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Do you know what the MOST powerful tool you have for your mlm business?

What would that be for your home business?

Would knowing that secret HELP YOU in your network marketing business?

I wrote an article several years ago and I wanted to share with you today. It is SO TRUE and I know it will help you in your home based business.

Here is is….

A home business  is built many ways and with many tools.

One of the 2 tools that a network marketing business is built with is YES and NO.

Many MLM distributors do not realize that their home based business is being built by someone else.



Many a home business is being built by someone else the distributor knows through powerful Influence,and they are using the NO tool to do it.

Many a work at home distributor in a home based business has left the profession because someone else was building their business-with negative words and actions that influence the
distributor over time to give up and simply walk away.

I almost walked away my first 4 years -5 times- due to negative comments and people’s influence over my life.

Thank God I was able to GROW BIGGER than their negatives.

Isn’t it TIME that you moved  you and your work at home business into the YES ZONE?

Isn’t it time that you simply took CONTROL of your MLM destiny and quit letting someone else “build” -or in this case destroy- your business.

I do a lot of private one on one consultation and I am amazed at how many people let others dictate and build their business with their negative and poisonous “notgoing to happen” focus. And eventually the distributor gives in to the verbal and emotional assault of others -and quits.

And they could have gone on to build a dream business that would have given them an amazing life. But yet they built their business on the foundation of someone else’s NO.

Here is a quote I wrote:

  “It is those that say a resounding YES to Home Business Success as well as Life that live a Larger then normal life, have a Larger than normal business, and have a more Powerful than normal income. Say YES- and QUIT LISTENING to the NOs that are trying to STOP YOU. “

The word YES.


It is a FOCUS.

It is an ACTON.

It is a BELIEF.

It is a MIND SET.




Yes is one of the most powerful words in all language and MLM. It simply says “I will move forward with that.”

But a DECIDED YES also includes a silent- “And I will NOT BE STOPPED.”

Many people build a home business as well as live a life of NO because they were taught that and grew up in that NO culture. But you can change that in a heartbeat.

Change your DECIDED DESTINY from NO to YES.

Yes I am succeeding with my Home Business.

Yes I am the top earner for my Company.

Yes I am the most powerful Leader on my Home Business Team.

Yes I am building a team of 50,000 people in my Home Business.

Yes I am living a lifestyle that most only dream of with my Home

YES I am doing it NOW and No Thing, No Lie, No Person, No Result, No Insult, No Lack of Understanding, No or No Crisis will STOP ME and my Home business..


THAT is a mind set well abovethe norm in the crowd of mediocrity, and you will RISE above everyone and everything that tries to stop you.

Say “YES” to being Invincible and Unstoppable!

Say YES to the Greatness inside of you and the great destiny that lies before you.

If you do that, people will RESPOND MORE POSITIVELY to you, and are drawn more powerfully towards you.

God put a YES LIFE there and does NOT want it wasted.

Neither DO YOU!

Today…Say “YES!” to a Million Dollar Home Business!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- The 2 Types of MLM Prospects and What NOT To Do

mlm network marketing prospects

mlm home business

MLM Prospecting Tips.

Quit looking for people that you are looking for, and start looking for people that are looking for you.

  This will require you practicing what we call “Recruiting MagneTechs” in the social media zone.

There are many distributors in Network Marketing that continually call back their prospects that have become a part of the witness protection plan. They seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth.

But they keep calling…and calling…and calling…and calling.

Are you doing that?

Are you constantly trying to call people and tell them your story, and they are always disappearing on you? That is what many distributors do. And
you cannot afford to make that huge mistake.

The traditional method of Network Marketing works- for some people, but not for all. And the ones that it works for, only works for a while, as the number of warm market they have continually grows smaller. And that is why the distributor is constantly looking for ANYONE who will listen to their story, and give them some time. That is why many people talk to the wrong people- they try and recruit anyone who will talk with them.

But you should not fall into that trap as new methods and strategies have been
developed so you do not have to get into what we call “Net-beg Marketing.”

 YOU are NOT a person who Begs for anything.

 YOU are NOT begging for business.

 YOU are a NOT begging for someone to talk to.

