MLM Training – Secrets to Building a Big, Unstoppable Team

mlm home business team building

mlm home buiness team building

MLM Building an Unstoppable Downline.

Do you want a downline that is Unstoppable in your home based business?

Are you looking for the secrets to building a runaway network marketing team?

What are the secrets to building a monster mlm team?

In 2007, I sent out an email with this article in it. It got a lot or response and I wanted to share this “ClassicFire” article with you about building a team. I think it will help you and you will enjoy it.

Here is is:


Folks today in Network Marketing and home business are selling their downline short in what they can actually accomplish in a big way. It seems that :

1) Most leaders do not Dream BIG enough to geet them or their team excited.

2) Most Leaders do not think Empowered enough to move their team to greater heights.

3) Most Leaders think Enough…is Enough…when it’s not enough and not even close to being enough.

And because of this lack of Power and Energy in their Mindset and Heartset, their downline falls to the words of negative Folks who only want to stop their Success and Team building due to jealousies, and fears within themselves. Aand with the team members never knowing the greatness that lies within THEM – you as a Leader need to expose and grow that greatness in your people one day at a time and one conversation at a time.

The First thing you need to do as a powerful team building Leader to build an unstoppable and BIG downline is called:

Establishing Expectancy.

People have a tendency to rise to the level of what is expected of them if it is articulated as well as made clear of what you want to happen.

But, it must be:  An Expectancy with Magnetic POWER, and Massive Purpose in it, and driven by a Pure Passion, and Blueprint Plan.

How do you Establish Expectancy? So simple but rarely is it ever done…you simply have a “Starting Point meeting” with them, and say.:

” I see great things in you, and even if you don’t see them now, you will…Lean on my vision as yours develops, and we will grow into it together. I expect you to be very successful in this business, and I know you will surprise yourself down the road at what you will accomplish…I believe in you….and if you don’t, lean on my belief while yours grows, and we will travel this road together…I expect you to Let you become successful, and not hold yourself back like most do in this business…We are going to think big, and do big! Fair enough?”…

This is what we call Igniting the Success Spark and the Possibility of Unstoppable Progress in building your team.

Once you have met with your group or new team member, and set their goals, and find out what their dreams are and set a plan of action,(this is another training for later) then you must do what we call— “Unstop the Unstoppable”. 

Most people “Stop Up” their “Ability Pipeline” by clogging it up with the scum of Doubt, Self Sabotage, and Fear which all are Leadership Cancers

To Unstop the Unstoppable, you utilize what we at PassionFire call the “5 P’s of Building an Unstoppable Downline…”This comes after you establish what you expect from you folks

The 5 P’s are:

1) Place.

You must place the seed of Greatness and Success in your groups minds and heart as a Leader. You must do that from the start, by verbalizing it, and constantly keeping it in the forefront of their mindsMost have never heard the phrase..”There is greatness inside of you!”..use it fluently.

2) Plant.

Once you have placed, you plant and grow it, by watering it with Belief, Recognition of Effort, and Encouragement that builds the seed and sprouts even stronger…a seed that has been planted will grow accorsding to it’s environment…make it a growth environment1

3) Promote.

You must promote the Attempts and even the smallest success to the group as a whole…in Public, On Conference Calls, and in Writing, Everywhere and All the Time…why?

Secret: Once a Public Recognition happens, others will want to become a part of that as well, and will rise to the level of expectancy. People will do more for recognition than money…Thats Leadership 101.

4) Empower.

Once you have set the Tone and pace for the group to grow, you must Empower your group by using the word “unstoppable.’ You are becoming unstoppable. We are becoming unstoppable. The momentum is becoming unstoppable. And if it still a ways off. “I can see on the Horizon we are nearing the Unstoppable Phase.” Empower your people with the Word, and Having a Virtual Unstoppable Attitude and Focus and Presence about you, they will catch on if you “own it,” they will see it, and start to see the Power that truly lies within themselves..

5) Progress.

