MLM Training- The 4 Types of Home Business Training

home business training mlm

home business training network marketing

MLM Home Business Training.

What exactly IS Home Business Training?

How does Home Business Training work in network marketing?

Do you teach home business training or your mlm business?

Home business training is simply teaching the new direct seller or network marketing distributor or consultant how to work and market their business. This should include recruiting as well as team building and Leadership. A good home business training should teach all aspects of success and leadership when owning a home business.

But HOW do you TRAIN when you want to multiply your home business? It starts with the 4 major parts to the home based business training.

There is what I call the “4 Training Focuses” in Home Business Training:

 1) TheWHAT” Home Business Training.

This is the Entertainment and lowest level for the most part. It teaches you WHAT you need
to do. It trains you on the NAME of the training- but not the how.

“You need to do this and this is WHAT it is…”

 2) TheHOW” Home Business Training.

This is the Education level. It teaches you also the HOW-but it is all education and
learning based. It lacks the actual action for example to the new distributor.

“You need to do this and this is how you do it…”

3)The “SHOW” Home Business Training.

This is the Engagement level. This is where you visually SHOW them WHAT and HOW to do this business by YOU doing it with them and they watch you and learn in the

“Watch me as I do this…”

 4) TheDO” Home Business Training.

This is where you have moved the new distributor in ACTION and they are rocking the
business with their actions in the field.

“Let’s do this together…watch me first and then you try.” This
is THE most effective and powerful impact home business training that exists.

YOU and your new distributor are ENGAGED together in the actions of you being an
EXAMPLE — and SHOWING how it is done. This engages the new distributor immediately DOING the right actions –not just learning–that will start his/her business rolling with your knowledge and experience at the helm.

This is EXPERIENCE based training.

This is where you take the distributor under your wings, and truly train them as they
need to be trained. Yes, you need the webinars, and the live trainings, conference calls, and the training manuals. Absolutely. But this level does not stop there.

This level introduces REAL EXPERIENCE into the mix of training.


 a) Take the new distributor on some appointments with you and let them listen to some home business presentations.

 b) Let them listen in on phone calls that you are making. Three way them on a conference line and let them hear you LIVE.

 c) SHOW them with an “over the shoulder look” at a recorded video of how you do this business with funnel marketing, landing pages, recording videos, webinars, and other online marketing strategies.

These are the 4 HOME BUSINESS TRAINING modules, and   can help you in your mlm network marketing home business training efforts.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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