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MLM Network Marketing Home Business Team Building Success Secrets from Steve Jobs.

This is a short video with 2 HUGE Secrets to Success building teams as well as a marketing business. It is not only adaptable to a home business, but seems almost focused on it.

May Steve jobs rest in peace.

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MLM Leadership.

Howwould you like to Discover the Value of Your Leadership in your MLM Home Business?

Would you like to understand how to accelerate your team building as well as recruiting in your network marketing efforts?

Have you ever thought what is the REAL Secret of successful businesses no matter the industry?

The Power for Success in any business lies within the Force of your Ability to get people to FOLLOW YOUR IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS, and VISION.

You do this everyday without even knowing it. You ask people to follow your suggestions without even thinking about it.

You are not even aware of it. 

That is why that many people who have never owned their own business before, have the skills and the ability to succeed wildly in a business they work out of their home. 

And become millionaires in the process. 

Most successful businesses started out of a home. Hewlett- Packard stated out of a garage. Microsoft started out of a dorm room, as facebook and Google did as well. Papa John’s Pizza started out of a broom closet. Mary Kay started in a bedroom. Apple started in a garage. Subway started on a kitchen table. 

The list is nearly endless of all the successful companies that started out of a home or a residence. Nearly all successful companies today that are Fortune 500 companies had humble beginnings and many started out of a one room place

This actually gave them the focus they needed to move from a small place to a little larger place, to a little bit larger, to eventually a large place. 

THAT took Leadership and a lot of it.

Many of the founders of these companies today look back at the place they began, and know they LEAD the people to where their Vision was, and now stand in the place they saw in their mind years ago. 

Most of these folks are multi millionaires, and some billionaires. ALL started their company with 3 things: 

  1. A Picture in their mind of where they were going with what they were doing.
  2. A Determined RELENTLESS spirit that WOULD NOT BE DENIED.
  3. A business vehicle that would help them get there that they personally started.

 They are NO different then YOU. 

They just made a Decision that they were going to build a life and lifestyle that most only DREAM OF- and they did exactly that.

 YOU can do the same thing- with YOUR OWN HOME BUSINESS. 

Owning your own business gives you many advantages that the average do not have, including tax advantages, income increase advantages, and the hope of a better future that most could not imagine. 

That is why that YOUR LEADERSHIP is a powerful driving force in your life, and with the right business, you can change people’s lives as well as their destiny. You can influence people with you business as well as your Leadership and help them achieve in life what they never thought possible and in turn, you do the same thing.

 THAT is leading people in a way that is LIFE CHANGING and Extraordinary. 

YOU have that Leadership IN YOU. 

You just need a vehicle to UNLEASH the UNLIMITED in your life. 

And your own business is THE best way to do that, as it has proven to work for many people- and WILL WORK FOR YOU. 

Imagine living the life that you always wanted to….NOW. 

Imagine being able to help people that need help….NOW. 

Imagine owning your own business and being able to live the lifestyle that you always wanted but could never afford….NOW.

 How does THAT sound? 

Then you need to ignite your Leadership inside you, and start your own business that will keep pouring Success Kerosene on the fire as you grow. YOUR Leadership awaits your Decision to unleash it. 

“Those that Lead see the beauty before anyone else, and experience the BEST before anyone else- as they know that Leadership DRIVES Life and determines the Decisions that ENLARGES Lifestyle.”

 NEVER underestimate the power of your Leadership. It impacts many people everyday. 

YOU need to let your Leadersship DRIVE your lifestyle to a level- that you once only Dreamed of, and then help others do the same thing.

 You do that….with you own business. Every other business started out that way- and YOU can LIVE a Dream life, if you allow yourself to dream with your Leadership leading the way to a life…. 

That most can only IMAGINE.

THAT is what is wating for you by owning your own home business you work from home.

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MLM Team Building Downline.

Have you ever wondered why your mlm team is NOT GROWING?

Has it crossed your mind that maybe you are not doing network marketing correctly somewhere in your home business team building?

Would you like to know a secret that has EXPLODED  mlm teams that we have coached?

There are many ways to build teams and organizations today. The Network Marketing Home Business Profession is NOT the same business and profesions it was even 10 years ago.

Things have changed for the better and it has been been transformed into more powerful tools and tactics because of social media as well as online recruiting and team building tactics. We have been teaching these for years, but there are some Leadership secrets of network marketing that I see still not being taught in the public arena.

Home Business Team Building.

So many people have asked me in seminars “Why isn’t my team GROWING and why has it stagnated?”

