MLM Recruiting- How to Do a Holiday Recruiting Get Together-THAT WORKS

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mlm holiday recruiting


MLM Holiday Recruiting.

If you could hold a get together for your mlm prospects over the holidays and recruit them ALL from ONE MEETING-would that be of help?

Yes, online meetings are possible too and we will cover that in another post, but LIVE face to face meetings during the holidays are CRITICAL as well as part of the holiday tradition.

It is called a “Get Together” and NOT a “meeting” as that is the “feel” it needs and also the focus it needs. “Meeting” often sends the wrong signal to the home business prospect. And they often think, “What do THEY want from me?”  The term “get together” signals that is will be fun, friendly, and just some folks that are getting together to enjoy the holiday season. and that is what you want.

You want a NO AGENDA FEEL to the meeting and non-threatening. But if you do this Holiday Get Together right, you will recruit many folks during this meeting, as we did this for years.

The Holidays and especially Christmas, are known for the family time, as well as parties and get togethers. So this little holiday secret can work well within the culture of the holiday season.

How does this Get Together work?

Like any other gathering.

1. You pick a location to meet and gather with your team and guests.

Often this can be a restaurant that has a back room you can meet. A Starbucks would work, as well as someone’s home, but the best is a luncheon place you can grab a sandwich.

2. You celebrate the holidays with music playing and a festive feel to it.

Here is where you simply celebrate the holidays with people and good times. BUT- you talk about the next year and all it has to hold for the future, and how you are looking so forward to it. 

3. Ask what each person attending wants to CHANGE in 2012 and WHY. Have them write it down if you have time and sheets of paper.

Get them talking about change. Ge them talking about what they are dissatisfied in life about. Get them to talk about the PERFECT YEAR and what 2012 would look like if it was.


4. Talk to them about needing a PLAN.

P = POSSIBILTY MAKER.  They need something that is going to make the perfect year POSSIBLE.

L = LOVE. Talk to them about LOVING their life in 2012 and not just LIVING it. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to LOVE your life in 2012 and not just go through the motions of living it?”

A = ACTION. It is NOT going to happen if you are NOT taking action on something that will help them GET THERE.

N = NEW. Usually to LOVE life, you gotta do something NEW and do it NOW.

Then talk OPTIONS and what they have in their life to make 2012 the BEST YEAR they have ever had. Most have FEW options you will find.

Ask this question: “Are you wanting to be in a position next year NOT having to worry about income?”

Then simply say that you not sure what that NEW THING or Action would be, but you and your team would help them achieve their dreams in 2012 in any way possible.

THEN move on to giving out small gifts of SUCCESS. This could be “As a Man Thinketh” book by James Allen or a CD on Success. AND give away a CD of Holiday or Christmas music as well. Use your creativity.  And at the end- meet the guests, and set up a time you get together with them individually with your team member that invited them.

This traditional method of creating a Holiday Recruiting Frenzy has proven to work and work well. I would encourage you to loo at doing this during the holidays, and if you do NOT have a big team, invite your friends and ask them to bring a guest.

This will increase your ability to build your business during a traditionally low activity season for the home business mlm profession.

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MLM Recruiting- The MILLION Dollar MLM Recruiting Question

mlm recruiting network marketing

MLM Recruiting Question for Home Business


MLM Recruiting.

Would knowing a question you could ask that has produced millions of dollars in income for our Private Clients help your MLM home business?

How would you like to be able to be online- or on social media sites- and ask a question that RARELY EVER gets a negative response?

You say that question does not exist?

Oh, yes it does.

The 25 Million Dollar List.

We have a powerful tool that we call “The 25 – Million Dollar Recruiting Questions” that you can ask a prospect for your network marketing business, that works every time. And they are not theory, or hope they work, or may might work.


They have PROVEN to work online- offline- anyline. They are that powerful. I wanted to share one with you today to give you something that you can go out and start using NOW for your work at your home business. And if you use this question, you will see some amazing response in your network marketing recruiting efforts.

