MLM Personal Branding- HOW to Set Yourself APART from the Rest

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MLM Personal Branding.

How do YOU brand yourself in your home based business?

What are the tactics you use for branding your network marketing business?

How would you like to learn how to set your mlm apart from all the rest?

WHAT IS Branding?

What is a good definition that will work for the home based business profession?

Branding is nothing more than “making your mark” in the business world, and then
being remembered for it.


A brand is more than a logo, slogan, or name. You want your brand to:

 Arouse Emotion.

 Ignite passion.

 Scream Reliability.

 Echo Meaning.

A brand is an actual unspoken “contract” with a person and a “promise” of performance, quality, and consistency in your products as well as what you do. You must
perform every time with quality, and with what the customer expects, and beyond

That is how a Brand works. YOU must obtain the expectations that people associate you with every time. If not your brand suffers.

A brand is NOT just a slogan or catchy phrase, but a VERB. It is what YOU ARE DOING
consistently in the marketplace with your products and with your own –what we
call your unique “UP3™”:

“Unspoken Personal Promise (of) Performance.”

 It’s the GUT LEVEL Feeling that people get about you and what they expect from you.

 How people perceive you – that is your brand.

What you personally promise to others that goes unspoken but yet they can depend on every time, all the time. THAT is how you build your brand and become known for something.

What do you market as a distributor? It could be skin care, weight loss, anti aging, travel, or you may market Information and Training Products.

And that is part of the brand that you need to develop if you market content. Let’s take information products for an example:  “Information Product Specialists for Home Businesses.”  You may have some of the most powerful training products in the world and you should see yourself not just as a partner, but a “Specialist” or “Strategist.”

Here are some ideas for Personal Branding for Branding you and your content you may have:

Training Products Specialist.

 Training Systems Strategists.

 Success Products Specialist.

 Home Business Success Strategists.

 Leadership Products Specialist.

 Wealth Development Strategist.

 National Recruiting Specialist.

 < Skin care, weight loss, travel etc>  Specialist.

 Home Business Training Strategist.

Or…for your Network Marketing Home business:

Nutritional Strategist.

 Travel Products Specialist.

 Legal Products Strategist.

 Skin Care Specialist.

 Personal Beauty Strategist.

 Personal Energy Specialist.

 Internet Products Specialist.

 Health and Wellness Strategist.

And the list goes on and on…..SET YOURSELF APART in your mlm network marketing home business.

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11 Questions to Ask that will Help You Form your Brand

MLM Training- 11 Questions You MUST Ask to Help Form Your Personal Brand

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MLM Personal Branding Tips.

Do you know what Personal Branding is and how it would work for your home business?

What does your network marketing home business say when people think about it?

Do you have a logo or a meme for your home business when you are operating your mlm business?

Personal Branding is CRITICAL when you have a home based business or any other kind of business, as it tells WHO and WHAT you are in a very ‘catchy” logo or slogan or both.

We at PassionFire have had a brand wrapped around the word and image of “FIRE” for years, and it is a part of our business culture now.

I have worked with home business companies to help build a brand that accelerates their presence out into the marketplace.

What about YOU?

Lets talk about PERSONAL Branding and what it means to you and to your network marketing home business. I want to also ask you some questions that can help develop or form your Personal Branding Blueprint and it is important that you ask these questions as it will help you FOCUS on what your brand should really FEEL like and LOOK like.

When you think of “branding”- think “branding cattle.”

Ranchers use a hot brand that they brand the cattle as their own, with the ranchers identifying mark, and when the cattle is out in the marketplace, everyone knows whose cattle it is. The brand is “seared’ into the cattle’s hide, and then it stays there.

You must “SEAR a Mark” into the public’s mind and senses with who you are with your home business company, and that mark must be different and people can remember in a very positive light.

Let’s ask a couple of questions:

 1)   What do you want to be known for as far as when people think of you?

This is a critical question as it truly DEFINES the “top of mind” thought for  you in a person’s mind.

2)   What picture do you want people to see when they think of you?

The image a person has for you and your business must be a powerful and memorable one.

