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MLM Recruiting on LinkedIn.

Do you ever use LinkedIn for your recruiting in your home business?

Have you established yourself on LinkedIn for your mlm business?

What do you know about LinkedIn that would help your business and recruiting in network marketing?

LinkedIn is a GOLD MINE for recruiting and I have had the great pleasure of working with the # 1 Corporate Recruiter for a National Recruiting Firm. And he LOVES Linkedin and recruiting on social media.

And he and I have had a lot of conversations about recruiting on LinkedIn and how his profession and the home business profession are a lot alike-and in some ways- different.

He used LinkedIn daily to recruit and recently he and I sat down and talked over dinner and there were some real revelations regarding LinkedIn recruiting.

I recorded the conversation and then had it transcribed and wanted to share it with you today…

So here is what was said:

Doug  So let’s talk about LinkedIn…..How do you feel about LinkedIn as a social site?

 Scott  “ LinkedIn is one of the most powerful places on the internet. It is unlike any other site out there. There are other good sites that many professionals can hang out, but LinkedIn is in a class all by itself.

 The first time I was on LinkedIn, I realized that this was something potentially that could be a Recruiting Gold Mine. My associates just laughed at me. But they are not laughing at me or kidding me now. They use to call me the “linkboy” as I was so sold on LinkedIn and social media. They were not even remotely interested. It took some time to swing them over to my side of the fence, but they eventually got it and joined me on the social sites.

 I knew that there was something special about LinkedIn. And this was something that had not even been discovered yet by other corporate recruiters. I knew that if I was one of the first ones in, I could dominate.

And that happened about 2009. It really took off and it has been soaring ever since. LinkedIn is driven by one passion with professionals:  TO NETWORK. That is what makes it so special. It is a gold mine for networking with professionals. It is a one of a kind “Social Real Estate” as I call it and I think that anyone in home business should be on it as there are an unlimited number of possibilities on it for recruiting.

 I think that if someone really takes the time to do what you and I have put together for their home business, they will see some dramatic growth over time. It may happen quickly, or it may take others a while but I do believe that it will happen. I have been so fortunate to have had the success that I have had, and anyone can make it happen. But it must be a consistent relentless effort.

D  No one is as relentless as you cowboy.

S  <laughing>  I am pretty committed that is for sure. But come on, you are one to talk. I try and keep up with you!

D  Yeah right. You are the recruiting machine here, not me.

< both laughing>

D What weakness do you see with LinkedIn?

The only inherent weakness I see is that they may not keep up with the demands of the professional. So far they have done very well, and they may continue to do so. But the business world changes rapidly as well as social media. LinkedIn cannot afford to get a slow hand mentality and not stay ahead of the game. Especially with their line up of professionals. They have done a good job so far, and I imagine they will continue to do so. I also think that they could possibly add a function for webinars that would be awesome and I have submitted a request for that. We will see what happens.

D What is your favorite tool for recruiting on LinkedIn?

I LOVE the events tool. I attend a lot of events to meet and greet. That is how I have met some of my best candidates. Yes we do get leads from monster, as well as other job sites, but finding that golden treasure of a recruit just by meeting them, is so great. I look at the events in my area as well as the industry that I am recruiting for. If I can attend an event that is not in my area to network, I
often will. It is well worth the cost.

 But I have what I call the “Rule of the Local Event:” If I am living, I will be there. It is that important to me. I have met folks on LinkedIn and then met them locally and it has been amazing how many candidates that I have place with that one – two punch. I feel that if a home business owner can attend as many local events as possible and follow the  secrets you share in LinkedIn  Recruiting University,  they will recruit a lot of people into their team. The events search tool is something I am constantly using for my business, and has proven to be a great lead source. And I do mean great. And it is especially great if that event I need to be at is local and I can make it.

 I send the attendees a note saying I am going to be there, and would like to connect with them and talk marketing. And more often then not, I meet the people, connect with them, and get referrals from them usually first off, and some eventually ask me to help them to find a new position or career.”

D  What is your secret to your Success on linkedIn?

Oh that is simple. I understand the Psychology of LinkedIn. It is not that hard to nail down. One word describes the culture, belief, philosophy, and process of LinkedIn:


 That is all that you need to know to create major success in recruiting in LinkedIn. You must be professional in every aspect of your presence and actions on LinkedIn. That includes your inmails, posting, articles, comments, invites, group communication, answers or replies, and any other action you take. If you do not brand yourself as a Professional with LinkedIn, then no one will take you seriously.

 I have seen some people get on LinkedIn and be less than professional, and be aggressive in the groups and events recruiting, and they were literally banned from the group.

 To be branded as a professional, you need to do three things:

 1. You need to GIVE more than you take.

Create messages that will teach and transform and knowing that you will get nothing from it. I have helped lot of folks in their job search that I never met through the articles and posts that I have done in the recruiting groups and events.

2. You need to pass along the good information.

Be seen as a great resource. This alone will brand you as a professional.

 3. Take the time to get to KNOW people, not just broadcast to them your latest tweet or article.

 I try and take the time to create a connection that will grow into a possible
referral down the road, or even that person asking me to transition them into
another career or position.

D.  If there was ONE Secret to your LinkedIn success as a recruiter, what would it be?

S  Hmmmmmmm……good question. Let me think here. I believe if there was one thing that has really made a difference in my LinkedIn success, it would be visibility across the spectrum of LinkedIn. I join groups, I write articles and record videos, I attend local and virtual events, I comment. I do all the things that are going to keep me visible daily to my network.

 The reason I am such a fanatic about that is because I want them to think of me when they one day decide they need a recruiter to help them find a job. I want them to think that I am one of the best as I am so often seen on social sites. And that perception will come from people seeing me all the time giving, contributing, and making a difference in the life of folks that are looking for some help in their job pursuit.

D  Any last words on this subject?

Yes, Constantly be adding new connections. Daily. Accept every connection request and always be asking people to connect with you on LinkedIn on other social sites. This alone will make a huge difference in the number of  connections you have.

LinkedIn is a powerful site and recruiting gold mine for your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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