MLM Training Videos- Do YOU have a PDT in YOUR Business? You Better.

mlm training videos

mlm training videos

MLM Training Videos- The Power of a PDT and on your Business.

This training video will help you understand the power of a focused time and effort for yourself. YOU are a gold mine and you MUST dig that gold mine. This will give you some golden tips on how to do that.

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MLM Recruiting- How To Recruit Anyone in 30 Seconds- Part 2

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MLM Recruiting 30 Seconds.

If there were some phrases that would hit someone up the head and GET their ATTENTION , would that help your mlm business recruiting?

How would you like to be able to PULL people towards you within seconds?

In our Private Coaching, we have been teaching what we call “2 x 4 Phrases” for quite sometime. These are phrases and questions that hit a person like an imaginary 2 x 4 upside the head and heart. Theses phrases and questions have been time tested and work whether online or offline, does not matter.

Many people today are busy, and have been approached many times before. You may be one of those folks. I am. I get hit up all the time for the “new next big thing” and I generally listen as i want to hear the “pitch.”

Sometimes it is good- other times….not so good.

A Meeting of the Minds.

That is why one day we were talking in a mastermind meeting, and came up with the reality that we needed something DIFFERENT that would truly get people’s attention.

We chatted about what I wrote about in the Part One of this series, and we started to cone up with some interesting thinking, but not where it needed to be.

Then someone suggested we put ourselves in the place of the prospect and what would get our attention. BAM!  The energy shifted and we came up with over 25 “2x4s” that really hit the heart and created massive attention.

The 2×4 Phrases that PULL People IN.

I want to give you three of them that truly work, and I believe will help you with your mlm recruiting as well as your home business prospecting.

These “2x4s” focus on PULLING people towards you, and keeping them engaged in the conversation whether online or offline. They follow the path of Magnetic Conversation and work like crazy!

It centers around 2 words:


1. “I help people to love the life they are living more…”

2. “I help people to achieve in their life what they never thought possible…”

3. “I am an Elevator. I help elevate people’s possibilities in life and then achieve them.”

These are focused on ONE THIMG:

VALUE to the prospect.

And if you are writing copy for a landing page, or for an ad, focus on the VOLUME of VALUEthat your words communicate in your home business.

The More Volume of Value, the more magnetic your words become in your network marketing home business.

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