MLM Training – Secrets to Building a Big, Unstoppable Team

mlm home business team building

mlm home buiness team building

MLM Building an Unstoppable Downline.

Do you want a downline that is Unstoppable in your home based business?

Are you looking for the secrets to building a runaway network marketing team?

What are the secrets to building a monster mlm team?

In 2007, I sent out an email with this article in it. It got a lot or response and I wanted to share this “ClassicFire” article with you about building a team. I think it will help you and you will enjoy it.

Here is is:


Folks today in Network Marketing and home business are selling their downline short in what they can actually accomplish in a big way. It seems that :

1) Most leaders do not Dream BIG enough to geet them or their team excited.

2) Most Leaders do not think Empowered enough to move their team to greater heights.

3) Most Leaders think Enough…is Enough…when it’s not enough and not even close to being enough.

And because of this lack of Power and Energy in their Mindset and Heartset, their downline falls to the words of negative Folks who only want to stop their Success and Team building due to jealousies, and fears within themselves. Aand with the team members never knowing the greatness that lies within THEM – you as a Leader need to expose and grow that greatness in your people one day at a time and one conversation at a time.

The First thing you need to do as a powerful team building Leader to build an unstoppable and BIG downline is called:

Establishing Expectancy.

People have a tendency to rise to the level of what is expected of them if it is articulated as well as made clear of what you want to happen.

But, it must be:  An Expectancy with Magnetic POWER, and Massive Purpose in it, and driven by a Pure Passion, and Blueprint Plan.

How do you Establish Expectancy? So simple but rarely is it ever done…you simply have a “Starting Point meeting” with them, and say.:

” I see great things in you, and even if you don’t see them now, you will…Lean on my vision as yours develops, and we will grow into it together. I expect you to be very successful in this business, and I know you will surprise yourself down the road at what you will accomplish…I believe in you….and if you don’t, lean on my belief while yours grows, and we will travel this road together…I expect you to Let you become successful, and not hold yourself back like most do in this business…We are going to think big, and do big! Fair enough?”…

This is what we call Igniting the Success Spark and the Possibility of Unstoppable Progress in building your team.

Once you have met with your group or new team member, and set their goals, and find out what their dreams are and set a plan of action,(this is another training for later) then you must do what we call— “Unstop the Unstoppable”. 

Most people “Stop Up” their “Ability Pipeline” by clogging it up with the scum of Doubt, Self Sabotage, and Fear which all are Leadership Cancers

To Unstop the Unstoppable, you utilize what we at PassionFire call the “5 P’s of Building an Unstoppable Downline…”This comes after you establish what you expect from you folks

The 5 P’s are:

1) Place.

You must place the seed of Greatness and Success in your groups minds and heart as a Leader. You must do that from the start, by verbalizing it, and constantly keeping it in the forefront of their mindsMost have never heard the phrase..”There is greatness inside of you!”..use it fluently.

2) Plant.

Once you have placed, you plant and grow it, by watering it with Belief, Recognition of Effort, and Encouragement that builds the seed and sprouts even stronger…a seed that has been planted will grow accorsding to it’s environment…make it a growth environment1

3) Promote.

You must promote the Attempts and even the smallest success to the group as a whole…in Public, On Conference Calls, and in Writing, Everywhere and All the Time…why?

Secret: Once a Public Recognition happens, others will want to become a part of that as well, and will rise to the level of expectancy. People will do more for recognition than money…Thats Leadership 101.

4) Empower.

Once you have set the Tone and pace for the group to grow, you must Empower your group by using the word “unstoppable.’ You are becoming unstoppable. We are becoming unstoppable. The momentum is becoming unstoppable. And if it still a ways off. “I can see on the Horizon we are nearing the Unstoppable Phase.” Empower your people with the Word, and Having a Virtual Unstoppable Attitude and Focus and Presence about you, they will catch on if you “own it,” they will see it, and start to see the Power that truly lies within themselves..

5) Progress.

Once your group has “bought in” or “enrolled” in the Unstoppable Vision, then it’s time to pour the Kerosene of Leadership on the Flame of Success by creating a virtual FireStorm of Events that demands activity, and creates every opportunity possible for exposure to your business for you people. Hold a recruiting “special event “once a week for 6-8 weeks, and create a major sense of urgency and if they have enrolled into becoming an ” Unstoppable Starter”(did you catch that?)…they will pick up the ball and run with it.

By duplicating your Unstoppable Focus and Mindset and Business, and sharing the
same principle and ideals with their new people…But you must Place and Plant

Secret: Most Leaders set their distributors up to Fail…not to Succeed. Success starts with an Expectancy of growing to become Unstoppable. No Expectations…No Realizations.

Unstoppable is something YOU first must Buy Into. Before you can ask others to take ownership in, you cannot give away to your group what you don’t own.

Make a list…of the 5 things that could stop you and then on a separate page make a list of the reasons why they will NEVER stop you -then tear one of the papers up. There is your destiny.

There is Great Leadership in You! Release it and start the Avalanche of Success in your group with this ClassicFire article from 2005, to become Unstoppable in your mlm network marketing home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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