MLM Training Tips- 3 Quick Online Recruiting MLM Training Tips

mlm online recruiting

mlm online recruiting

Have you ever considered online recruiting or online marketing for your home business in MLM?

Have you ever wished you could find MORE leads that want to talk to you that you DO NOT CHASE?

For the last 2 years, our Private Clients have been CRUSHING IT with online recruiting.

They have had not only outrageous results in some many instances, but have picked up hundreds of new leads A DAY- FREE. There leads cost them nothing and the leads came to them.

Sound crazy? It is TRUE.

There is enormous traffic on the interet. And the traffic all are looking for the same thing. And your job is to let these people know you EXIST and want to connect with them.

At any given time, there are MILLIONS of prospects looking for something that you have:


You just must be what I call “The Three V’s of Online Recruiting.” And if you are these 3 V’s you will start to see like our Private Clients have, a major increase in leads that want to talk to YOU.

But you MUST be the Three V’s. What are they in MLM online recruiting?


You make yourself  VISIBLE via social networking comments and conversation, writing articles and blog posts, putting up videos on youtube and other channels, doing podcasts and syndicating them, doing webinars online that instruct, writing ebooks and reports, learning online marketing and recruiting tactics.

There are MILLIONS looking for you. But YOU must get in front of them and get their ATTENTION. That is ahy you must be the NEXT V.


The online trafffic that is looking for something must not only take a quick look at what your message, but also SEE VALUE in your message. It does NO GOOD at all to have a GREAT message and be Visible, if your message is not going to PULL THEM IN.

Valuable means different thngs to different people. But for online traffic it is a message that will help them enhance, enlarge, empower, elevate, and incease their life and lifestyle in some way. That is why you MUST have GREAT UNIQUE CONTENT that the lookers can see you know what you are talking about and are VALUABLE enough to consider as a CONNECTION for their life.


The online traffic is looking for Viability. Something THAT WILL WORK and WORK NOW. We live in a microwave society and people want everything NOW. You must show them that you are a Viable Resource and Messenger that can help them achieve their goals and dreams as well as solve the problems that they are looking to SOLVE.




If you embrace thee three concepts in your MLM Home Business, you will start to se not only a tremendous surge in leads, but also Success in your mlm network marketing business.

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