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MLM Tracking of Activity Training.

Where do you keep track of your daily actions in your home based business?

How do you keep abreast of your network marketing work at home business or DO YOU?

Is keeping track even a part of your daily method of operation in your mlm business?

Most people do NOT keep track or even keep score in their business. It is not a priority and thus, not done or engaged.

Here is an interesting fact:

We did a study in our downline in the 90’s, and found that the leaders who kept track daily of their actions and had goals to hit everyday, had something different then those who did not.


The leaders who had a system and used it daily, had 7 TIMES MORE the income then those who did not. They averaged 7.2 times MORE income after 18 months, then those who did not.


Need I say more?

Keeping track with a system will ACCELERATE and ELEVATE your home business volume and income. It also will explode your team building efforts as it will duplicate with your people who you bring in as they are taught that from the VERY beginning.

Does THAT get your attention?

it does not matter whether it is activity in social media, mobile recruiting, or more traditional methods- it ROCKS YOUR BUSINESS!

What is a system that I suggest?

There are many out there, but one of my favorites and simplest is “The 4 Point System.”

What is THAT?

The Four Point System of Success

You must have a Tracking System to keep an account of what you do on a daily basis. Your goal is to keep track of the points that you earn everyday in your NETWORK MARKETING business.

Most do  not as I said, but YOU SHOULD.

The Points are focused on NEW BUSINESS and ONLY new business and actions. That is the lifeblood of growing your NETWORK MARKETING business.  Each Point leads to a forward moving action that will move your business forward and create some beginning momentum for your work at home business.

Here is how you keep score.

You earn:

 1 Point – If you find a new lead.

 This is ANY lead that you get- online or offline. This is simply a lew person to talk to about your work at home business and products.

2 Points – If you Reach Out or Call a New Lead. (This can be also a Three-way call with another Reseller.)

 We know that it does NO GOOD if you have leads and do not reach out to them. In social media and mobile recruiting, you still need to get the prospect on the phone or skype at some point to develop a relationship that ENDURES.

3 Points – If you make an appointment with a new lead or they view a video.

 Setting online or offline appointments is CRITICAL as they are the first exposure and can lead to more exposures of your business.

4 Points – If you do a presentation to a new lead online or offline.
(This does include appointments, but 8 Points maximum for each Session).

 This can be a webinar, or a face to face appointment. This is where you tell the story of your company.

Your goal is to do a minimum of 4 points per day, or 20 points each week.

NOTE: Many of the leaders we tracked were doing at least 10-15 points a day and some were doing 60-80 points a week.

So…You may want to STRETCH yourself and do 30 or even 40 points per week.  We have found that as you increase the Points you do each day, your NETWORK MARKETING Paycheck will increase proportionately.

Keep track of your points, and work up to where you are doing a minimum of 15 points a day, and you willfind your business EXPLODING in your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  2. This is awesome. Thanks for showing this Doug. I’m going to start using it in my business. I’ve never actually thought about putting a point value on recruiting and prospecting but it truly makes sense.

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