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MLM Recruiting- A Powerful Closing Secret NO ONE Teaches

mlm home business closing

mlm home business

MLM Closing.

Closing an MLM home business prospect can be difficult for a lot of people…why?

How would you like to learn a powerful closing tool that has proven to move prospects when nothing else really could?

Would that create some excitement in your daily efforts for your network marketing business?

Many people today are looking for what I call “Success Insurance” for their business. This is something that will INSURE their home business success happening on a daily basis.

Even in a hard and difficult economy.

You need to understand that with an economy like we have, we need to be sensitive to the mlm prospect’s focus and needs for their daily life. Your prospect wants hat most other people want:

A great life and worry free life.

YOU must show them the way and get them to FEEL good about where you can take them concerning their dreams. If you do that one thing alone, and nothing else, it will explode your closing ratio.

“Closing” is  term that I rarely use my self as it does not fit the psychology of what the prospect wants to see happen.

NO ONE wants to be “CLOSED.” Come on….that is the truth.

They want doors OPENED, and a new future OPENED, and a new destiny OPENED to their life.

This little mlm recruiting secret will help address that concern the mlm prospect might have when you are talking to them.

(NOTE: Here is a post that is a powerful post on Closing the prospect:)

“How to Close ANY MLM Prospect in 5 Seconds Flat”

Here is a powerful MLM Recruiting truth that has proven to be what I call a “Velvet Sledgehammer:”

MLM Recruiting Secret:

The Best INSURANCE is REASSURANCE when recruiting a home business prospect.

People are looking for “Destiny Insurance.”

They are not looking for “The Same ol same ol Life as it always has been Insurance.”

They are looking to be “insured’ and no matter what happens, they will be ok, with their income, jobs, housing, mortgage, and cars.

They are looking for “Lifestyle Insurance.”

Some are even looking for “Excuse Insurance” —so their excuses will be valid during these tough times and they can continue to use them.

If you are worried about protecting your business from false claims or culprits then their is Insync Insurance to protect your business.

But the best insurance for today’s tough times is REASSURANCE that reassures the prospect that they will be ok, they will be moving forward, and they will be in a BETTER PLACE next year then they are now- by working with you.

This is a Leaders’ way of communicating and directing the prospect to your business.

People are looking for Reassurance in their life direction.

Say this:  “I understand that you are concerned- but let me assure you that you do not have to feel that way, as there is an incredible answer that has proven to be amazing with helping people like you and me . It is taking control with your own business from home. How would you like to never have to worry about money again? How does partnering up an building a big business sound? ”

People are looking to be reassured that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS– they will be fine and their family will be as well.

Reassure your prospect- to insure – their moving forward with you in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM – Do YOU Know the New Rules of Home Business?


network marketing mlm

mlm home business new rules


Social Media MLM.

How does someone go about changing their home business success DAILY?

Would you like to discover how to do that?

Do YOU know the New Rules of Home business and what they can do for your network marketing business?

There is a reality for 2012 that will hit every network marketer between the eyes:

In the Home Business arena today, there are three very important words that are more than true.

 Things Are Changing. 

Those 3 words are right at the very core of a shift in the Home Business and Network Marketing Profession. What worked 5 years ago, may not work today, as there are New Rules that have been laid over the Home Business grid, and either you play by them-or you don’t.

If you do not, then that can end up possibly working against you in the long run.

 Many MLM companies have come and gone over the years, and I have seen some succeed wildly, and others struggle massively. And there many times is no rhyme or reason why it happens. But today, with the introduction of the new Rules of Social Media and Mobile Marketing and Recruiting in Home Business, things are transforming right before our eyes.

 The same traditional unchanging principles will always work for your Home business, but the approach to them are changing as we speak, and transitioning many companies either into dynamos – or dinosaurs.

Depending on the decisions being made, the same thing can be said for Teams in Network Marketing. Some teams are accelerating their growth like crazy through mobile recruiting and social media, while others look at those teams as if they are crazy. All this is occurring because of the introduction of Social Media Marketing and Mobile Recruiting and Marketing in the Home Business Profession.

 There is a New Marketplace evolving in the network marketing arena and we must accept that.

 There are New Rules that we have found that absolutely must be embraced and internalized, if you are going to embrace Success in this New Social Mobile Marketplace. Yes, you can still do it the old fashioned way and succeed, but it today is a longer and harder path than what lies before you with the New Rules of home Business Success.

