Home Business Training- The ONE Word You NEVER Say

home business silence

home business silence

Home business

has come a long way.

Especially in social media and social networking.

A Home based business is truly a business of communication and interaction. I have seen and experienced much interaction on may of the popular social sites and some not so popular.

I have been observing over the last couple of years words in social media and offline that PULL people into the conversation and others that seem to push them away.

I was on facebook today and saw a thread that one of the people was really pushing her skin care line and the other person was pushing to get away for  her.

Cannot blame a girl for trying to market, but there is a huge difference between a Conversation and a Presentation. She was doing the latter unknowingly.

In a home business conversation you must watch your words that you say in order not to turn the prospect off.

There is ONE word that seems to be conversation poison for some reason. If you own a home business, I would suggest that you learn what it is, and use it rarely. There are many words out there that are used for MLM but this one seems to slow down any forward movement in a lot of the social conversations I have observed as well as the traditional conversations.

What would that word be?

One used quite often by network marketing professionals.

But not SAVVY network marketing professionals.

What is that word?


That is ONE word that turns people off silently…and can be deadly in a conversation. I have seen conversations shut down totally from the use of that word. Did not matter if it was social media or in a home meeting.

It can be a KILLER of a word when it comes to a recruit or sale.

Ok…what word should you use? Fair enough.


I used this word for years and still do when talking to people about training or doing live events. It may not make sense to you, but let me explain.

“You asked me how much the fee is to bring me in? The Value would be <amount> per person.”

“You asked what the Value is to be able to be able to get this weight loss product? It would be 97.00”

“This really will end up costing you nothing. The Value of the product is 147.00 but the way that your skin will appear and feel after a couple of days, you will see that the Value is so much more than that.”

Get them focused ON VALUE.

Not cost.

if you do, you will find that many people that would have turned away, will continue to show interest in your MLM and Home Based business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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