 You are NOT begging for appointments.

 Many folks when they start following up on their prospects, they go into the “begging
mode” which is less than attractive to the prospect. Leaders do not beg- they talk to prospects that want to talk to them. That is the difference between the average and the wealthy.

Yes, you need to talk to prospects and follow up with them, but Leaders understand there
are two types of people – that happen to be  two philosophies as well- for prospecting.

There are 2 types of people

1)   The person you are looking for to enroll in your business that may or may not be interested, and you have to convince them that your business and products are what they need.

2)   The person that is looking for you, as they are looking for a home business, and/or the benefits of the products you are marketing and that person is willing to take action now.

Here is the Million Dollar Question:

 Which one makes more sense to try to recruit?

The answer is obvious for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training Videos- 5 MLM Recruiting Secrets to Video Recruiting


mlm online video recruiting

mlm online video recruiting


Are you recording videos in your mlm home business efforts?

Are you aware that videos get indexed quicker than any other form of online communication?

How would that EXPLODE your results in your network marketing recruiting success?

I have been recording videos for quite sometime. But they have become more and more important in the overall SERP results with the google panda updates and with bing and yahoo.

 Videos are the most visited pages and the most popular pages on the internet. And with that in mind, then you should be focused on using videos for your mlm prospecting and recruiting efforts.

The power of video can be seen in many sites, including network marketing pro. It is a powerful way to TEACH and TRAIN.

But what about RECRUITING in network marketing?

What if you could learn some mlm video training tips that would rock your home business recruiting?

Videos are a powerful MAGNET that can say more in 30 seconds than many written blog posts can say in 3000 words.


So that is the reason I believe that you should be using videos to recruit and enlarge your home based business. They work and they work powerfully.

 I suggest that you use youtube for hosting your videos, although there are over 300 more video sites that you can use as well.

Another powerful resource for learning how to recruit with video is:

what are 5 ways to use mlm recruiting videos for your home business success?

1. Use them as 30 second messages asking for help with your friends.

This is a powerful tool and tactic. Our Private client have been using this for several years. Simply  record yourself on a laptop camera or a FLIP video camera, and ask your friends for some help.

“The reason for this video is I could use some help. I am looking for some talent in your area, and you know who i am looking for as I am building there. Could you please go to < url> and take a quick look at how you can help and I will be in touch soon to see who you might think would be a fit. I m thanking you in advance for your help.”

2. Use an mlm recruiting video in your blog posts at the bottom of your post.

Simply put on top of the video: “Please help me. Watch this 1 minute video and see how you can.”

Many people will watch the video and at the end ask them to view  another short company video and refer some talent to you that they think would be a fit.

3. Use your mlm recruiting video in an online recruiting brochure.

Are you aware that you can make online brochures? Here are two:

Desktop Author

My Brochure Maker

Some of the available software will allow you to slip a video in the brochure as well. You can also do this in a PDF format which can be a great way to recruit by sending it out and asking people to look at it and see how they can help you.

4. Use your mlm recruiting videos on other people’s blogs as a guest post.

You can post a great written article on someone else’s blog at the end of your article, post a video. Use the video to thank the person for allowing you to post an article, and then ask them to possibly help you locate some talent in their area and give them a way to contact you. (With that verbiage.) You will find that you will get people emailing you or contacting you with suggestion and even interested themselves.

5. Get a featured video spot on Youtube.

There have been many network marketers that have gotten a ton of leads using this. Youtube allows  you to be be the featured video for the day (yes there is a cost) and you get seen by millions of people. Make the video a “tips” video on something. Tips on skincare. Tips on travel. Tips on weight loss. Tips on marketing. Tips on social media marketing. Whatever you think would fit your niche.

Then at the end of this short video, ask them for some help as you are looking for some talent in their area, Tell them you are looking for a leader who you can lock arms with and build a business statewide. This has proven to drive mlm online leads to you like a hurricane. I have seen it do amazing things with only one video.

These are 5 things that you can do to increase your mlm recruiting using mlm recruiting videos.

FREE ebook on Social Media Recruiting- “Social Media Power” with over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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