 Let’s see what they are.

 New Rule 1: Today, it is NO Longer about just Conversion, but Conversation. Conversion is VERY important, but Conversation is IMPERATIVE.

 The focus of Network Marketing has always been and generally always will be converting people into customers or distributors. That is the thrust of most businesses –at least gaining new customers. But today’s companies that are accelerating sales massively are not focused on just conversion, as many people today are tired of “The Pitch.” Ask anyone you know.

 They are looking for something MORE- Conversation.

People today have been pitched, sold, recruited, called, pressured, hassled, manipulated, congregated, and have become totally frustrated with the old ways of communication from Network Marketers.

People are tired of the mlm pitch-and want THE PATH.

They want a Conversation that leads them to NEW Ideas, New Possibilities, New Thinking, and New Solutions to problems that no one else has taken the time to give them.


You be the one.

You be the leader they are looking for and lead them with words that guide and direct to Value and Solutions-not just Volume and Selling.

 Look at the highly successful companies today. They are playing by New Rules and adopting New Tactics.

 So should you.

The new way to start the conversion process today is back off—and hold a CONVERSATION- about the prospect, their challenges, your solutions, and how the two can intertwine.  It can be online through Social Media Conversation, or through Mobile devices, or it can be offline and through face to face or voice to voice Conversation.

Make each prospect the superstar of your conversation and make it about their wants and desires. Take them to places of possibility that they never thought possible through the New Media. If you do, you will be holding many more conversations with them as your new Success partner in your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training Videos- Do YOU have a PDT in YOUR Business? You Better.

mlm training videos

mlm training videos

MLM Training Videos- The Power of a PDT and on your Business.

This training video will help you understand the power of a focused time and effort for yourself. YOU are a gold mine and you MUST dig that gold mine. This will give you some golden tips on how to do that.

FREE Recruiting 101 webinar- watch it NOW-FREE!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training- 5 MLM Marketing Tips from a 5 Year Old

mlm network marketing training

mlm home business training


How would you like to learn some genius marketing and recruiting tips from a  5 year old little genius?

Would it help your mlm home business  to learn from a mind of a kid that “GETS IT?”

I have a friend named Chris who has a 5 year old son named Hayden. He is an amazing kid and smart as a whip as we say down south.

Chris has been in Network Marketing for 17 years, and has loved every minute of it. When he got married, he and his wife had 3 daughters, and all 3 were and are gorgeous. They are 14, 12, and 10 years old respectively.

But Chris wanted a son, and God blessed them with a little boy in 2006.

But not just a little boy. This kid is already a marketing genius of sorts.

Chris has been working at home since his son was born. And Hayden has known nothing but his father being home during the day. Hayden has watched his father for years work his home based business, and learned quite a bit.

One day, Hayden was playing in his dad’s office, and Chris overheard his son playing, and  pretending to be doing a training. Chris had taken Hayden to a lot of mlm trainings he had done, but this was a first for little Hayden to be pretending he was doing a training.

Chris actually got his camera out and recorded parts of the training and this post is about the 5 things that Hayden was teaching his stuffed animal collection.

When Chris called me and told me about the training, I asked if I could share it and he said sure. And wow! What a blessing it is to learn from the minds of those who are not jaded by the world yet.

Here are the 5 things that Harden taught that day and he called it his “Netbird” training. They actually are quite applicable to network marketing and home businesses. I would encourage you to apply these simple but profound marketing principles in your home based business.

Here is “The Netbird Training – Hayden’s 5 Network Marketing Tips:”

1. Find out where they hurt and give them a band aid.

“This is what Mommy does and we do too. If your friend has a hurt then find a band aid and let them use it. It will make them feel better, fix their boo boo,  and also make them like you.”

Here, little Hayden was offering a SOLUTION and an ANSWER to a challenge that someone may have in life. That is exactly what we do. Our home business is a “band aid” for the hurts in life and to help people fix their “boo boos” in life. Everyone has a problem they want solved. Find out what it is, and then show them you have the answer for their issues.

2. Always play fair and let them play with your toys. They will play a long time with you.”

“If you let your friends play with your toys, they will stay longer and maybe even for supper if Mommy says yes. They will want to come back over and play tomorrow too.”

Here, little Hayden talks about letting your friends engage their life with what you are doing. That is called “magnetism.” If you allow your friends to sample or try or view something without a cost, they will probably stay around longer. That is why you always let a prospect ENGAGE what you are marketing first- to try it out. THEN you will find that most will hang around longer- to stay in the recruiting process.

