MLM Training- 5 Secrets to a Devastatingly Effective Recruiting Video

mlm recruiting video

mlm recruiting video

MLM Video Recruiting.

Video today RULES in the network marketing home business profession.

Especially with the powerhouse social site YOUTUBE.

Youtube is the second most used search engine in the web with 2.6 billion searches a day. It also still houses over 60% of all video traffic and some days as high as 75%. And it is exceeds 2 BILLION views a day according to our research.

On youtube there are over 24 hours of video uploaded every MINUTE. The average person spends 15 minutes a day on youtube. There is more video content uploaded on youtube every 60 days then ALL VIDEO combined loaded up on ABC. NBC, and CBS networks- the LAST 60 YEARS! YouTube allows each user to upload their own videos by opening channels through this platform. It is completely free, and all YouTube users can share their own videos via the YouTube channel. Through these videos, users can increase the number of subscribers and increase video viewing rates. There is always a like and dislike button under the videos uploaded to YouTube. These buttons measure the popularity of your video. It’s important that users like your videos. To ensure this, you can buy YouTube likes.

There are hundreds of millions of videos watched on mobile devices every month (I am one of those people.) That makes Mobile Recruiting a POWERFUL option for your home based business.

The Reality.

Ok..knowing this- how can YOU take advantage of such a a powerful visual video force?

With a Super Magnetic, Powerful PULLING, Devastatingly Effective Sponsoring video.

And THAT would increase your business results dramatically if you simply created that kind of a recruiting video for mlm network marketing.

How would you do that?

First off, get a FLIP video camera and learn how to use it. Is is VERY simple to use.

Make sure your recruiting video is no more than TWO MINUTES LONG. The average viewing time of a youtube video is 2 minutes (HINT.)


The 5 Secrets of Creating a Recruiting Video.

Here are 5 Secrets to creating a Devastating Network Marketing Recruiting Video:

1. Create a CONNECTION the first 5 Seconds that makes them think-“That’s ME!”

Ask them a question first thing in your mlm recruiting video that PULLS THEM in:

“Has this ever happened to you where…”

“Aren’t you tired of this happening…”

“This insanity has to be STOPPED…”

“What would you do if THIS was possible…”

“Let me tell you a quick story about what happened to me…”

2. This video is NOT about teaching- it is about REACHING.

A devastatingly effective recruiting video for your home business will REACH PEOPLE and MOVE them on the inside. It will move their emotions. That is what it is for. It is NOT to teach them something as that triggers the wrong part of the brain. Teaching activates the LEFT side of the brain. REACHING and MOVING activates the right side of the brain and gets a person EMOTIONAL.

Reach them by pointing out a problem that most people struggle with, and YOU used to struggle with, but now do not. Paint a picture of your life without that issue and all the joy and happiness it has brought.

3. Amplify the Problem and give testimonials of those who had it.

Give PROOF that the problem is causing a lot of harm and hurt in the world. Give them 3 effects of this problem to everyone’s life and then examples of people that used to struggle with this issue, but now do not.

Keep the testimonials but keep them to 10 seconds apiece.

4. REVEAL the Solution that has changed lives including YOURS.

This is done with a simple “This is what helped take my life to a new level of living (by getting rid of this problem…”)

Give 3 benefits of how this solution (business or product) has impacted your life and transformed it and then give another guest testimonial.

Ask the prospect “WHAT IF this could happen to you? How would your life change?”

5. Create a STRONG Call to Action that PULLS people-not pushes them.”

How do you do this?

Give away something for FREE. I would suggest an ebook or video that AMPLIFYS the Solution and then begins to TEACH the person WHY this Solution MUST be a part of their life.

There are 2 ways to so this:

“To prove what I am saying- I want to GIVE YOU FREE -at absolutely NO COST to you- a valuable <ebook- video- pdf-audio> that will answer your questions like it has the people on this video. There is NO RISK and NO COST. What do you have to LOSE? NOTHING. Just click the link below for access to this valuable life changing information.”


“I want to give you a Personal and Exclusive Invitation to a free online gathering we are doing on <this date this time> to not only meet you, but also to give you some FREE information that will answer any of your questions. There will be a FREE gift as well given to you just for attending- a free <ebook, video, pdf, audio, report>.  Just fill out your name and email for invitation and attendance details. Look forward to seeing you there.”

These are 5 secrets to doing a recruiting video that is devastating and PULLS people towards you like a magnet on steroids. This will increase and explode your results for mlm recruiting for your home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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