 Forming Your Brand —  Your UBM:

 “Unique Branding Factor™

 Branding is making a decision of who you are and what you are known for in the marketplace.

You need to get away by yourself and really think about who you are and why people should listen to anything you have to say. Forming your brand is being honest, and yet prophetic of who you are becoming in the marketplace and the factors that will determine that.

Here are 11 Questions to ask yourself to start forming what your UBM will look and sound like for your mlm home business:

 1. What makes you unique?

 2. What makes you special?

 3. What makes you magnetic?

 4. What makes you memorable?

 5, What do you do that sets you apart?

 6, What do you say that people seem to like?

 7. If you could describe you in one word- what would that be?

8. What do people FEEL IN THEIR GUT when they think of you?

 9, What do people talk about when they talks about you?

 10. What do people do when they talk to you?

 11. And what ONE THING makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace that you have to offer the world?

These questions will help you start designing a personal brand that will be YOU as well as craft the MESSAGE that you want your PERSONAL BRAND to have for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media- The 7 Power Branding Questions for Creating a Personal Brand

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The 7 Power Branding Questions for Personal Branding.

There are certain Social Media Trainings that you must have for a network marketing home business-are you aware of that?

Do you know the 7 Power Branding Questions you ask for a Powerful Personal Brand?

Would you like to learn them for your mlm business?

We have taught so many aspects of social media for network marketing and home business the last 6 years, including some exclusive trainings like:


1)   Power Branding on social sites.

2)   Multiple Branding Channels

3)   Partial Branding when needed.

4)   Emotional Branding through Value.

5)   The 5 Anchors of Branding.

6)   Branding your meme.

7)   Connection Marketing.


What is Connection Marketing?

It is a series of powerful marketing strategies that combine the Power of Connecting
with people and the branding of your MARK with them which heavily influences their
perception of you. Developing relationships is what Leadership is all about. It is also the basis for recruiting and building a team. Your Personal Brand comes from first CONNECTING with people. Then from that connection, help them ON PURPOSE, developing a particular opinion or perception (or MARK) about you.

Just as cattle is branded with a MARK that identifies who they are, you need to brand a
MARK in the marketplace that goes before you, stays on people’s minds, and follows you when people think or talk about you. This MARK identifies their perception and your reputation that is in their mind and has “marked” you every time they think of you- good or bad.

 That is why a great Brand is so necessary in today’s market. It will set you apart and in some instances elevate you above all the rest in people’s perception of who you
are and what you have to offer.

Million Dollar Question:

How do you develop a Brand in the social media market as well as your own market? There is
no way that we can cover that here, as it is an 8 hour workshop that we do LIVE
to help people reposition themselves in the marketplace.

But there is something we train on that we call “The 7 Word Branding Plan.”™

Let’s very briefly cover this 8 hour seminar to see what MARK you want to leave into
the marketplace.

Let’s ask some questions that will help you FOCUS on developing a brand that will work.

1)   What ONE WORD do you want people to think when they think of you?

2)   What ONE IMAGE do you want people see when you cross their mind?

3)   What ONE FEELING do you want people to feel when they think of you?

4)   What ONE PERCEPTION do you want out in the marketplace that goes before you?

5)   What ONE THOUGHT do you want in people’s minds about you?

6)   What ONE RESULT do you want people to think of when they think of you?

7)   What ONE EXPECTATION do you want people to be looking for when they think of you?

Now, write your answers down and take a look at the 7 words.

What do they have in common?

What one thing do they all connect to?

That is the start of your Brand that can  elevate you above all the rest in the market place when prospecting and recruiting.

If you followed this exercise, you will have started a UBM- a:

Unique Branding Mark

– that people will start to remember and connect to. That is why it is called “Connection Marketing.” People buy often from you because of their initial perception and connection to you, and how you are making them feel. That is why your UBM must elicit trust and make people feel glad they heard about you, found out about you, or talked with you.

If you take a look at the word BRAND – it simply stands for: – (and THIS should be
your focus and goal for your brand)

Bringing (to) Remembrance A Niche (that) Delights

Every time people think of you, you want them to think of YOU and your NICHE that you have carved out that makes them smile and direct them to a thought, image, or movement.