Once your group has “bought in” or “enrolled” in the Unstoppable Vision, then it’s time to pour the Kerosene of Leadership on the Flame of Success by creating a virtual FireStorm of Events that demands activity, and creates every opportunity possible for exposure to your business for you people. Hold a recruiting “special event “once a week for 6-8 weeks, and create a major sense of urgency and if they have enrolled into becoming an ” Unstoppable Starter”(did you catch that?)…they will pick up the ball and run with it.

By duplicating your Unstoppable Focus and Mindset and Business, and sharing the
same principle and ideals with their new people…But you must Place and Plant

Secret: Most Leaders set their distributors up to Fail…not to Succeed. Success starts with an Expectancy of growing to become Unstoppable. No Expectations…No Realizations.

Unstoppable is something YOU first must Buy Into. Before you can ask others to take ownership in, you cannot give away to your group what you don’t own.

Make a list…of the 5 things that could stop you and then on a separate page make a list of the reasons why they will NEVER stop you -then tear one of the papers up. There is your destiny.

There is Great Leadership in You! Release it and start the Avalanche of Success in your group with this ClassicFire article from 2005, to become Unstoppable in your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Training – Looking through the Lens of Leadership Mastery

home business leadership mlm

mlm network marketing leadership

MLM Leadership Mastery.

Do you practice leadership daily in your home business?

Are you a Leader all day or only part of the time in your network marketing business?

Do you KNOW about the secrets to Leadership and the Lens of leadership?

What is the Lens of Leadership?

It is like putting on a pair of sun glasses.

But a very special pair that helps you see what Leaders envision and what Leadership requires for this business.

Leaders see things DIFFERENTLY.

These glasses shift and transform your Vision to see as a Leader DOES in order to accomplish what a Leader MUST. This is critical. And we are going to help you develop these lenses so you can work your business through the eyes of a Leader, not just a distributor.

 These Leadership glasses could even be considered a form of a “filter” that filters out what the average see and forces you to see what the Extraordinary see. They are very powerful lenses and you must learn to build your business and life looking through them.


Leadership in Network Marketing is the MASTER skill.

Everything rises and falls on Leadership. This includes your volume, numbers on your team, a well as your paycheck. Leadership is THE determining factor in your success in this business. Everything revolves around Leadership and as we move forward you will begin to see that this is true.

Million Dollar Secret:  Your paycheck is nothing more than a reflection of your Leadership.

 If you do not like your paycheck, then do something about your Leadership as that is what is causing it to be what it is.

You MUST have a well defined and comprehensive understanding of what Leadership IS and what it is NOT.

We are going to be covering in the next few posts the secrets to Leadership and Team Building. But it will do NO good if you are not well versed in the knowledge as well as Power
of Leadership and have a total connection of what TRUE Leadership is.

YOUR understanding of Leadership will determine the scope and power within your Lens
of Leadership.  What you VIEW FOR your business, you will DO IN your business.

Otherwise, your VIEW will determine your DO.

What you SEE your business will BE.

 GO HUGE in the View of what’s Possible. Go HUGE in the View of Success. Do NOT limit
yourself to what YOU think is possible, but what you and YOUR TEAM can DO to elevate all possibilities together.

You MUST get your Vision as well as Sight in total focus as a Leader sees. And that is
why we are going to go over the foundational aspects of Network Marketing Leadership so the rest of these posts make perfect sense to you for your mlm  network marketing home business. 

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MLM Training- How Caring Accelerates Your MLM Team Building

mlm home business network marketing

mlm home business

MLM Team Building Tips.

Are you displaying the amount of caring that it takes to build a home business?

The success of team building for your network marketing business will depend on your CARING.

Do you understand how CARING works in your mlm success?

There is an ol saying that states, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  This statement I heard first in the 80’s but it is still true today.

I ran across this great article on Smartbriefs  and it is about caring and thought it would be something that we call could learn from. Caring is one of the greatest secrets to Team Building- and it can accelerate it dramatically.


At a sales conference I recently attended, I watched a sales manager pass out sales awards to his global sales team. He passed out thirty-nine separate awards. There were three to five people nominated or eligible for each of the awards.