Now let’s be real.

It MUST be used in order for it to work. I had one client that got real excited over this one question and she said that she was going to use it like crazy next week. A week later I called her and she said her business was still struggling. I asked her if she had been using “The Question.” She said that she had not as she forgot what it was.


Not a good sign for the future of her MLM Leadership and business.

Reality Check.

Just like gasoline-you must put it in the car and engage it’s POWER for the car to run, it is the same thing here. This Million Dollar Question is not worth anything to your business if it is not engaged and used on a daily basis. Our research has shown that 100% of the people that use this question have 100% better response than those that do not use it.


So that is why that I want you to use this question 10 times this week. I want you to use it on social media conversation threads, texts you send on your cell, mobile recruiting actions, efforts, face to face recruiting, in home meeting recruiting, or any other type of mlm recruiting that you use.

This Million Dollar MLM Recruiting Question rocks. And I have used it and taught it and it WORKS just about everytime in getting a positive response. It is sinple, but yet profound. It is non-threatening, and engaging. It is unexpected and fits in any kind of conversation. It is MAGNETIC as it PULLS people towards you.

Ok..what is it?

Here ya go:

“Are you in a place in your life that you would consider more income for you and your family?”

THAT question will create a positive response like crazy.

If they say, “It depends. What are you talking about?” You simply respond,” How do you feel about the idea of helping people and getting paid for it?”


“How do you feel about the idea of you and I partnering up in a business and building you a six figure income?”

The Million Dollar MLM Recruiting Question is one of the most powerful questions you can ask anyone in any kind of conversation. I would encourage you to use it, and watch your mlm home business recruiting success explode.

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MLM Training Videos- Do YOU have a PDT in YOUR Business? You Better.

mlm training videos

mlm training videos

MLM Training Videos- The Power of a PDT and on your Business.

This training video will help you understand the power of a focused time and effort for yourself. YOU are a gold mine and you MUST dig that gold mine. This will give you some golden tips on how to do that.

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MLM Training Videos- 3 Quick MLM Tips on Creating KILLER Content!

mlm training video

mlm training video


Have you ever watched a video and it was so simple but yet profound for your home business?

Would it help if you could find a way to increase your impact with your video content?

Here is an MLM Video training from one of the our profession’s Rising superstars Kristen Darkenwald. This Video is amazingly simple but will reveal 3 ways to create incredible content.

You will be hearing a LOT more from Krysten the next few months throughout the profession of network marketing. This mlm training video is a home run and I know it will help.

You can reach Krysten at


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MLM Recruiting- Are YOU Making this HUGE Recruiting Mistake?

mlm recruiting network marketing

mlm recruiting no thanks


How would you like to take your mlm recruiting and prospecting through the ROOF?

What would it mean to your business if you could TRIPLE your recruiting ratio- OVERNIGHT?

Yes, you read that right. You can take your recruiting in network marketing to the moon by one simple tweak in your efforts.

Many home business professionals today are making a mistake that is doing 5 things:

1. Stopping people from listening any further.

2. Making people upset and not willing to even entertain the possibility of working with you.

3. Forcing your home business prospect to make a decision based on emotion and not facts.

4. Creating an environment that encourages the word NO and not the word YES.

5. Making you look like a foolish amateur and then amplifying that result.

Not a pretty picture for your multi level marketing huh?

I have seen a lot of good people that have tried to recruit and just absolutely blow it because they were making this huge mistake. I made it and you probably are as well. I can tell you that I have made just about every mistake in the book and not proud of it.

But I hung in there and finally got it to work.

But this only happened after I made the decision to fix what was broken and stop making stupid mistakes as I had been. What does a million dollar mistake cost you?

A million dollars.

And it cost me more than that. And it may be costing you more then that as well. I figured out something that really rocked my world as well as rocked my business. I figured out that I needed to stop DOING something. And I did. Cold turkey. And you need to as well.