They are delighted that you exist because of your brand. They are delighted to refer people to you. They are delighted to tell people about you. They are delighted to do business with you. And they are delighted to stick with you, because they love the brand that you have marked out in the marketplace.

If you are having trouble recruiting or prospecting, then it may be the brand that people
are seeing. It may be sending out all the wrong messages.

Here is an interesting discussion: “If you are sending out the wrong message
about yourself unknowingly, you are going to get the consequences of that,
unwittingly. Your brand is who you want people to remember- and in some
instances, forget. Be careful of the silent message you are sending out. It can
destroy your business if you are not careful.

 Many people unknowingly send silent signals out to people and that forms a not so good image in the minds of folks. That is not what you want. Your brand is your calling card and reputation. Keep it clean, powerful, and memorable. Make sure they get an emotional jolt when they think of you that makes them feel good- not a jolt that does the opposite.”

 Work on how you are perceived, and what you are known for– Especially if you
are getting on the social media path. It will make all the difference in the world with your recruiting and prospecting.

Branding is a MUST in all respects in social media. We can teach you how to develop a million dollar brand. All you have to do is learn how to develop YOU as a valuable commodity in the marketplace.

Then unleash your brand into the world for your mlm network marketing home business!

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MLM Training- Why You MUST Embrace Personal Branding NOW


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MLM Personal Branding.

Are you doing anything to help you in Personal Branding for your mlm home business?

Would you like to discover some Personal Branding Secrets for your work at home business?

Would that help your mlm network marketing business?

You MUST understand the Power of “Connection Marketing” and the Power of Personal Branding today.

 This is so important.

 Used to be that you could set yourself apart just from your product you were selling.

 You know- ding-dong-Avoncalling.

 But those days are gone. Today you must be so much more sophisticated in your approach to your marketing. And you must be aware that you are marketing 2 products:

 1)   WHAT you market to the consumer.

2)   WHO you market to the consumer.

 And there was a time that used to be that the product was more important than the marketer.

THAT has changed.


 Even mlm recruiting and mlm prospecting have changed as it has become more technology driven, and software driven in many instances. But the secret to powerful recruiting and prospecting still lies within the perception and initial emotion that folks are getting about you and feeling from you.

 Your personality weighs heavily in the mix. Over time, things in direct marketing seemed to have moved from the message – to the messenger. Yes, the message is THE reason you are in business, but the messenger is becoming more and more of what determines the actual business success. Network Marketing is becoming a messenger driven model of Leadership, with the brand of the messenger being the dominant factor.

Today, the marketer is as important if not MORE important than the product.


 Good question. With the advent of technology, there now is so much more importance on WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE KNOWN FOR than used to be. Products used to be enough.

Not now.

The concept of Personal Branding has taken a hold and the social media has helped in bringing that to the forefront.

 Your reputation, your image in people’s mind, your emotions that you catalyze when people think of you, and how they perceive you in the marketplace before you get there is your Personal Brand.

 Let’s listen to what my mentor says:

 “There was a time that the product was everything in Network Marketing and that was all you needed. A good, solid product that would do what you said it would do. But then things changed, evolved, and transformed. More and more information became easier to get to – and get to quicker– concerning the products and what they REALLY do. It became available via technology like the fax, voice mail, and then came internet.

 “And because of that, checking people out became easier as well. WHO the person was became valuable information for the consumer if they had any questions. And the old adage consumers buy the person first – THEN the item, is so true. Reputation became ultra important. It was later transformed into what is now called Branding. Branding is a nice word for the reputation and image that you want have in the marketplace. And that has become one of the single biggest marketing factors to hit the scene in years. And there is even an industry birthed from it with ‘branding coaches.’ Things have changed. And that is why the future millionaires in our industry are going to be great at branding themselves and products into the marketplace.

 “When people think of you, there are three things that they will be paying attention to:

 1) What they are FEELING then they think of you.

2) What picture they SEE when they think of you.

3) What past EXERIENCES they have had concerning you- either in person or from a third party source.

