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MLM Leadership.

What is the most powerful part of MLM Leadership?

MLM team Building?

Some say:



Decision Making?

Would you like to learn a more powerful Force in your mlm leadership that truly will rock your home business and recruiting?

Inlfluence is key to home business success, no doubt. But yet, when you learn the TRUE Marketing Power that PULLS people towards you, you will be light years ahead of most in our great profession.

Influence is what many Leaders say DRIVE mlm and network marketing.

But…does it drive Marketing Success and Recruiting?

Or…is there something MORE POWERFUL that you need to engage in your mlm home business?

Is there something that you need to focus on more powerfully and will create the results you want for your network marketing business?

Influence is something that is very critical. But there is a RULE that you need to understand about the shift that has occurred in the home business profession.

What would that New Home business rule be?

NOTE:  It is No Longer just about Influence, but IMPACT.

Read that AGAIN!

It is No Longer just about Influence, but IMPACT.

 Influence is at the core of Leadership and the secret to this business is Leadership Development. But today, things are changing and Influence is no longer the  “Power Factor” of Success with people in a Home business.


People today are not looking as much for Influence as something that stirs them up on the inside in a positive way and they FEEL the message-not just hear it or see it.

 Impact is the force that “something hits something else.”

What FORCE does your message for your company have?

What Impact does it carry?

What does your prospect FEEL from you and your company?

Take Nike.

That company has Impact with a slogan, or “meme” that you cannot forget. “Just do It.™

That carries with it Impact that amplifies Influence to take action.

And what today’s consumers and prospects are looking for is no longer to be Influenced to just DO something– but Impacted so they FEEL something and be moved by it emotionally and psychologically.

 Many people today create a weaker influence than they should, and thusly it weakens their results as well as actions.

Create and impact with your message and product.


Make a BOLD statement.

 Make an Extraordinary Promise.

Ask a thought provoking question.

Create a word picture that draws people towards you.

Display an image that tells a story-liker the Apple Ipod advertisements – just a silhouette that tells a story.

 Take your prospects somewhere away in their mind with the sharing of your business and where it could take them.

Amplify your Passion and get people magnetized to listen because of what is pouring out of you. THAT creates Impact.

 Influence will always be important NO DOUBT.

But today, Impact is Imperative in your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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