MLM Training- The ONE MLM Recruiting Secret 99% Do NOT Know?

mlm recruiting

mlm recruiting


MLM Recruiting.

What is a million dollar secret worth to your mlm home business?

What would you do to discover a secret that would explode your business?

That is the reason for this network marketing training post.

But sssshhhh….keep it a secret!

Recruiting is something that many people teach and train on, there is no doubt. There is a lot of great information out there from a LOT of folks. I love to read and watch their stuff as a lot of it is really GOOD and we all learn from each other.

People like:

David Wood.

Eric Worre.

James Hicks.

Randy Gage.

Krysten Darkenwald.

Diane Hochman.

And the list goes on and on….some are new on the home business scene- others have been around a while.

But regardless whether you recruit ONLINE or OFFLINE there is a HUGE secret that seems to be rarely taught. It impacts ALL of your mlm recruiting efforts and often can accelerate them if you know this little network marketing recruiting gem.

I have a Private Client that was struggling with sponsoring prospects and we did what I call a “Recruiting Audit.”  This is basically an intense check up not only on what she was doing but actually auditing the process of mlm recruiting. after a bit, I saw that there was a huge DISCONNECT to something that she had not factored into her recruiting. And when she did, it not only turned her recruiting results around, but also increased her confidence and boldness when talking with people.

We are going into the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays and these holidays carry a LOT of emotion and memories. This plays all into this little gold nugget on home business recruiting. The fact that you are still reading this post shows that you understand that and you are seeking an answer to something you may be struggling with.

But we have been teaching this mlm recruiting secret for quite some time and have even factored it into mlm online recruiting as well. It works both ways. If you understand what I am about ready to share with you, then it could turn your whole business around if you let it.

And if you do not, then re-read this post.

what is this little mlm recruiting secret that 99% do not know?


ALL Recruiting-is 80% psychological- and 20% process. From both sides.

Read that again and THINK about it.

ALL recruiting results come from the psychology of recruiting (both from YOU and the prospect) – and the other 20% from the actions you take. The actions you engage when you recruit a prospect will have a FEELING that people will SENSE about what you are doing.

That is why COPY WRITING is so important.

That is why looking into the person’s eyes is so important.

That is why creating IMPACT with your message– online or offline- is so important.

That is why creating a Sense of URGENCY is critical.

That is what creating a CONNECTION with the prospect is imperative.

It is what people FEEL and SENSE for your message that will start to form a picture in their mind of what they perceive you as saying, and will determine their actions- or lack of actions.

That is why you SPLIT TEST landing pages. You see which page is going to MOVE the prospect to action.

That is why you continually hone your presentation– webinar or offline. You want to make sure that you MOVE the prospect and move them TOWARDS you.

Here is a little mlm recruiting tip:

 KNOW that the prospect is going to MOVE – according to how you have made them FEEL – which paints a picture and perception in their minds. You can use EMOTION to get them IN MOTION.

The emotion of FEAR of Loss and HOPE of GAIN always creates a message that resonates with prospects in a big way. And if you can create that “emotional funnel” as I call it leading them to a point of DOING something, your recruiting will explode.

There are many great secrets of network marketing recruiting out in the profession. But just understand that any and ALL recruiting revolves around and is determined by the psychological aspects of recruiting more than anything else for your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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