This sales manager announced each of the nominee’s names, and then he rattled off some personal fact about the individual, how long they’d been with the company, their annual sales figure, their highest monthly sales figure, as well as the number of months that they reached a sales figure over a certain amount.

He did all of this from memory. No notes. No slide deck.

It was an impressive display, to say the least. I pressed him as to why he went to such great lengths to do all of this from memory when most people would have been content to use notes. He didn’t offer up much, so I pressed him a little more and he told me a story. It’s a short story, but it explains everything.

When this sales manager was selling for another company, he won the national award for producing the highest sales. When the principal of the company presented him with the award, the principal didn’t know his name.


He had to prompt someone to give him the name. Now that this sales manager has his own team (and it’s a massive team), he makes it a point to know all of his people by name, their spouse’s name, as well as all kinds of personal details.

Why does he go to such lengths?

He does this because he cares.

It’s the company’s culture to care about their people, and this is just one demonstration as to how they manifest caring. But it’s a staggeringly powerful display of caring about people.

No one wants to be anonymous.

No one wants to be a transaction.

Everyone has the need to be acknowledged, to be significant, to matter.

Sometimes the most powerful lessons you will ever learn come from having a bad manager or leader. If what someone else once did hurt you, doing the exact opposite is a safe bet.

NOTE: The power of caring is unmatched in it’s power—both inside and outside of the company. It’s the foundation of trust. And it breeds results.


What does it mean when you remember someone’s name?

Does it mean something if you forget?

How do you ensure that people know you care about them?

How important are the details?

by Anthony Iannarino

These are some powerful ways to display that you CARE about your team in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- How to MAXIMIZE Duplication in your Home Business Team

mlm home business duplication

mlm network marketing duplication

MLM Duplication of Success.

How do you maximize the 4 step Leadership formula for Duplication and Multiplication for your home based business?

What does it take to empower your business and network marketing efforts?

How does the 4 step Duplication and Multiplication process work and what are the ACTIONS that need to be taken for mlm?

Knowing and DOING are  2 totally different things as many people seem to know what to do, but then do not do it. Some seem to grasp the process but yet, ignores the power actions that it takes to make the duplication happen on their home business team.


Are you aware of what it takes to MAXIMIZE the 4 Step Duplication formula? That is the reason for this post. We want to get it into you this information so you can apply these actions to your home business.

They are simple but powerful actions that product powerful results.

There is a 4 step formula I have been teaching for over 20 years to move up the Training
Levels quickly. Last POST we went over the WHAT of the 4 steps, and now we are going to go over how to MAXIMIZE these steps and take action with them.

Lets start with:

 1) TELL.

TELL the person what they are supposed to know and do, and make sure that they learn it, and got it done. This is called education. Here is also where you want to ROLE PLAY ROLE PLAY ROLE PLAY!  Practice what you have told them to do. And practice, drill, and rehearse even more. Let them get a feel for what they are going to be doing.

2) SHOW.

SHOW the person then how to do it LIVE and do it RIGHT. Take them on an appointment. Get them on some calls or webinar with you so they can listen. Let them hear you prospect. Let them see you do a presentation online and offline. Let them hear you close someone. Let them SEE what you do and how to do it.

3) TRY.

Now, let them TRY what they have learned, seen and heard. After they have tried what they saw you do and heard you do, then you need to COACH them. Discuss what was great- and what needs to be improved. And then let them try it again, until they have it down successfully.

4) DO.

And then they eventually will be DOING it by themselves– and ready to teach and EQUIP others with this simple philosophy of training.

You may be asking, “How long does this take?”

Simple. No more than a week or 2 of effort. People are smarter than you think if you do
training RIGHT.

Even in social media- if people are not engaged in talking with people, connecting,
doing events, going local, and all there is to do, they will be wasting their time.

YOU have to get them on the computer and SHOW them how to set up a facebook profile or twitter account. This is SHOWING- not just learning. There are many educated people with a home business that never get started.

