MLM Prospecting- 2 Cold Market Voice Mail Scripts that Get Call Backs!

mlm cold calling

mlm cold market voice mail

MLM Cold Market Prospecting Voice Mails.

Are you leaving voice mails for your cold market leads for your home business?

Do you leave cold market voice mails and no one ever call you back?

Would you like to learn HOW to leave mlm recruiting cold market prospecting voice mails?

1)  Cold Market Voice Mail Message 1 – “You requested me to call.”

“My name is Lisa, and you requested me to call you–as I understand it, you had requested some information from our company –ABC,   and I want to make sure that we get you get the information you need. We are now holding initial conversations with some potential Leaders. I am not sure that this would be something right for you –or you for us, but would love to chat for a minute. The possible income potential for the person we work with is significant. You can call 1.800.555.1212 for some preliminary information. Looking forward to it. My number is 1.555.1212.

2. Cold market Message Voice Mail Message- “I am returning your Request for Information.”

My name is Doug and you requested some information from my company. As I understand it, you had requested for someone to give you a call and I am doing that. I would like to chat for a minute to see how I can help get you some information and then you can review it. Thank you for your request and I look forward to getting you that material and answering any questions. My number is 555.1212 and please feel free to let me know when you have 5 minutes and we can connect. Thank you and look forward to connecting.

The cold market is something that is fickle and you can leave 200 messages and NEVER get a call back, or you can get 190 call backs.

It depends on what you say, how it FEELS to the prospect and what they perceive you want from them.

DO NOT want anything FROM THEM but have something to give something TO THEM.

Like a FREE sample.

Like a FREE ebook.

Like a FREE video.

Like a FREE online course.

And IF you want them to to call you back….

Sound like somebody they would want to MEET.

Be friendly, but a Leader.

Be nice, but an Authority.

Be magnetic, but sound Powerful.

And sound like you are someone that is WORTH meeting and spending time with.

If you do this, and decide that you are going to recruit in the cold market, you will find that when you leave a voice mail, BE YOU. Do not be anyone else as they will sens you are a fake when they start a conversation with you.

It is not that hard, and with a little practice you can be doing amazing in leaving cold market voice mails in your mlm network marketing home business.

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  1. Tim Johnson says

    Knowing how to effectively use a voice mail, is powerful, when you understand what’s at stake…

    What’s at stake you ask? Avoiding burning up names on a list with no success, not having anyone return a call to you, thinking that all “those people” are dumb… you get the feeling, we’ve all been there.

    How about applying the tactics outlined here on this post? This is very effective strategies for having your call returned. The biggest factor in your getting a call back is you. How do you sound to the person listening? Do you sound real? Your tone of voice plays a huge part in their perception of you…

    Practice these voice mails, you can call your own voice mail and listen… Happy calling!

  2. Andrew Magee says

    *** Thank you Doug for these “AMAZING” MLM cold market prospecting voice mails! These will definitely rock my BIZ *** ANDY MAGEE


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