MLM Personal Branding- HOW to Set Yourself APART from the Rest

mlm home business

mlm network marketing branding

MLM Personal Branding.

How do YOU brand yourself in your home based business?

What are the tactics you use for branding your network marketing business?

How would you like to learn how to set your mlm apart from all the rest?

WHAT IS Branding?

What is a good definition that will work for the home based business profession?

Branding is nothing more than “making your mark” in the business world, and then
being remembered for it.


A brand is more than a logo, slogan, or name. You want your brand to:

 Arouse Emotion.

 Ignite passion.

 Scream Reliability.

 Echo Meaning.

A brand is an actual unspoken “contract” with a person and a “promise” of performance, quality, and consistency in your products as well as what you do. You must
perform every time with quality, and with what the customer expects, and beyond

That is how a Brand works. YOU must obtain the expectations that people associate you with every time. If not your brand suffers.

A brand is NOT just a slogan or catchy phrase, but a VERB. It is what YOU ARE DOING
consistently in the marketplace with your products and with your own –what we
call your unique “UP3™”:

“Unspoken Personal Promise (of) Performance.”

 It’s the GUT LEVEL Feeling that people get about you and what they expect from you.

 How people perceive you – that is your brand.

What you personally promise to others that goes unspoken but yet they can depend on every time, all the time. THAT is how you build your brand and become known for something.

What do you market as a distributor? It could be skin care, weight loss, anti aging, travel, or you may market Information and Training Products.

And that is part of the brand that you need to develop if you market content. Let’s take information products for an example:  “Information Product Specialists for Home Businesses.”  You may have some of the most powerful training products in the world and you should see yourself not just as a partner, but a “Specialist” or “Strategist.”

Here are some ideas for Personal Branding for Branding you and your content you may have:

Training Products Specialist.

 Training Systems Strategists.

 Success Products Specialist.

 Home Business Success Strategists.

 Leadership Products Specialist.

 Wealth Development Strategist.

 National Recruiting Specialist.

 < Skin care, weight loss, travel etc>  Specialist.

 Home Business Training Strategist.

Or…for your Network Marketing Home business:

Nutritional Strategist.

 Travel Products Specialist.

 Legal Products Strategist.

 Skin Care Specialist.

 Personal Beauty Strategist.

 Personal Energy Specialist.

 Internet Products Specialist.

 Health and Wellness Strategist.

And the list goes on and on…..SET YOURSELF APART in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  3. […] MLM branding- How to Set Yourself Apart from the CROWD! […]

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