What was it that I stopped cold turkey?


You read that right.

I stopped mlm recruiting cold turkey. I refused to do it anymore as that had become a thorn in my side, as the Apostle Paul would say.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING you say! Nope. I quit recruiting and never looked back.

And my business EXPLODED.

Ok…why did I quit network marketing recruiting?


It was not working. And I changed it and it started working. Hello.

I quit recruiting….and started HELPING PEOPLE.

Read that again.

Helping people.

2 Powerful words that will change your recruiting overnight. If you focus on HELPING versus RECRUITING…

Your whole Presence changes in your mlm recruiting efforts and people will sense about you that you are that to HELP not TAKE.

Do you get THAT?

Help….NOT TAKE. And that is why when I started asking one question my whole recruiting efforts exploded. People can sense if you are there to GET SOMETHING vs. GIVE something. Make them feel RELAXED and at EASE by not coming across like you are trying to recruit them whether online or offline. This question can relax and set people at east INSTANTLY…

What is the ONE THING I can help you with that would help change your life?”

How simple. How profound. Here is another question:

“How can I help serve your dreams?”


“Can I help you achieve those dreams you have been talking about?”

These are POWER Phrases that are MAGNETIC and do not come across like you are there to recruit them- but HELP THEM do in their life what they have not been able to do.

How simple. How profound.

I would advise you to QUIT RECRUITING in mlm and start HELPING people to explode your mlm home business recruiting success.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM – The Social Recruiting Power of these 5 NICHE Sites


mlm social niche site

mlm social niche site home business


You probably know MLM Social media has taken the world of business by storm.

I predicted it 6 years ago, and a lot of folks laughed.

 No one is laughing now.

I called it back then  “The Coming Success Storm” and man, has it been a STORM. It has changed every part of business as well as home business in everything that it touched.

Including mlm and network marketing.

In the growth of social media, there have been what are called “niche sites.” These are “specialized” or “focused” or “special interest” sites that house fewer folks than say facebook, but they are a GOLD MINE in social media mlm recruiting.

Niche sites are something I LOVE to train on as it truly is overlooked in many arenas in the home business profession. These sites I have found in private coaching, to be easier to recruit on as well as more fun. But being on the RIGHT niche sites are critical.

I have found 5 Social Niche sites that are GREAT places to recruit and if you do it RIGHT, can prove to be virtual gold mines for social media mlm.


Ziggs is a great site to meet, connect, and build your brand online. I would suggest that you look at the site and see if it would be a fit for you. Our private clients have had good results in connecting with the RIGHT people and enrolling them. You need to decide if this would be a good business social networking niche site for you.


This is another interesting business social networking site. It is different than ziggs as it is focused on “spoking” your contacts and you are the hub. You can connect with new folks as well and it has a lot of potential for a niche site. Take a look at it and see if this would be right for you. It really is a great niche site.


This is a site I have been a part of for several years and it a great site. It carries 11 million people on it and a LOT of potential as far as connections. As in all niche site I would encourage you to check it out and see if this would be a fit. We have had great success meeting people locally and recruiting them. As in all social sites, do NOT attack and recruit. Connect and construct the relationship so that they will be glad to offer you some help finding the right people.


Ryze is also a great business social niche site. I would recommend that you check it out and see what they offer. There are a TON of folks on this site, and all are business professionals. You can meet a LOT of heavy hitters on this site, and I would recommend that you join it.


This is a TOTAL niche site. It is a niche site for startups. It is a COOL site to meet people that are wanting to do better and go higher in life. You can meet great people that already are motivated, and want to do great things. I would suggest that you check it out and see if it is a fit. And there is also this killer start up social niche site (check it out):

I hope that you have learned something about possible social niche sites in the social media arena. These sites are only a START to the hundreds of powerful social niche sites out on the web for your mlm home business success!

Social Network Marketing? What is THAT? Read this.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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