the worth
when we look at pricing in part two. It’s a great way to get an ebook out the
door, and get one under your belt, as well. You may want to tackle your first
one using this method, and your next one using the following method…

2. Hire a Ghostwriter

Now remember, we’re talking about doing it the easy way. You can write the entire book yourself, but it’s very intimidating for most online business owners – it’s not what they know how to do. A ghostwriter is a great option. You’re still the author, and you can be perfectly clear that the ghostwriter doesn’t get credit.

Where to find a quality ghostwriter – You can find a quality ghostwriter through a number of avenues. Some authors like to find ghostwriters who are close in proximity and
those who they can work well with. You can always find someone through
Craigslist. This is especially a good option if you live in a college town.
English majors in college can be a great value – but be careful because college
students can be a little flaky.

There are online forums and Facebook groups where you can find ghostwriters. There are also professional organizations to find ghostwriters, but these ghostwriters tend to be quite expensive. Although they are usually (but not always) experienced. You can also hop on writer’s forums and ask writers for referrals for ghostwriters they have worked with
that have been reliable and produced good work.

One of the most popular places to find a ghostwriter is on freelance websites such as, and Everyone seems to have their favorite
freelance website from both a provider’s and a buyer’s perspective.

I will tell you as a freelance writer: I FAR prefer I think the rates are much more fair for their providers. Something to think about as a bu yer: I won’t even use anymore because I feel the rates are far below what I’m worth. Granted, I only use freelance work as fill in work, but I’m still only willing to go so low!

Tips on working with a freelance ghostwriter – If you decide to work with a freelance ghostwriter, here are a few guidelines to make sure you follow:

Be clear and detailed in your job posting
You’ll have a better chance of getting a ghostwriter that is capable of meeting your job requirements if you are crystal clear in what you need. Be very clear in what your time
requirements are. There is no use hiring someone only to find out they can’t
get your ebook done in 3 weeks, if that is when you need it done.

Ask for samples – Make sure that their writing style compliments your tone. If you want a conversational tone, but all of their samples are very formal, they’re probably not a good fit.

Don’t be afraid to narrow down and ask for an interview – Remember, you’ll
be working closely with this person and they will be your voice. Narrow it down
to 3 people and ask for a brief conversation on the phone or via Skype. See
which one best suits your tone.

Set clear milestones – Let your ghostwriter know what you expect in the way of
milestones. Be flexible enough to allow for changes, but set clear milestones
in the beginning that you are both shooting for.

It’s as important that you meet your milestones as you expect them to meet theirs – It’s a two-way street here. Make sure you get edits back in a timely fashion so your ghostwriter can do their job.

Start with an outline – Send your ghostwriter an overall outline to start.
Include your overall concept and ideas for the major chapters that you want,
and other ideas that you want to cover in the chapters.

Ongoing communication – Decide together how you will work together for ongoing
communication. Will it be email, phone, text or Skype? Set clear guidelines on
how soon you will return any communication.

Decide on the fill-in with your ghostwriter – This next part really depends on your topic, your knowledge, and the job posting requirements. Have you stated that the ghostwriter will have to do research themselves? Or will you be giving them the information? Here are some of your choices:

  • Have your ghostwriter do
    the research and writing
  • Send your ghostwriter
    the info you have gathered and have them polish it
  • Dictate the information
    to your ghostwriter and have them put it in to a polished format

I have found dictation to be an increasingly effective way for authors to work with their ghostwriters. Most business owners have the knowledge in their head and don’t mind speaking it; they just don’t know how to make sense of it on paper. That is what a good ghostwriter will do well. Let them to do what they’re good at!

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a great way for a business owner to get their ebook written without taking too much time away from their normal day to day business needs.

Be sure and check out my second part in the ebook series when we will take a look at the next steps. Once you have written your ebook, whether from pulling together resources you already have or using a ghostwriter…what now? You’ll need to get it priced right and then get it

This is how you get an ebook started with your hime business. Write about what you feel would be relevant to your business. And make sure that you get your ebook to look and feel like a professional book. There is nothing worse then an amateur looking ebook that harms your brand, not elevates it.

These are just some tips that will help you explode your business with an ebook in tyour network marketing mlm home business.

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blessings…doyg firebaugh

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