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The 7 Power Branding Questions for Personal Branding.

There are certain Social Media Trainings that you must have for a network marketing home business-are you aware of that?

Do you know the 7 Power Branding Questions you ask for a Powerful Personal Brand?

Would you like to learn them for your mlm business?

We have taught so many aspects of social media for network marketing and home business the last 6 years, including some exclusive trainings like:


1)   Power Branding on social sites.

2)   Multiple Branding Channels

3)   Partial Branding when needed.

4)   Emotional Branding through Value.

5)   The 5 Anchors of Branding.

6)   Branding your meme.

7)   Connection Marketing.


What is Connection Marketing?

It is a series of powerful marketing strategies that combine the Power of Connecting
with people and the branding of your MARK with them which heavily influences their
perception of you. Developing relationships is what Leadership is all about. It is also the basis for recruiting and building a team. Your Personal Brand comes from first CONNECTING with people. Then from that connection, help them ON PURPOSE, developing a particular opinion or perception (or MARK) about you.

Just as cattle is branded with a MARK that identifies who they are, you need to brand a
MARK in the marketplace that goes before you, stays on people’s minds, and follows you when people think or talk about you. This MARK identifies their perception and your reputation that is in their mind and has “marked” you every time they think of you- good or bad.

 That is why a great Brand is so necessary in today’s market. It will set you apart and in some instances elevate you above all the rest in people’s perception of who you
are and what you have to offer.

Million Dollar Question:

How do you develop a Brand in the social media market as well as your own market? There is
no way that we can cover that here, as it is an 8 hour workshop that we do LIVE
to help people reposition themselves in the marketplace.

But there is something we train on that we call “The 7 Word Branding Plan.”™

Let’s very briefly cover this 8 hour seminar to see what MARK you want to leave into
the marketplace.

Let’s ask some questions that will help you FOCUS on developing a brand that will work.

1)   What ONE WORD do you want people to think when they think of you?

2)   What ONE IMAGE do you want people see when you cross their mind?

3)   What ONE FEELING do you want people to feel when they think of you?

4)   What ONE PERCEPTION do you want out in the marketplace that goes before you?

5)   What ONE THOUGHT do you want in people’s minds about you?

6)   What ONE RESULT do you want people to think of when they think of you?

7)   What ONE EXPECTATION do you want people to be looking for when they think of you?

Now, write your answers down and take a look at the 7 words.

What do they have in common?

What one thing do they all connect to?

That is the start of your Brand that can  elevate you above all the rest in the market place when prospecting and recruiting.

If you followed this exercise, you will have started a UBM- a:

Unique Branding Mark

– that people will start to remember and connect to. That is why it is called “Connection Marketing.” People buy often from you because of their initial perception and connection to you, and how you are making them feel. That is why your UBM must elicit trust and make people feel glad they heard about you, found out about you, or talked with you.

If you take a look at the word BRAND – it simply stands for: – (and THIS should be
your focus and goal for your brand)

Bringing (to) Remembrance A Niche (that) Delights

Every time people think of you, you want them to think of YOU and your NICHE that you have carved out that makes them smile and direct them to a thought, image, or movement.

They are delighted that you exist because of your brand. They are delighted to refer people to you. They are delighted to tell people about you. They are delighted to do business with you. And they are delighted to stick with you, because they love the brand that you have marked out in the marketplace.

If you are having trouble recruiting or prospecting, then it may be the brand that people
are seeing. It may be sending out all the wrong messages.

Here is an interesting discussion: “If you are sending out the wrong message
about yourself unknowingly, you are going to get the consequences of that,
unwittingly. Your brand is who you want people to remember- and in some
instances, forget. Be careful of the silent message you are sending out. It can
destroy your business if you are not careful.

 Many people unknowingly send silent signals out to people and that forms a not so good image in the minds of folks. That is not what you want. Your brand is your calling card and reputation. Keep it clean, powerful, and memorable. Make sure they get an emotional jolt when they think of you that makes them feel good- not a jolt that does the opposite.”

 Work on how you are perceived, and what you are known for– Especially if you
are getting on the social media path. It will make all the difference in the world with your recruiting and prospecting.

Branding is a MUST in all respects in social media. We can teach you how to develop a million dollar brand. All you have to do is learn how to develop YOU as a valuable commodity in the marketplace.

Then unleash your brand into the world for your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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    Doug, I have been noticing that since I have been connecting to people on social media with a positive, empowering Brand, I have been friend requests I never got before and many times a thanks for the good words, I really needed that today.

    I was taught that “the world belongs to the encourager.”

  3. Thanks, Doug, I needed this. Trying to zero in on figuring this out, to develop it properly.


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