MLM Training- How to MAXIMIZE Duplication in your Home Business Team

mlm home business duplication

mlm network marketing duplication

MLM Duplication of Success.

How do you maximize the 4 step Leadership formula for Duplication and Multiplication for your home based business?

What does it take to empower your business and network marketing efforts?

How does the 4 step Duplication and Multiplication process work and what are the ACTIONS that need to be taken for mlm?

Knowing and DOING are  2 totally different things as many people seem to know what to do, but then do not do it. Some seem to grasp the process but yet, ignores the power actions that it takes to make the duplication happen on their home business team.


Are you aware of what it takes to MAXIMIZE the 4 Step Duplication formula? That is the reason for this post. We want to get it into you this information so you can apply these actions to your home business.

They are simple but powerful actions that product powerful results.

There is a 4 step formula I have been teaching for over 20 years to move up the Training
Levels quickly. Last POST we went over the WHAT of the 4 steps, and now we are going to go over how to MAXIMIZE these steps and take action with them.

Lets start with:

 1) TELL.

TELL the person what they are supposed to know and do, and make sure that they learn it, and got it done. This is called education. Here is also where you want to ROLE PLAY ROLE PLAY ROLE PLAY!  Practice what you have told them to do. And practice, drill, and rehearse even more. Let them get a feel for what they are going to be doing.

2) SHOW.

SHOW the person then how to do it LIVE and do it RIGHT. Take them on an appointment. Get them on some calls or webinar with you so they can listen. Let them hear you prospect. Let them see you do a presentation online and offline. Let them hear you close someone. Let them SEE what you do and how to do it.

3) TRY.

Now, let them TRY what they have learned, seen and heard. After they have tried what they saw you do and heard you do, then you need to COACH them. Discuss what was great- and what needs to be improved. And then let them try it again, until they have it down successfully.

4) DO.

And then they eventually will be DOING it by themselves– and ready to teach and EQUIP others with this simple philosophy of training.

You may be asking, “How long does this take?”

Simple. No more than a week or 2 of effort. People are smarter than you think if you do
training RIGHT.

Even in social media- if people are not engaged in talking with people, connecting,
doing events, going local, and all there is to do, they will be wasting their time.

YOU have to get them on the computer and SHOW them how to set up a facebook profile or twitter account. This is SHOWING- not just learning. There are many educated people with a home business that never get started.

Do NOT beone of them. Use this post to help you accelerate your success in your mlm network marketing home business.

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