3. Never let their kool aid be spilled. Always place it where they can get to it, but not spill it.

“Kool aid is wonderful. Always make sure your tiger cup and your friends cup  is on the table. That way you will not let it be spilled. That would make your friend sad.”

Always take care of your prospect’s Hope and Possibilities as if they were your own. Everyone has some kind of hope that they want to enjoy in life. They hope for a better and bigger future. Make sure that you TAKE CARE of their dream and hope and assure them if they work with you, they will ACHIEVE their dream, not just have a dream and it lay dormant. Keep the Hopes up for your prospect and let them KNOW you are helping them get to where that hope leads.

4. Always take a nap when you are supposed to. If you take it too late then you will mess up mommy.

“We all need to take a nap when Mommy says to. If we mind her, then we get to have cookies when we get up. Everybody likes cookies!”

There are certain TIMES you need to DO THINGS– and other times you need to let the prospect have some time to review. Either way, these timings are critical for your business. Our Business is a business of TIMING. If you come across too strong you may lose them. If you come across too weak, you may lose them. There are certain times you can “feel” that you must MOVE or slow down. Follow those instincts and sensings. There is a certain path to any process. If it requires to do something a certain day- like follow up- then DO IT for your network marketing business.

5. Never yell. Never scream. Never bark. People who bark are weird.

“If we start yelling then Mommy will come in and make us stop playing. So we must never yell. And never scream as Mommy hates that. And lets not bark either. My Mommy says that when I bark it sounds weird. I like to bark, but not with Mommy.”

Always be relaxed and no pressure with a prospect. And never argue with the prospect. They are ALWAYS right even when they are wrong. And make sure you always come across professional in your online and offline marketing and recruiting. Always be aware of YOUR BRAND and what your brand is saying and messaging. With social media today, you can destroy a brand overnight with the wrong move. People do not do business with people they think are “off” and “weird.”

And also little Hayden said, “And love everybody. People loved to be loved!”

Make the prospect FEEL SPECIAL and loved. It works in recruiting in mlm.

These are 5 MLM Marketing tips from a 5 Year Old and how they can apply to your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

Mobile Marketing and Recruiting Secrets Revealed for MLM!

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MLM Training- 3 Things You Can Say when They Say NO


home business mlm network marketing

home business mlm NO

What do you say in your home business when someone tells you NO?

That one word probably makes you feel like a louse and loser if you are in multi level marketing.

Many people that hear the word NO feel like that.

I used to feel that way, but I realized that the word NO was controlling me.

 It was slowing me down.

 It was making me focus more on what I just heard versus what I must say to the prospect.

That is a HUGE issue with many mlm network marketing professionals.

 Work at Home folks need to understand this:

The word NO is NOT the end of the conversation.

Not when it is face to face.

Not when it is on the telephone.

And not when you are on social media sites.

It is the BEGINNING of a different phase of the conversation you are holding, that is all. it is the beginning of the “transition” phase where you transition them from a prospect to a referral source or a cheerleader.

Let me explain.

Many people simply are not for this business. And we need to understand that some never will be. But they still have Value to your future home business.



Leading you to other folks, or leading you in cheers. And that is the reason for this article.

You need to know the 3 things you can say when someone tells you NO that will keep the conversation going.

What are the three things?

1. “Thank you. I was beginning to sense this was not right for you at all. But maybe you can still help someone you know that might be struggling with what we have been talking about. Who comes to mind if you stop and think about it?”

2. “I really appreciate your honesty as I was feeling that this was really not a fit for you. But maybe you can help me. I know you know who I am looking for.  Who would you recommend that I connect with that struggles with this issue of”….<weight loss, travel, skin problems, no energy etc>

3. “Thank you again for saying that you do not know anyone. I believe you. Would it be all right if I kept in touch and just kept you in the loop as far as my Success? It would mean a  whole lot to me if you would be a cheerleader cheering me on!”

The conversation did not end in all 3 cases.

It just TRANSITIONED to a whole new place and focused on something less personal and more helpful. This little secret to mlm recruiting can prove to be an extremely powerful tactic if you are getting a lot of NOs.

In your home based business, getting a NO is not the worst thing that could happen. It may be the BEST things as it will GROW YOU and FORCE YOU to get BETTER. Either you Grow UP or you will GO OUT of this business eventually.

