MLM Training- 7 Secrets of Repurposing Your Content for MAXIMUM Exposure



MLM Re-purposing Content tips.

How important is getting MAXIMUM Exposure for your content to you and your network marketing home business?

Do you know how to “Multiply your Message” online with your home business?

How would knowing these secrets of Multiplying your Content across the social media and web help your mlm business?

Some people call it “Re-purposing your Content.”

We call is “Multiplying Your Message!”

It is called “Exploding Your Exposure!”

We believe you can take a post, video, or audio and multiply the number of people beinbg exposed to it easily.

I do it all the time.

And if you GET what I am talking about today, you will find not only your message being multiplied, but also the MAGNETISM of your message being enhanced.

How do you Multiply Your Message and Explode Your Exposure?

You need to understand that your content is a multi-faceted and multi-focused SOCIAL ASSET! Yes, it is an ASSET in your business worth money and VALUE to you and your brand.

You need to start looking at your Content that you produce whether it is written articles or recorded video as a MAJOR Social Asset in social media and mobile media as well.

What do you do with Assets?

You PROTECT them.


And that is why that you need to Multiply Your Message beyond facebook or youtube. There are MANY ways to multiply your message, and you MUST embrace some of them to multiply your branding.

There are 7 Ways to Re-purpose Your Content Asset to BUILD MORE VALUE!

There are 4 Reasons you want to Re-purpose your Content Asset:


It is about SEO. Your Re-purposing Tactics are your “Partners.” People will link back to your content which will help your ranking on the search engines.

2. Multiplied Massive Exposure.

This is where you will find your message and content GOING VIRAL. This can only happen if you have the right exposure and people liking your content and delivery of your content.

3. Multi Channel Delivery of your Valued Asset!

You can deliver your content to many different places via different media, and different exposure vehicles which will increase your branding quickly.

4. MORE Website TRAFFIC!

This says it ALL. If people LIKE what you are doing and you offer your content in a variety of ways to experience it, you will be read and watched by a whole lot more people then just a single blog post.

1. Use ALL Media- Video, Audio, Written, books, nooks, kindle and more.

If you are going to MAXIMIZE the Value of your Content Asset, you must use ALL exposure possibilities. This is the ONLY way that you will truly maximize your exposure and brand.
Exposure is one of the MAIN REASONS you Re-purpose. The more people that see you, the more people will talk about you. Plus, this also will bring MORE TRAFFIC to your site.

2. Article Marketing and Directories.

 Make sure that all your articles are on the MAIN article sites.  There are hundreds and article sites and directories.  The biggest:
 This is the mother load!  Secret: Make sure the article sites have a Strong Page Rank as well! You can google “high page rank article directories” and you will find a list of them. Yes, Panda has devalued the article directories, but they are still good for exposure and links.

3. Audio Readers converting to mp3.

Did you know  that your articles can be converted into AUDIO mp3s by special software?
This will allow you to get your Content Asset out on the web in audio form as well. It is SO cool. This will also be good for the folks who have trouble reading on the web.  Google LOVES that.
Here is one of the more powerful software converters out there from written to audio:
This will EXPAND your view of your Content as well.

4. LIVE Presentation.

  You can Re-purpose your Content Asset in a LIVE presentation of it.  It can be in a group setting in PERSON.  It can be on a LIVE online Livecast.  It can be a LIVE Social Cast on ustream.  There are many ways to deliver LIVE. But LIVE delivery carries IMPACT and is a powerful way to get your message across.

5.  Text Article Convert it to Video.

 To take an article you wrote and convert to video is actually quite simple. Yes, there is software out there that can do that.  Some work better than others–and  some do not do that well at all.
 We have found one that ROCKS:
You can take every article and turn it into a Quality Video within minutes with this software and it is amazing.

6. Interview experts about the article.

 Interview “experts” concerning your article.  Ask them questions about what the article says and then let them give their expertise.  This will not only BUILD the Value of your Asset but also increase the credibility of it. I call it “Expert Marketing.” Let the experts help market your content and give them some exposure as well!

