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Bullet proof Home business?

You gotta be kidding me.

You mean there is actually a way to BECOME THAT?

Yep. And 10 feet tall and bulletproof at that.

Come on….you have heard the negative before. We all have and may still do. People are sometimes negative about MLM and network marketing. Sometimes they are a little negative about a Home Business.

You have heard all the negatives and and seen it before.

Friends and family unnecessarily  spouting off Negative comments about your home based business and your future. You get so mad sometimes that you just want to walk away. You may feel like saying, “I don’t need this- forget it.”

 You stare at them and wonder what to say or do, but yet the words only get stuck  in your throat. I have been there and done that.

You may attempt to play some kind of “verbal jujitsu,” but they have you in a head lock with their negative words and you just sink back into the chair and feel defeated.

But here is the most hurtful part to their negative comments concerning your MLM home business:

They seem to actually make sense with their logic. Ot at least seem to.

You stand or sit there and have no seeming choice but to just take the negative spew. And you just wish you knew what to say. But you remain silent and actually start to ask these poisonous questions:

“Could they be right?”

“Could they actually have a point here?”

“What if they ARE right?”

And the doubt and the fear slowly start creeping in, and you start to question your decisions and future concerning your network marketing home business

This happens everyday in the land of work at home home based businesses. Negative people start to try and stop you because of their own fears and insecurities and many times- they are very successful.

But it is time that came to an abrupt STOP.

Understand this bit of prudent mlm advice:

Negative well meaning people are still –NEGATIVE. (Read that again.)

They may mean well, and often do,  but there has never been any Success accomplished in any home business or even life  with a negative focus and a negative language soaking it daily and hourly.

So what in the world do you do?

Here are 3 things that can say to help neutralize the negative comments when they appear:

1) “I appreciate that comment, but let me ask you a question: Who in the world sold you on THAT?”

2) “Thanks for sharing, but what you just said does not match up at all to what I have researched about this company and products. Would you like to see a little of my research?”

3)”That is an interesting way to look at it. There are several other ways to look at that I have found as well. Let me explain…”

And there is also a very powerful secret to doing this:


It is called the single most powerful  “satin hammer” that exists when you answer a negative prospect. Confidence tells the negative MLM home business prospect that you understand that they have an “opinion” but you are not buying what they said.

They will FEEL that in your response.

Most negative prospects are just that way:   NEGATIVE.

So you have a decision to make:

Are you going to let the negative mlm prospect influence or even dominate your business, or are you going to continue with boldness and confidence and not worry about the naysayers?

It will determine much about your future success in your MLM and Network marketing business.

If you expect to succeed at a level that most only dream of, then you must become bulletproof with your prospect’s words. Simply makes a decision that your prospect’s words will NOT influence you. They will only embolden you to move ahead STRONGER and more powerfully in your mlm home business.

Discover how To Bullet proof your Home Business!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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