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MLM Recruiting Secrets.

Would you like to Never Get a NO from your home business prospect?
How would you like to go into the recruiting mode and not get a NO from your mlm prospect?
Would learning how to lessen the Nos in your business help you in network marketing?
There are many ways to sponsor and recruit. But there are also SECRETS of recruiting that can help you get more yeses then you ever thought possible.
The power of recruiting comes in your words and APPROACH to the the process. The focus you have in the recruiting process will play heavily into the results that you get in your efforts.
What if you could feel GREAT when you called your prospects knowing you were going to get more YESES then Nos? You can, and WILL if you focus on the right things.
The word YES is what most people are looking for when they recruit. and often they get the exact opposite. And that is why many people cannot recruit. They take the last NO into the next conversation and then gets the same result.
And because of that, you recruit less and less and less. And the next thing you do, is simply…
Or something close to that.
Ok…How can you NEVER get the word NO?
There are many secrets that you can use, and this post we are going to go over one secret that I KNOW will help you in not getting the word NO.
What would happen if you would lessen dramatically the sting and pain of the word NO?  Many things. But the great thing about that is you will:
Work harder.
Recruit more.
Talk to more people.
Connect online with more prospects.
Watch your network marketing business EXPLODE.
Yes, you read that right. NOT getting a lot of Nos can empower you and elevate your focus and expectations- which the prospects will FEEL and respond to in a positive way. And that is what you want- a POSITIVE response to your message and offer.
There is also one more reason why you want less Nos:
You will no longer FEAR the word NO.
It will become a non issue.

1. Look Past the Prospect- Recruit THROUGH them.
•You MUST look beyond the prospect. This means that you need to look at who the prospect knows and likes and has credibility with.
•Recruiting THROUGH someone is a KEY. It is one of the greatest tactics that will accelerate your recruiting.
•It is about who is STANDING BEHIND THEM.
NOT in front of you.
 And if you ask for an introduction to who they know, then you will hear the word NO much less in your mlm network marketing home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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  1. Doug, this is an excellent article. I remember you teaching this approach years ago when I had the opportunity to learn from you personally, and it has made me a lot of money in my network marketing business over the last 15 years.

    Reading this article prompted me to write a post on my blog in which I mentioned you and referenced your training in this post. You’ll see it come through on your “mentions” on Twitter.

    I appreciate you and all that you do for our industry!

    • Thanks Chuck! Long time no talk to my friend. Good hearing from you. Things do change and mobile today is the cutting edge and I train a lot on that- but the basics NEVER change and I am so glad to hear from you. How is the family and all? facebook me a message and lets connect to catch up. doug

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