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Home business owners need to focus.

One ONE thing.

It is amazing.

One thing can change everything.

One thing can set things in motion-even home based businesses.

I hit this realization about 4 years into this great home business profession.

Knowing and understnadung things are crticial to the “filter” you have to process this business.

Some folks GET IT…others still have not.

What ONE THING am I talking about?

Do you know what business you are REALLY in in MLM?

Most would answer Nutrition, or Telecommunications, or Make up, or Wholesale Purchasing.

Even some might answer “people business”, or marketing, or even distribution.

Some people might answer that we are in the “dream” business, which to some degree holds some truth.

Others might answer that we are in the “talking” business, as we talk to people in Network Marketing.

The Leadership Factor.

And still, others might answer that we are in the “Leadership” business, which again, is partly correct.

But understanding which business we are in is EVERYTHING, as your approach to this business will ultimately lead to what is felt by the prospect.

Many folks are confused as to what business they are in, so the confusion is felt in their words and actions.

If you were working at a company, and you didn’t know what business they were in, would you last very long if you did not find out?

Would you be able to function in the capacity that you needed to?

You MUST Get This.

It is the same with Network Marketing... if you don’t “get it”, then the prospect never will… for they will feel the lack of focus on your part, and be hesitant to follow you…

And you will not be able to function as effective as you need to due to your lack of total understanding of what we really do in Network Marketing…

So what business are we REALLY in?????

The MLM business Leaders know they are in is the business of “Touching and Changing People’s lives”.

That’s it.

You are a Network Marketing change agent, and that means you are an agent to help create change in people’s lives, and improve them dramatically.

Your Goal.

And your goal, and ONLY goal is to change lives so you can




and EMPOWER them…

Those are what we call the ” Power Four”…

As they are what we all want in and out of life… in some format.

If you do touch and change people’s lives…

And do it over and over…

And that is your Focus…

You can become rich in Network Marketing and MLM and home Business.


It is about LEADERSHIP. Everything revolves and depends on Leadership in your work at home  business. If you LEAD when you work…you will REAP Success in your home based business.



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