Home Business MLM- What can MLM Recruiting Learn from Spammers?

home business mlm spam

home business mlm spam


If you have an MLM home business and are online, you know what spam is.

Everyone gets it and everyone hates it.

I ought to know.

We get spam on our home business training sites a LOT of spam. And I took it upon myself to do something crazy and totally out of the box.

I studied spammers and spamming and all their tactics- and was shocked at what I learned. As a matter of fact, in an obtruse sort of way, my respect for them sort of morphed into a less than hateful emotion. I actually after studying these little urchins discovered 7 things that really are quite educational when it comes to home business mlm success.

Online marketing is the rage and there a thousands of folks that have become wealthy because of it. Many of them are total spammers but yet knew what they were doing. What IF we could learn for them GOOD THINGS they do and apply them to the network marketing profession?

Here are 7 things that I learned when I went to the “University of Spam” and took “Spamming 101” : (lol)

1. Spammers are Relentless, Focused, Determined, and will NOT GIVE UP until they have reached their ROI Goals.

What would happen if YOU were like that and had a “spammer mentality?” What would happen to your work ethic? what would happen to your VOLUME and RESULTS?

What if you CONTACTED 100 new websites a day – even if it was automated–and connected your message to those websites? Then you followed up with the ones that respond and connected with them socially?

Enough said.

2. Spammers are DISCIPLINED to TAKE ACTION daily and hourly.

Many spammers are some of the most disciplined people that walk this earth. Most home business mlm owners are not. I have found through the years that many good folks in network marketing are “playing” at the business and it is more of a social club.

Spammers do not have time for social clubs. They are looking for FRUIT from the seeds they have planted. And they plant everyday, and sometimes every hour.

Do YOU do that with your business? How would you describe your Discipline level?

3. Spammers Compliment, Flatter, and make you GLAD they stopped by.

Spammers are great at this. Especially on blog comments and comment pages on websites. “I LOVE your blog. Wow. I am so glad I found it! I have bookmarked it and I will be dropping by again!”  This is an actual comment put on one of our sites- over 500 times- from one IP address.

You read that right. 500 comments from the same IP address. Now our spam filter stopped it, but still- THAT is amazing. 500 Compliments. 500 Flattering words. 500 times that they want to make you glad they dropped in.

Is that a CLUE or what? I have always taught that you MUST make people glad they talked to you. Spammers go a step further. They make you feel you are the most important person on the planet.

What would happen to your home business if YOU did that every conversation and every social communication?

4. Spammers are Automated and have mastered the systemic online software so they can be in 1000 places at one.

Spammers know how to duplicate their efforts. They have a SYSTEM. They USE the system and TRUST the sytem that it will give back to them the fruit of their efforts.

What is YOUR system? Do you HAVE one?

You need a system for your mlm business-an online one. One that will help you prospect and recruit as well as run your mlm business.

Spammers are SYSTEM DRIVEN. So should you be.

5. Spammers say in 5 words what most people say in 5 sentences.

You must have TOTAL CLARITY of your message. Spammers do. They have an unusual clarity of what they want to say it- and then they BOTTOM LINE IT.

What is YOUR BOTTOM LINE message? Can you put your message in 5 words and no more? This is one of the biggest discoveries of my little study. Spammers are incredible at communicating with few words but getting their point across.

How about YOU?

6. Spammers get Personal.

One thing that spammers do is they do get personal and want you to think you are going to be a great friend. Of course, we know that is not true, as most people would not want to know spammers. But they do a good job at making you think they are totally human and care about people like you do.

What would happen to your business if YOU did that- and MEANT IT?

Your home business prospects would be PULLED towards you like a magnet on steroids. People like the personal touch. I do. You do. Why not get a little personal and let people know you?

It works. Just ask a spammer.

7. Spammers ALWAYS have a strong Action Call and targeted destination for you to go to.

If you are an online home business marketer, make sure that you think “DO THIS” when you are ending your communication. I never send a post out, an email out, or anything else out without some form of an Action to take and a place to send them.


I am a business person just like you and I want to do business with you. If you have an offer that is of great Value- and our mlm training products are EXTRAORDINARY VALUE– then you owe it to the person or prospect to let them know about how you can ADD VALUE to their life with your offer.

What is YOUR ACTION to TAKE on your communications and conversations?

Where do YOU send them when you are ending your words and packing up to go somewhere else?

Give them an Action to TAKE by GIVING them something FREE! Like an ebook, video, or a pdf download.

Also, here is what SPAM stands for:

SPAM = Serious Productivity (by) Accelerated Marketing

No…I am NOT saying you need to SPAM people. What I AM saying is that we could take the good parts of what they do and makes many a lot of money and incorporate them into our daily efforts and mlm  home business.

How do YOU Fuse Social Media and Network Marketing?  Here are over 75 Secrets.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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