MLM Online Recruiting – The ONE Power Secret of Craigslist Recruiting

mlm home business online craigslist recruiting

mlm online craigslist recruiting


In your Home business, have you ever used Craigslist to ever run an ad?

Have you ever even looked at Craigslist?

In MLM today, there are many online as well as offline recruiting strategies. I believe that you have to have a BALANCE and do both. That is why I train to use Craigslist as well as other social classified ad sites. They are not only powerful, but these sites get millions of views daily, and that is a LOT of traffic and prospects.

What if YOU simply knew a secret that is simple, easy, and WORKS to find prospects on Craigslist? What if you could have access to over a MILLION people a day and know what to say to them and how to recruit them?

That is the reason for this post.

We have taught to our Private Clients this strategy. And I am going to give you a glimpse of a recruiting tactic that can explode your online lead generation overnight. It happened to Lisa. Lisa lives in Colorado, and I have been blessed to work with her a lot in coaching. I showed her this powerful strategy (in more depth of course) and she CRUSHED IT the very first day she applied this secret.

Ok…what is it?


People run ads everyday on Craigslist. We know that. MILLIONS are looking for something on that site, including JOBS.

What IF…

You could start communicating with a lot of these people who are looking for some kind of a job and ask ONE powerful question?

This is the question that Lisa asked and the first day got 14 leads.

You read that right.

14 leads that she ended up recruiting 6 of them- in one weekend. Good huh? How would YOU like those results?

What WAS the Million Dollar question she asked?

“I see you are looking for some work. What are you looking exactly to do? Let me ask you a question. Are you keeping your income focus to that one thing or are your personal income options open to more lucrative ideas?”

There you have it. This is the Power Question she asked over and over to people that called her back when she contacted them, or when she called them directly.

This is a powerful online recruiting strategy for your mlm online recruiting for your home business.

Want to recruit a Professional DAILY on LinkedIn?

blessings…..doug firebaugh

How would you like to turn your cell phone into a nonstop recruiting machine?

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