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” Donot put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they don’t say….”

William Watt

You can’t do Network Marketing.

Look at the facts.

You aren’t smart enough.

Look at the facts.

You aren’t talented enough for Direct Sales.

Look at reality.

You cannot achieve it.

The numbers are against you.

You will never win in MLM.

The odds are against you.

ou should consider the history. It cannot be done.

You will never learn Network Marketing.

Look at the past. You can’t do it.

Look at the facts.

Tell that to Bill Gates.

Tell that to Henry Ford.

Tell that to Steven Spielberg.

Tell that to Shania Twain.

Tell that to Thomas Edison.

Don’t dare tell that to Steve Jobs.

The Only Statistics that can Stop You in Network Marketing.
In any endeavor in MLM are the statistics that you accept as TRUE.

The statistics never measure:

The Heart. The Desire. The Belief. The Determination. The Decision. The Focus. The Resolve.

All statistics do is give a general overview of what someone thinks is happening….when it comes to what you can do…

The only thing that matters is what is happening inside of you.(CLUE!!!!)

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STATS….you know what that stands for?

Stopping The Acceleration Towards Success.

The only statistic that matters as far as success is concerned… is

That is the Final Statistic….that will always overshadow all other statistics…

oh…STATS also stands for….

Stop The Accepting That Success…(can’t happen.) in MLM…


I hope and pray you caught that…….

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