Do NOT beone of them. Use this post to help you accelerate your success in your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- 7 Powerful Team Building Tips NO ONE Will Tell You

mlm network marketing team building

mlm home business team building


MLM Team Building.

Team building in network marketing and home business is a MUST, would you agree?

Would you like to know 7 tips that will help you build a more powerful team?

Have you experienced a lot of attrition on your team?

Would you like to stop it?

Team building requires leadership.

Many people TALK leadership, but few actually DO leadership. Leadership and team building go hand in hand. They are a powerful team, and without them, you will have no enduring business.

Many distributors in their success pursuit, think that the team will bill build itself.

It will not. YOU must be methodical in your team building, step by step.

Here are 7 powerful MLM team building tips:

1. Communicate daily with your team with NEW Ideas.

New ideas on how to succeed in network marketing or direct sales is critical. You just FEED their HOPE of Success with “Hope Food” and that comes with new ideas. New ideas of recruiting, prospecting, social media, mobile recruiting, and much more. One New Idea can EXPLODE your team’s Success.

2. LOVE your Team to Success.

My wife, Jodi Andros, who has been in network marketing for 16 years, says this all the time. She says that you must LOVE your team to Success. Let them know you appreciate their efforts, and their time. Let them know with cards, special emails, and also videos sent to them that are personal and encouraging . Love them to Success.

3. Develop the Team Culture with every Communication.

Team identity is critical. You MUST develop the culture, the “feel,” the image of your team. Teams that have a culture not only produce more, but also endure longer as the culture becomes a part of “who they are.”

4. Praise Great Effort, not just Great Results.

Effort is one of the greatest building tools you can use for your team. Yes, Results will always RULE. But GREAT effort is not far behind, as that is what eventually PRODUCES great results. Recognize the great effort, and you are sowing seeds of great results for your home business direct sales team. Recognize great phone calls, appointments set, meetings done, and conference calls and webinars done great.

5. Take Your team to Events and Make a Statement.

Don’t expect your team to go to Regionals, or even National Conferences. TAKE THEM. Set goals and a plan for going, and then go together. Let your team KNOW that you ARE a team, go as a team, and sit as a team. Our Leaders sat with their leaders EVERY event and built that Team Identity every events.

6. Get Your team REALLY Connected to Corporate.

One of the BEST ways to reduce attrition on your team, is to get them connected to your company’s Corporate Team. Have them get to know some folks in customer service and distributor services. Have your Leaders get to know the folks that can HELP them and solve problems. And also, it lets’ Corporate know who YOUR Leaders are as well. This will help your new people be CONNECTED to the Vision of Corporate as well.

7. Build Leaders, don’t just BE One.

Building Leaders is THE single most important action you can take in this profession. Yes, recruiting is critical as well as retailing the product. But if you do not BUILD LEADERS, you will not multiply your team. Duplication will help get your team get started, but Multiplication will get your team GROWING. You do this by building Leaders. Teach them Leadership. Give them Leadership tasks to perform. Believe in them. That is THE Golden Leadership Secret.

These are 7 Powerful Team Building tips for your mlm home based business.

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MLM Training- Are YOU Sleepwalking Through MLM Success?


mlm home business

work at home mlm


MLM Home Business Success.

Are you SLEEP WALKING when it comes to success in your network marketing home business?

Are you taking the drug “Sleepeeze” when it comes to mlm  recruiting and prospecting?

How would YOU like a dose of reality when it comes to success in a home based business mlm?


Lets talk REAL here.

Many folks are “sleep walking” through this great profession because they are doing it out of HABIT, and not aware of it.

You WALK BY more business in a day than you could write in a year. But yet, many folks are not aware that that business is waiting for them and will do business WITH THEM.

It is called “Aware-nemia.” I have taught this for years, as many people are not AWARE of who is around them and they lack a very important vitamin.

“Vitamin P.”

Ok…what vitamin is vitamin P?

“Vitamin PRIORITY.”