These are three things you can say when someone tells you NO in your MLM network marketing home business.

Where are the most prospects and the easy ones to find?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

How Can you Combine Social Networking and MLM?

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MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training Video “How to Never Get a NO part 5”

Socal Network Marketing Recruiting Training? THIS is a MUST READ!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training Videos – How to Never Get a NO- Part 4

MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training by Doug Firebaugh “How to Never Get a NO Part 4

LinkedIN Recruiting 101- How to Master Prospecting on LinkedIn

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training- The Psychology of LinkedIn Recruiting -Part 1

Home business linkedin recruiting

mlm home business linkedin recruiting


In a home business or mlm business, prospecting and finding good candidates for your business is imperative.Especailly PROFESSIONAL Candidates. If you do take the time to connect with GREAT leads, you often can be wasting your time with folks.

 The social media site LinkedIn has proven to be a GOLD MINE in finding great candidates for your business of network marketing. It is a place that houses over 120 MILLION professionals that average 107,000.00 in income a year.

Not shabby.

 With today’s marketplace, many professionals are SEEKING additional ways to drive revenues in their business as well as personal income, And LinkedIn is a GREAT place to connect with people and find the ones that are truly looking and OPEN to something new and additional cash flow.

There is a certain psychology in LinkedIn that I have noticed, and you MUST be adept to the nuances of it. Unlike any other social site I have been on, LinkedIn has it’s own culture, and it’s own rules that much are psychologically driven.

 The FIRST Psychological Rule of LinkedIn Recruiting is this found in ONE WORD:


 That is the KEY to this social site.

 Unlike facebook and twitter, LinkedIn DEMANDS from the very rules themselves a Professional approach, a Professional communication style, and a Professional mind set.

 What works on other social sites, DOES NOT WORK on LinkedIn. It is a step above the rest, and that includes facebook, Google+ and twitter. Yes, you need to connect with people and also to create relationships- no doubt. But you MUST create those relationships seen and sensed as a PROFESSIONAL Home Business Marketer, and not some “part time I want to recruit you I am going to make you rich” amateur.

 I see that often on LinkedIn and the person acting that way often does not even realize he / she is doing it.

 That is why I want to ask you 3 questions:

 1. Are you using LinkedIn daily?

 2. Are you creating a PROFESSIONAL BRAND on LinkedIn?

 3. Are you finding High Quality Prospects on LinkedIn?

 If you are NOT then I would suggest you look into it. Because you can find more quality professionals in a DAY on LinkedIn then you can in a week on any other social site. It is that powerful.

 Professional is the key word for LinkedIn.

 In EVERY aspect of brand building.

 You must be professional in your:

 Thinking. This is critical. Professional means you filter your thoughts through the lens of Leadership.

 Actions.  Your actions are your calling card on LinkedIn. Make sure that you act Professional and any and all requests are acted upon accordingly.

 Words.  Your communications must be Professional and focused on HELPING other Professionals. Yes, you want to find great candidates for your business, but FIRST  become a GREAT CANDIDATE for helping others in their business quest. It can be a simple “atta girl: or “atta boy.”

 Visibility.  You must be Visible on LinkedIn and there are many way to do that. But however you choose, BE PROFESSIONAL in your visibility.

 Connections. People on LinkedIn want to feel RESPECTED and Looked Up To. I have observed this for 6 years. Everything communication should sound respectful and you admire their Success. Yes, it may sound corny, but that is how many people are on LinkedIn. And may DO deserve that level of respect.

 Encouragement.  The secret to LinkedIn is to become an “Elevator” and elevate people through your encouragement. That alone will start branding you as a professional quickly.

 And the final thought is create a:

 “Professional Feeling” about who you are. When people think of you, or communicate with you, make sure that they FEEL the Professional side of you, and sense that you truly are one. Use the words that Professionals use, and NOT the words that so many marketers hype with.

 That does not play well on LinkedIn nor for the Success of  for your home business.

 If you want to discover the Recruiting SECRETS of a # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation, and learn his Step by step process and MUCH MORE, then check this out:

 LinkedIn Recruiting Secrets that will Explode your Leads

 blessings…doug firebaugh

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How to become a Social Media Magnet in Network Marketing



Home Business Training- How To Never Get a NO Part 3?

MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training by Doug Firebaugh on How To Never Get a NO part 3

Social Network Marketing -Finding More Leads a Day than most do a Month?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Prospecting that Produced Billions? And all tactics are FREE to do?