 “From these three things, they must FEEL good about who you are and your product, they must SEE you in a very powerful light. Whatever information they have EXPERIENCED about you, heard about you, or read about you, it must impress them to want to know more.

 “In social media, you must brand yourself as an expert, and as someone who has the answers, and knows the questions. Branding yourself on the internet is finding your niche to separate you from the crowd, and then driving that niche deep into the online community through new strategies and tactics.

 “And if you do not know HOW to create a million dollar brand like that, then you need to get the training so you are not left behind. It is so much easier to market and recruit when you are perceived as an expert in your field or niche, then if you are simply seen as a distributor. Developing that brand out in the marketplace makes your prospecting and recruiting so much more powerful and magnetic in nature.”

 If you practice Connection Marketing- you will be surprised at the success you will find in your network marketing home business.

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MLM Branding- 5 Secrets to Building a MIllion Dollar Personal Brand

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MLM Personal Branding.

What are THE secrets to building a million dollar brand in network marketing and a home business?

Are YOU aware of YOUR brand and what it is doing in the marketplace with your home business?

What MUST you be aware of in order to build a brand that has the potential to create wealth in mlm home business?

There are 5 secrets that I want to share with you on building a million dollar brand with your home based business. We at PassionFire have been  building a brand for 12 years, and it has been a lot of work, but yet, it has been easy and fun. We have built a brand in the marketplace that is known worldwide, and has grown to a 7 figure brand.

YOU can do the same thing only quicker- MUCH quicker. We were some of the pioneers in building a personal brand, and we had to figure things out, like everyone else in the early 2000’s had to.

There was NO template, example, or tutorial. It was just “figure it out as we go.”

We learned some things and the things that we learned has been a blessing in many ways in our lives and business. YOU must build a personal brand that will help create the income you want and desire for your family.

There are 5 Secrets of Personal Branding in network marketing that I want to share with you, and these are 5 MUST KNOW secrets to a Personal Brand that endures and can potentially create a powerful presence in social media as well as offline.

What are the 5 secrets?

Well, successful branding begins with a focused, well thought out, and well-defined brand that is RELEVANT to your particular market and niche. You might think that since you have a slogan or great logo, or even tagline, stationary, and business card, you’ve completed your personal branding and are ready to ROCK!

Nope, don’t think so. 

You see, unless you’ve carefully thought out, pondered, masterminded, considered and defined ALL five of the essential key branding elements—position, promise, personality traits, story, and association—you still have work to do to create a brand that will become known in the marketplace with your home business.

And, until you’ve connected your brand into every possible are in social media, online marketing, and offline marketing,  and then built the discipline of CONSISTENCY and TRUST into every behavior you display, action you take, or communication you send out–you are not yet on the path to a successful personal brand in network marketing.

Here are Five Key Branding Elements you MUST have to build a million dollar personal brand:


1. Your Brand Position.

This is the part of the personal brand that describes what your home business does and for whom it does, what your unique and one of a kind value is and how a customer benefits from working with you in your business or your product/service, and what key differences you have from any competition.

Once you’ve thought out and defined your personal brand position, write it out in 2 sentences, a paragraph, and then a 200 word “Personal Branding Summary.” This will help DEFINE and FOCUS your personal brand.


2. Your Brand Promise. (This is THE GOLD in your Personal Brand.) 

This the single most important thing that your home based business promises to deliver to its customers—EVERY time. How do you discover that? To come up with your personal brand promise, think about  what possible customers and team members should expect from every interaction, communication, and connection with you as a Leader.

Every decision should be weighed and related against this Personal Brand promise to be sure that a) it fully reflects and gives the Value of the promise, or b) at the very least it does not harm the promise of our personal brand.


3. Your Brand Personality.

The Traits of your brand- whether numerous or only a few –  illustrate what you want your personal brand to be known for. Stop and think about specific and targeted personality traits you would like your mlm prospects, customers, and team members to use to describe your network marketing organization. You should strive for 5 traits,  which describe the “perfect customer” and the “perfect team member.

What do they look like and what would you like them to be like?