Your business is NOT a priority and thus, your “business radar” remains off most of the time, and you are sleep walking through life. I even wrote a quite one time about this very thing:

“Many people’s internal alarm clock is broken. They sleep through mentally many opportunities for Success because their alarm is not even set to ring.”- DF


Hotels are a great place to spend some time. In the future as your business grows, if you are building a team nationally, you will find that out.

But if you are on the road, and if you have an appointment for in the morning, you probably will call the operator and schedule a wake up call so you don’t miss it. You may even set the alarm on the desk clock as a back up.

Why don’t we do that for “Success Appointments?”

Everyday, life give us chances to talk about our home based business, and we find our alarm clock is not set! Some of us mentally SLEEP through the chance to share our products and business with someone because we are distracted, defocused, or inactive.





The Leaders in MLM that set their internal alarm every morning to go off when a chance to share their company and product message appears….will find their checks growing alarmingly HUGE in the future.

“Hey…I am glad we have been talking…I need your help on something. You may know who I am looking for. Do you know anyone that would like to …….<benefit of your product or business?>”


There are only 2 types of people reading this article:

Ones that WILL become Millionaires with their Network Marketing Home Business …

And ones that WILL NOT.

YOU have to decide which one you will be.

This is some Brutal Success Truth that will help your MLM home based business success!

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MLM Training- The 3 Step “Leadership Blueprint” of Building a Huge Team

mlm leadership building a downline

mlm leadership training


MLM Leadership Blueprint.

What should a home business organization look like?

How should you construct a network marketing team so that it works at it’s peak performance?

What is a TRUE measure of success with a multi level marketing team of leaders?


There is something that all leaders need to know and realize.  In a recent post I said that there are 2 types of roles in network marketing:

1. Reseller of products.

2. Leader.

Most of the people on your team will drive volume-online or offline-with the reselling of the product line.

But what about the Leader?

What occurs there? What is the way that can you see if a true leader has done their job? What are some of the specifics of a leader that you know he/she is rocking the growth of their team?

Is it the volume they have produced? Is it the money they have earned? The number of recruits they have personally brought in?

Those are good questions.

Understand that the measure of a Leader is NOT related to the money made in a Home based NETWORK MARKETING business

The measure of a Leader is not in the wealth that he/she has amassed.  Yes, that is what people talk about, but it is NOT what this business IS ABOUT.

NOTE: The measure of a True Leader is how many other Leaders they have developed and built in their groups, as well as how many Resellers they have helped, inspired, and led into more Successful lives with their retailing mlm business. 

The fruit of that type of Leadership is HUGE financial blessings, not only for the Leader, but for the leaders they have built. 


 How would your life change if you knew that you helped a single mom double her income that gave her the ability to improve her children’s lives with an mlm NETWORK MARKETING business?

How would you feel to watch a struggling business owner get online and start marketing in a way they never have before, and start producing a whole new stream of revenue with your business?

How would your life be impacted by knowing that you had a part in helping a struggling family get back on track financially, and their kids could now afford to go to college because of NETWORK MARKETING?

 What would it mean to you if NETWORK MARKETING exceeded your family’s financial needs?

 What if you then had so much left over with your MLM paycheck that you could help others in need in ways that most cannot?

That is the POWER in this incredible mlm profession… to change lives, not only from the extraordinary Products that it has to offer and for anyone to market, but also from the Power found in you and your own NETWORK MARKETING Home based business organization!


What does a new person do THE VERY FIRST THING when they join you and your company?

They start building that Army of Customers, and Resellers with the very  first friend that they share the available Products with!

Over time, after working hard and seeing growth in your team, a  picture of your NETWORK MARKETING business should end up looking like this:

(We call this “The Leadership Blueprint”)

 1)     You have built an army of Customers loving your products.

2)     From that, comes an Organization of Resellers that market them.

3)     From that follows a Team of Serious Leaders who go out and build a serious downline.

 This is the Leadership Blueprint that all leaders must follow-online or offline, social media marketing, or mobile marketing. It does not matter. This is the Leadership Blueprint of building a team of leaders for your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- MLM Leadership Secret Beyond Influence

mlm network marketing

mlm home business leadership


MLM Leadership.

