MLM Recruiting- A Powerful Secret to Recuiting: Re-Creating a Future

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Do you recruit daily for your home based business?

How do you recruit online or offline or both for your mlm business?

Is your network marketing business focused on sponsoring people or just selling people?

Recruiting in a home business is something that is about many things and can be done in many ways. But the secret to recruiting is moving a dream into a REAL possibility, and a REAL destiny.

And that is what this post is about:  Re-Creating a destiny that most people thought was not possible any longer. Many people’s dream machines are broken and they no longer engage their imagination to focus and blueprint their life. They have a tendency to give up and give in tot life and it’s negatives.

YOU must rise above that, and help people in a way that will help them to restore and recreate their dreams and destiny and then help them move along to those goals and dreams.

There is a reality in home business recruiting that many people seem to miss in out profession:

 It’s no longer just about Recruiting-but about Re-Creating.

What doe that mean? What does that LOOK LIKE?

Great question. Here are some examples that will help you understand:

Apple Ipod recreated how music was listened to.

Flip Video camera recreated how videos were taken and uploaded.

Youtube recreated how videos were watched.

Myspace, Plaxo,  and Facebook recreated how people connected.

Twitter recreated how people communicated.

Pinterest recreated how picures and image were shared.

Instagram changed how photos were sent via mobile.

Web logs (blogs) recreated how news was read.

Basecamp recreated how projects were done jointly.

Podcasting recreated how people learned.

And the list is almost endless in today’s marketplace. And no one had to be recruited. No one had to be pressured.

NOTE: Recreate something that will add value to life in a unique and powerful way and people will recruit themselves.

You will not have to enroll anyone, as they will enroll themselves.

What is it that YOU can do, help with, or bring to the table that will help people recreate and resurrect their dreams in their mind and life?

What is it that your product or business can do that will help recreate how things are done, how people live, how people operate their business, and how income can be obtained?

Move beyond just being a distributor. Anyone can be a distributor or consultant. Move beyond the typical representative for a company.

 Move up to a higher level of Home Business. Move past where everyone else is and move to a place that most will never aspire for.

Don’t just be a recruiter. Become a Re-creator and help people recreate their life and living to be something they never thought possible.

If you do that, you will have people beating down your door to enroll in your business.

Yes it will take some serious thought, but all great marketing campaigns do.

Tell them how your products help recreate how life is lived.

Tell them how your products help recreate how nutrition is dispensed in their bodies.

Tell them how your skin care products help recreate a more beautiful look and feel.

Tell them how your anti aging products help recreate their lost youth.

Tell them how your travel products help recreate exciting relationships that have gone stale.

And tell them how your business can help recreate a dream that maybe they lost years ago of financial freedom.

Move up to a higher level of Recruiting – to the level of Re-creating. Then let your prospects recruit themselves in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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