4. Your Brand Story.

Your Personal Brand Story tells the story your home business story, your parent company’s history where you get your products, along with how the history adds and increases value and extreme credibility to your personal brand.

Do NOT be afraid of telling some of the struggles and stories you have gone through. People can relate to that.

Your Personal Beand Story also usually includes a summary of your products or services and what your business has done for others (testimonials.)


5. Your Brand Associations.

These associations  (or what the brand is reflected by) that are the specific physical elements that make up your personal brand and what people SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE with it This is WHAT is associated with your brand and the “colors of it” if you will.

This is your name, logo, colors, memes, taglines, fonts, layout,  images, etc. Your personal brand associations must reflect ands radiate your brand promise, ALL of your brand traits, and support your brand positioning statement or summary


Once you’ve developed and defined a relevant personal brand, you must begin building the brand with customers, prospects, team members, etc. through CONSISTENT engagement of the brand and everything it stands for.

Branding Secret: Relentless Nonstop Repetition is key to the success of the branding process.

It’s easy to give in and be less than the brand promises “just this one time,” because you’re busy building your home business, recruiting, or because you think no one will notice.


You can destroy a brand within days that took you years to build.

No one will ever really know or remember what your brand stands for or represents or even is, unless it is the EXACT SAME every time they are exposed to it online or offline. Without relentless consistency, “magnetic eyeball pulling brand awareness” becomes nearly impossible to achieve, no matter how much resources, energy,  or time you spend on marketing.

 And your good brand identity—that you spent so much time developing, building, and defining—begins to look more unreliable in many ways.

To help ensure you build the habit of consistent brand execution in your network marketing home business , I suggest that you write down your essential Brand Elements in a “Branding Log” and study it.

Show it to your leaders and team members and get them to do the same thing for their own Personal Brand. Then you can become your company’s main brand ambassador and start sharing your personal brand with anyone and everyone that you talk to, and connect with on facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn, or Google+.

If you start the process of what I just shared with you, you are on the way to starting to build a million dollar personal  brand in your network marketing home business personal business!


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MLM Training- 3 CORE Secrets of Personal Branding NO ONE TEACHES

mlm home business personal branding

mlm personal branding

MLM Home Business Personal Branding

How would you like to discover 3 secrets of Personal branding for network marketing that will skyrocket your home business BRAND?

Would you like to know how to accelerate your brand beyond what most people could imagine?

Well, that is the reason for this post. To help you with your Personal Branding efforts as well as results that you can achieve a few small tweaks.

Personal Branding is critical today in your home business marketing. But there are three CRITICAL Rules that you MUST adhere to if you are going to create a powerful brand. Most that attempt to create a powerful brand often end up with less then the power they wanted, and sometimes are still invisible.

THAT is simply not acceptable!

I have been building a brand online for 15 years, and have been blessed with a brand that is very recognizable in many arenas of our profession. You can do the same thing embracing and engaging these 3 Branding Secrets I am talking about.

And the power of these secrets have proven to create a brand of STEEL that will last and endure over time. And it DOES take time for Personal Branding in MLM to take a hold and create the visibility you are looking for.

That is why we teach “CORE” Secrets with Personal Branding.

What does CORE stand for?

“Consistent Ongoing Relentless Elevation.”

That says it all as far as your brand and what you need it do ot for you.

Here are 3 secrets that helped us build a 7 Figure Brand:

1. Relentless REPETITION.

The Power of Repetition is one of the most powerful “branding irons” that you can have. It will mark an IMPRESSION in a person’s mind, and in their memory as well. You MUST REPEAT your “Branding meme” over and over and over. This is part of the Personal Branding Track that you must travel.

What people see REPEATED can create  “mental hook” in their minds, and they will REMEMBER more of who you are and what you do.


WHAT do you and your Brand represent? What is your MESSAGE and what is that supposed to DO with people? What kind of EMOTION do you  represent in your brand? What kind of PICTURE does your brand represent and paint in the prospect’s mind?

What is the WHY that is represented with your brand? WHY should they listen to you? WHY are you someone they SHOULD listen to?

Representation will catalyze motivation.