What is the most powerful part of MLM Leadership?

MLM team Building?

Some say:



Decision Making?

Would you like to learn a more powerful Force in your mlm leadership that truly will rock your home business and recruiting?

Inlfluence is key to home business success, no doubt. But yet, when you learn the TRUE Marketing Power that PULLS people towards you, you will be light years ahead of most in our great profession.

Influence is what many Leaders say DRIVE mlm and network marketing.

But…does it drive Marketing Success and Recruiting?

Or…is there something MORE POWERFUL that you need to engage in your mlm home business?

Is there something that you need to focus on more powerfully and will create the results you want for your network marketing business?

Influence is something that is very critical. But there is a RULE that you need to understand about the shift that has occurred in the home business profession.

What would that New Home business rule be?

NOTE:  It is No Longer just about Influence, but IMPACT.

Read that AGAIN!

It is No Longer just about Influence, but IMPACT.

 Influence is at the core of Leadership and the secret to this business is Leadership Development. But today, things are changing and Influence is no longer the  “Power Factor” of Success with people in a Home business.


People today are not looking as much for Influence as something that stirs them up on the inside in a positive way and they FEEL the message-not just hear it or see it.

 Impact is the force that “something hits something else.”

What FORCE does your message for your company have?

What Impact does it carry?

What does your prospect FEEL from you and your company?

Take Nike.

That company has Impact with a slogan, or “meme” that you cannot forget. “Just do It.™

That carries with it Impact that amplifies Influence to take action.

And what today’s consumers and prospects are looking for is no longer to be Influenced to just DO something– but Impacted so they FEEL something and be moved by it emotionally and psychologically.

 Many people today create a weaker influence than they should, and thusly it weakens their results as well as actions.

Create and impact with your message and product.


Make a BOLD statement.

 Make an Extraordinary Promise.

Ask a thought provoking question.

Create a word picture that draws people towards you.

Display an image that tells a story-liker the Apple Ipod advertisements – just a silhouette that tells a story.

 Take your prospects somewhere away in their mind with the sharing of your business and where it could take them.

Amplify your Passion and get people magnetized to listen because of what is pouring out of you. THAT creates Impact.

 Influence will always be important NO DOUBT.

But today, Impact is Imperative in your network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- The ONE Ancient Leadership Secret NO ONE Teaches

mlm team building home business
mlm team building success


MLM Team Building Downline.

Have you ever wondered why your mlm team is NOT GROWING?

Has it crossed your mind that maybe you are not doing network marketing correctly somewhere in your home business team building?

Would you like to know a secret that has EXPLODED  mlm teams that we have coached?

There are many ways to build teams and organizations today. The Network Marketing Home Business Profession is NOT the same business and profesions it was even 10 years ago.

Things have changed for the better and it has been been transformed into more powerful tools and tactics because of social media as well as online recruiting and team building tactics. We have been teaching these for years, but there are some Leadership secrets of network marketing that I see still not being taught in the public arena.

Home Business Team Building.

So many people have asked me in seminars “Why isn’t my team GROWING and why has it stagnated?”

That is a million dollar question with many possible answers.

Today, a growing team requires a much different focus and approach then it used to. Yes, the foundational mlm leadership principles are still there, but the leadership strategies have changed in many ways. Most have not kept up with them and adapted their team building mlm efforts to them.

3 Ways to Build an MLM team.

There are three basic ways to build a Home business downline today:


This is where you build your team using online software and social media sites that you utilize for communication and for training. Thia alone has transformed much of MLM Leadership and team building. The issue is, is there is NOT that personal connection that so many people need to stay motivated and engaged. But this is a powerful tool for building.


This is where you build it the traditional way and do it all face to face, conference call, and live in home or hotel meetings. This STILL works and works well for a lot of people.


This is where you build your mlm downline with BOTH  online and offline. This strategy is the BEST I believe because it allows you to build your team with a variety of tactics and those that prefer online can use online, and the more traditional folks can use offline.