That is a million dollar question with many possible answers.

Today, a growing team requires a much different focus and approach then it used to. Yes, the foundational mlm leadership principles are still there, but the leadership strategies have changed in many ways. Most have not kept up with them and adapted their team building mlm efforts to them.

3 Ways to Build an MLM team.

There are three basic ways to build a Home business downline today:


This is where you build your team using online software and social media sites that you utilize for communication and for training. Thia alone has transformed much of MLM Leadership and team building. The issue is, is there is NOT that personal connection that so many people need to stay motivated and engaged. But this is a powerful tool for building.


This is where you build it the traditional way and do it all face to face, conference call, and live in home or hotel meetings. This STILL works and works well for a lot of people.


This is where you build your mlm downline with BOTH  online and offline. This strategy is the BEST I believe because it allows you to build your team with a variety of tactics and those that prefer online can use online, and the more traditional folks can use offline.

BUT- you need BOTH team building strategies in today’s marketplace to effectively recruit and build an mlm leadership organization.

So then, why do a LOT of people experience the pain of a SLOW growing donwnline or a NO GROWING downline?

There actually are MANY reasons. But the most common reason that we have seen and observed- FEW teach if it is taught at all.

What would you do if you could have ONE IDEA that would start your downline GROWING again?

This is a very simple- but powerful and profound leadership tactic that few teach.

Ancient Team Building Secret.

I am a HUGE fan of the Good Book- and read it daily  I love the ancient wisdom it contains, as well it is a cornerstone of my faith.

One of the things that the Good Book talks about- is something called “prophecy.” This is where you call something or predict something will happen and then have faith it will happen through the workings of God. Now I am NOT preaching here, but want to introduce a concept to you about mlm team building:

“Prophetic Leadership.”

This type of Leadership is where you CALL someone a Leader, SPEAK to that Leadership, TREAT  them as a Leader, SEE them as  Leader, BELIEVE they are a Leader, REFUSE to call them a distributor, and BUILD the IMAGE of Leadership into their minds, spirits, and heart.

And then they will BECOME a leader because you BELIEVED in them, when most have not.


SPEAK into the Leader.

“Prophetic Leadership” is “re-imaging” a person in their mind with words like:

“You are such a Leader. I am so proud of you.”

“If you could see the Leader in you I see, you would be amazed.”

“I call you s Leader because that is what you are- a Powerful Leader.”

SPEAK to that image and belief and let the distributor embrace that concept and picture of themselves in their mind and watch their Leadership GROW and the TEAM grow.

Why does it WORK?


People will RISE to the Level of your Expectations.

That is Leadership 101. And when you Speak Into their life and heart, they will start to accept it over time, and then move towards it, and then achieve the expectation you have set forth as a Leader yourself.

Prophetic Leadership is a POWERFUL way to build a network marketing downline and team.

SPEAK to tha mountain and and call it a Leader. And watch this MLM Leadership secret EXPLODE your mlm team building and Home Business success!

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MLM -The Truth About Facts in MLM and Network Marketing

mlm the truth

” Donot put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they don’t say….”

William Watt

You can’t do Network Marketing.

Look at the facts.

You aren’t smart enough.

Look at the facts.

You aren’t talented enough for Direct Sales.

Look at reality.

You cannot achieve it.

The numbers are against you.

You will never win in MLM.

The odds are against you.

ou should consider the history. It cannot be done.

You will never learn Network Marketing.

Look at the past. You can’t do it.

Look at the facts.

Tell that to Bill Gates.

Tell that to Henry Ford.

Tell that to Steven Spielberg.

Tell that to Shania Twain.

Tell that to Thomas Edison.

Don’t dare tell that to Steve Jobs.

The Only Statistics that can Stop You in Network Marketing.
In any endeavor in MLM are the statistics that you accept as TRUE.

The statistics never measure:

The Heart. The Desire. The Belief. The Determination. The Decision. The Focus. The Resolve.

All statistics do is give a general overview of what someone thinks is happening….when it comes to what you can do…

The only thing that matters is what is happening inside of you.(CLUE!!!!)

MLM Network Marketing Training Resource- “Getting Ready for W.A.R.- Winning the Success Battle!”

STATS….you know what that stands for?

Stopping The Acceleration Towards Success.

The only statistic that matters as far as success is concerned… is

That is the Final Statistic….that will always overshadow all other statistics…

oh…STATS also stands for….

Stop The Accepting That Success…(can’t happen.) in MLM…


I hope and pray you caught that…….

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