7. Online Slide Shows.

 Online slide shows for power points and other forms of documents are HUGE. I use them all the time. You can take your article and convert it to power point or keep it in worddoc.  Here are 2 of the BEST out there:
These are 7 powerful ways you can Re-purpose your content, or “Multiply Your Message” for your mlm network marketing home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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mlm training videos

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This training video will help you understand the power of a focused time and effort for yourself. YOU are a gold mine and you MUST dig that gold mine. This will give you some golden tips on how to do that.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training Videos- 5 MLM Recruiting Secrets to Video Recruiting


mlm online video recruiting

mlm online video recruiting


Are you recording videos in your mlm home business efforts?

Are you aware that videos get indexed quicker than any other form of online communication?

How would that EXPLODE your results in your network marketing recruiting success?

I have been recording videos for quite sometime. But they have become more and more important in the overall SERP results with the google panda updates and with bing and yahoo.

 Videos are the most visited pages and the most popular pages on the internet. And with that in mind, then you should be focused on using videos for your mlm prospecting and recruiting efforts.

The power of video can be seen in many sites, including network marketing pro. It is a powerful way to TEACH and TRAIN.

But what about RECRUITING in network marketing?

What if you could learn some mlm video training tips that would rock your home business recruiting?

Videos are a powerful MAGNET that can say more in 30 seconds than many written blog posts can say in 3000 words.


So that is the reason I believe that you should be using videos to recruit and enlarge your home based business. They work and they work powerfully.

 I suggest that you use youtube for hosting your videos, although there are over 300 more video sites that you can use as well.

Another powerful resource for learning how to recruit with video is:

what are 5 ways to use mlm recruiting videos for your home business success?

1. Use them as 30 second messages asking for help with your friends.

This is a powerful tool and tactic. Our Private client have been using this for several years. Simply  record yourself on a laptop camera or a FLIP video camera, and ask your friends for some help.

“The reason for this video is I could use some help. I am looking for some talent in your area, and you know who i am looking for as I am building there. Could you please go to < url> and take a quick look at how you can help and I will be in touch soon to see who you might think would be a fit. I m thanking you in advance for your help.”

2. Use an mlm recruiting video in your blog posts at the bottom of your post.

Simply put on top of the video: “Please help me. Watch this 1 minute video and see how you can.”

Many people will watch the video and at the end ask them to view  another short company video and refer some talent to you that they think would be a fit.

3. Use your mlm recruiting video in an online recruiting brochure.

Are you aware that you can make online brochures? Here are two:

Desktop Author

My Brochure Maker

Some of the available software will allow you to slip a video in the brochure as well. You can also do this in a PDF format which can be a great way to recruit by sending it out and asking people to look at it and see how they can help you.

4. Use your mlm recruiting videos on other people’s blogs as a guest post.

You can post a great written article on someone else’s blog at the end of your article, post a video. Use the video to thank the person for allowing you to post an article, and then ask them to possibly help you locate some talent in their area and give them a way to contact you. (With that verbiage.) You will find that you will get people emailing you or contacting you with suggestion and even interested themselves.

5. Get a featured video spot on Youtube.

There have been many network marketers that have gotten a ton of leads using this. Youtube allows  you to be be the featured video for the day (yes there is a cost) and you get seen by millions of people. Make the video a “tips” video on something. Tips on skincare. Tips on travel. Tips on weight loss. Tips on marketing. Tips on social media marketing. Whatever you think would fit your niche.

Then at the end of this short video, ask them for some help as you are looking for some talent in their area, Tell them you are looking for a leader who you can lock arms with and build a business statewide. This has proven to drive mlm online leads to you like a hurricane. I have seen it do amazing things with only one video.

These are 5 things that you can do to increase your mlm recruiting using mlm recruiting videos.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

Mobile Recruiting Secrets- Recruit from your phone–READ THIS!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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