BUT- you need BOTH team building strategies in today’s marketplace to effectively recruit and build an mlm leadership organization.

So then, why do a LOT of people experience the pain of a SLOW growing donwnline or a NO GROWING downline?

There actually are MANY reasons. But the most common reason that we have seen and observed- FEW teach if it is taught at all.

What would you do if you could have ONE IDEA that would start your downline GROWING again?

This is a very simple- but powerful and profound leadership tactic that few teach.

Ancient Team Building Secret.

I am a HUGE fan of the Good Book- and read it daily  I love the ancient wisdom it contains, as well it is a cornerstone of my faith.

One of the things that the Good Book talks about- is something called “prophecy.” This is where you call something or predict something will happen and then have faith it will happen through the workings of God. Now I am NOT preaching here, but want to introduce a concept to you about mlm team building:

“Prophetic Leadership.”

This type of Leadership is where you CALL someone a Leader, SPEAK to that Leadership, TREAT  them as a Leader, SEE them as  Leader, BELIEVE they are a Leader, REFUSE to call them a distributor, and BUILD the IMAGE of Leadership into their minds, spirits, and heart.

And then they will BECOME a leader because you BELIEVED in them, when most have not.


SPEAK into the Leader.

“Prophetic Leadership” is “re-imaging” a person in their mind with words like:

“You are such a Leader. I am so proud of you.”

“If you could see the Leader in you I see, you would be amazed.”

“I call you s Leader because that is what you are- a Powerful Leader.”

SPEAK to that image and belief and let the distributor embrace that concept and picture of themselves in their mind and watch their Leadership GROW and the TEAM grow.

Why does it WORK?


People will RISE to the Level of your Expectations.

That is Leadership 101. And when you Speak Into their life and heart, they will start to accept it over time, and then move towards it, and then achieve the expectation you have set forth as a Leader yourself.

Prophetic Leadership is a POWERFUL way to build a network marketing downline and team.

SPEAK to tha mountain and and call it a Leader. And watch this MLM Leadership secret EXPLODE your mlm team building and Home Business success!

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Home Business Training-The Team Building Secret No ONE Teaches?


home business training

home business training

Home business training

is a lot about BUILDING TEAMS.

Simple to the point.

 It is about building teams of prospects, teams of customers, teams of distributors and consultants, and teams of Leaders.

Many network marketing home based business companies train on team building, Leadership, but rare is the company that teaches Team Building Stability.

If your team is not stable, your MLM business more than likely will not survive. Stability is important in any relationship.It does not matter whether a marriage or friendship. Stability MUST be there for the relationship to flourish.

Your team is made up of relationships, and you must treat the team as such.

It is the same for Team Building in a home based business.

 Team building is going out and finding people that you can work with and become part of your team. Then you coach them and train them to succeed. But many never do succeed.


Lack of Stability.

Their organization never stabilizes as the leaders is too busy building a business then building the team.  A team is part of your business, and you must create some form of security or stability for the team to grow. In your home business training, you must get your leaders to embrace that.

Ok…what would you do in home  business training to stabilize a team so it can GROW? 

Your team must perceive that there is real LEADERSHIP VALUE in being a part of your team. What is one of the most powerful tactics  leaders do to help stabilize a team?

Create an ENVIRONMENT that you Expect the team to grow massive -and it WILL GROW- UNDER YOUR CURRENT TEAM.

Read that again.

Now read that again.

That one Team Building Law can create a lot of stability quick as you are doing 3 things:

1. Showing Future Value to the current team of being part of YOUR team.

2. You are establishing EXPECTATIONS that are critical for leadership to grow and flourish in your home business team.

3. You are establishing the Destination -and Motivation – for your team to get to, and strive for.

Home business team building is critical to the success of your network marketing business. Make sure that you teach it or you are taught it as part of any Home business training on team building.

For a HOT Team building resource that helped build a team of over 80,000 people:  Secrets to Finding leaders for team building

blessings…doug firebaugh

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