3. Rock Solid REPUTATION.

One of the fastest growing segments of the managing of brands is what is called “Reputation Management.” This is where you manage what is being said about you, and for you.

What kind of reputation do you want your brand to have? What are your plans to create that reputation? What are your objective and goals to reach that level of pristine reputation?

Reputation is the GOLD of a Brand and is worth more than words can say.

You should strive to have a:

Honest Reputation.

Leadership Reputation.

Effective Reputation.

The BEST Reputation.

Unshakable Reputation.

Repetition, Representation, and Reputation.

ALL 3 of these are CRITICAL in your Personal branding. Make sure that you embrace and engage these in your mlm home business personal branding.

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blessings…doug firebaugh


Social Media MLM- Why Brand Your Home Based Business?

home business branding

home business branding


Your home business requires that you build a reputation and a solid one at that. Many people in MLM do not seem to think that is is important.

They are wrong.

They hear you must brand from many sources, but yet for some reason it does not happen in their home based business. Many folks simply do not think it is a game changer and it is unnecessary.

Their question is NOT why is my busines slowly failing?

Here is what they are asking:

Why Brand my home business in social media?

You probably have asked this question before as well in your network marketing business..

Let’s get Real…

Maybe you have asked twice.

I know I did a few times in 2005-until the “light went on” and I discovered some things that proved to be worth 7 figures in business to our Brand.

But just what IS branding in home business social media and how do you participate in it?

Branding is a marketing technique, strategy, method, or action that has the massive potential to elevate your online and social media home business to the top. It involves helping your customers every time they think of you to form a recognizable association -mental , emotional, or other–with you.

What can you do to make that happen to your home based business so it works FOR YOU?

Link your business with a powerful and unique design, logo, slogan, and/or color and observe the positive results and imaging that starts to take place in people’s minds.

It is critical that you take the branding efforts to a new level and understand that there are 3 things that people look for in branding in a home business:

1) What they are FEELING.

Branding is all about emotion and feelings when it comes down to it. Either it feels RIGHT, or it does not. And if it does not, then your brand will be extinct before too long.

2) What people are SEEING on the video screen in their mind.

What picture does the prospect SEE in their mind when they think of your brand? What emotions does that elicit? Is it a picture that you want them to see?

3) What are they EXPECTING.

What is the prospect EXPECTING to happen or experience with your brand? This is critical because your brand must be consistent as well as credible.

Brands create a feeling of recognition, remembrance, and familiarity.

If customers have seen your logo or meme, insignia, or company name, they are more likely to continue to consistently select your product or service. Also, they are more apt to refer and suggest them to others. Referrals through word of mouth can be an extremely powerful form of advertising and it can build your brand and accelerate it.

A brand helps possible customers remember your mlm home business as well as the emotions surrounding it. (Nike). People may know little about your life and business philosophy or reputation. However, if they can recognize your brand, the chances are greater that they will do business with you.

Branding your home business creates memory in the mind of the public. We call it “Memory Magnet.” Your brand must draw people towards you and your message and product every time they think of it.

When the public remembers your brand and familiarizes themselves and others with it, they will come back. Customers are more likely to remain devoted to your mlm business and are apt to buy further products or services from you based on the brand of the initial product with which they had success.

This called building a book of business you can count on.

People are willing to pay more for home business products or services that they highly regard. This means that customers are likely to pass up cheaper prices with competitors if your brand has made a positive impression on them. If clients believe in your product, they will pay for it.

That is why you need to brand yourself as the “Premier Provider” in your niche and market, so you can charge what your brand is really worth to grow your network marketing business.

When you have distinguished and set yourself and your business apart through branding, the marketing has the capability of becoming so profound, that little else is necessary.

Developing your brand takes time and effort, but after it has been solidified, and after customers have had the chance to identify with it, your home business sales can increase naturally. You won’t have to spend as much time planning home business marketing strategies to attract the public in your social media marketing strategies for your mlm home business.

How can you FUSE Social Media and Network Marketing to gain Endless leads? Click here

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Learn the Secrets of Social Recruiting from a #1 Corporate Recruiter!