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2 MLM Power Words for Success Explosion.

Do YOU ever use these 2 words in your recruiting and home business?
Do you use them when you talk to yourself about your mlm business?
What words could be so powerful for your network marketing success?
Most people today are talked out of their dreams for their life.
They listen to the wrong people, the wrong words, and the wrong conversations.
Negative people.
Small thinking people.
Small life people.
Many are talked out of their dreams by well meaning people.
People mean well talking about small lives and small living.
 But we must understand the “Law of Life Knowing:”
That is ALL THEY KNOW. They do not know anything else that is bigger, better, more bold.
They are well deceived people. They are deceived into believing that all there is to life is what is in front of them and nothing else can happen.
Many talk themselves out of their dreams. They simply talk themselves out of going after their dreams because that is what they learned growing up.
Most are focused on a “What isn’t” life.
Not a WHAT IS  life, but a negative “What Isn’t” Life. That type of focus can lead to excuses and unhappiness many times.
YOU have dreams.
We ALL have dreams.
But the difference between the wealthy and not, is that the wealthy WENT AFTER their Dreams. They pursued them and then caught them and built them into their life.
YOU have dreams. They may be buried deep down in your heart, but they are still there.
Your dreams are precious gifts:






You must come to the point of an “EARTH SHAKING” Realization.
It MUST Shake you to the VERY CORE!
It MUST shake you out of your Ruts and habits that are limiting you.
It MUST Shake your very CORE BELIEFS!
Even the wind shakes the trees to get the dead leaves off.
YOU must shake your thinking and dreams up to get other people’s negative opinions and words off of you and out of you.
 Do you know anyone that is living a “WHAT Isn’t’ Life?
I do. Way too many. But that is why I am so passionate about helping people discover the greatness within them!  Someone helped me, and now it’s my turn and YOUR turn.
Are you living a “WHAT Isn’t” Life?
Come one lets get REAL. Are YOU living a life based on what IS NOT in your life, versus what COULD BE in your life?
Isn’t it time that you moved up to a WHAT IS life?
How would you life change? it would Transform and Revolutionzie your life so quick it would make your head spin.

IMAGINE- Living your DREAMS!

2 of the Most Powerful words in Success and High Achievement as well as launguage itsself are “WHAT IF?”


Those words  ignite the imagination.
They open up possibilities.
They enlarge the scope of what can be done.
They start asking questions that shake your beliefs and force you to look beyond.
Start Asking WHAT IF about you, your life, and your dreams. These 2 words are the CORE of any and all Success in network marketing mlm home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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