MLM Training- 40 Questions to Assess YOU and Chances for Success in 2013

mlm network marketing 2013 home business

mlm home base business 2013

 MLM 40 Success Assessment Questions for your business in 2013.

Have you set down yet and assessed your home business for 2013?

Are you planning on getting serious in 2013 about your network marketing business?

What are you planning on changing about your mlm business that will make a difference in your coming year?

I believe that most distributors have never really assessed their business like it needs to be done. I would suggest that you assess it in 2013 and see what you need to change and REALLY get to know you and your home based business. These 40 questions are going to make you THINK and really see where you are- and are NOT in your home business.

Take these 40 Success Assessing questions and answer them and see where you stand with your network marketing business.

I promise you that these questions will reveal weaknesses and strengths about you and your home business you ill need to strengthen and take to a NEW LEVEL!

Here are the questions:

1. Why do you want to own a successful home business?

 2. What would you consider your strongest strength in network marketing: Leadership? Recruiting? Retailing? Motivating? Teaching? Closing?

 3. What would you consider your greatest weakness in your network marketing efforts?

 4. How many hours a week do you honestly WORK your business- not just pay attention to it or be busy working AT it?

 5. Do you have a DAILY Plan of Action or Success Blueprint you follow every day? If not, why not?

 6. What is your greatest FEAR that you fight with your home business? And if you say you do not have one- you are not telling the truth.

 7. Do you have a Success and Leadership Library? If so, what does it consist of-CDS? Books? DVDs? Other?

 8. How many years have you been in the home business profession? How many years have you been WORKING in the home business profession?

 9. What kind of products / BENEFITS do you market to the marketplace?

 10. What is your monthly income -consistently average the last 12 months – with your business? Are you happy with that amount?

 11. Do you have an upline that will work with you and support your efforts? How often do you work with them?

 12. What is your home / spousal support like for your business? Weak? Strong? Neutral? Negative? Not sure?

 13. How would you describe your daily Thinking?

 14. Did you grow up as a child  in a supportive environment or a destructive environment or somewhere in between?

 15. Have you ever put a Dream Board together and then it becomes a part of who you are?

 16. How would you describe your Communication skills?

17.  Would you consider yourself a Driver, Feeler, Socializer, or Analyzer? Why?

 18. What do you believe has been your greatest accomplishment in your network marketing journey?  Why?

 19. What would be your greatest STRUGGLE in your network marketing journey?

 20. How many prospects do you talk to a DAY? A WEEK? A MONTH?

 21. What is your ONE MAJOR GOAL for the 2013  to transform in your life?

 22. When you talk to prospects, would you consider yourself – Nervous? Confident?  Tense?  Powerful? Relaxed? Or WHAT?

 23.  Being brutally honest, what % of your true potential have you given to your home business consistently? (Hint: Most people give about 30% of what they could give and not much more)

 24. How many people do you have in your downline?

 25. Would you consider yourself a people person and a team player?

 26. Are you active in social media and online marketing or are you more traditional offline marketing, or a combination of both?

 27. Do you promote yourself regularly online, social media, and offline? How?

 28. Which do you have for your home business: a blog, website, mobile site, skype, Google Hangout, facebook fan page, twitter account, LinkedIn profile, and youtube account?

 29. Do you write articles regularly for your blog or for article directories?

 30. Do you use an online marketing system / squeeze pages / funnel system / attraction marketing / or other system?

 31. What is the greatest obstacle that is keeping you from going to the next level?

 32. Do you input daily Success and Leadership information into your mind? How?

 33. What is the ONE THING you LOVE about the home business profession?

 34. What is the ONE THING you DISLIKE about the home business profession?

 35. Would you consider yourself an emotional person or unemotional?

 36. When you think about your future with your home business, what picture in your mind do YOU SEE and why?

 37. Does the word “millionaire” make you uncomfortable? What about th words Wealth? Rich? Prosperous? Why?

 38. Do you like helping people you know- and don’t know? Why?

 39.  What is your education level as far a formal education?

 40. Are you TOTALLY committed to sticking it out in 2013 with your mlm business no matter what happens?

Answer these question honestly and share them with your sponsor. Be honest and be REAL.

These are 40 Success Assessment questions for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 5 Predictions for the Home Business Profession in 2013

mlm home business network marketing

mlm network marketing home business

MLM 2013 Predictions.

Want to know what I believe is going to happen in 2013 for your home business?

Want to see what 2013 is going to look like for the network marketing profession?

Are you READY for these success predictions for mlm?

I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a prosperous 2013!  It was a LONG YEAR in 2012 for a lot of folks and most are glad to see the year to be behind them. Are you one of them? I am and I am so glad that 2013 is here!


Things are going to change for the home business network marketing work at home profession this year! And I DO mean change! But not bad change- but GREAT change! And those changes will play out and work FOR the profession, not against. Most leaders would agree that things MUST improve and increase in 2013, and you will see that this year.

Many people I have talked to are in agreement that we are headed into a great year. I believe we are headed into an incredible year. And I DO mean incredible. I have never gone out on a limb before with predicting anything, but this year is different. it is unlike any year that we have seen in our lives and that is why that these 5 predictions will prove to be TRUE for 2013. Why don’t you Visit Discover Magazine to find out how business people use cbd products on their daily life.

Here are the 5 Success predictions for 2013 and what they mean for YOU:

1. Because of the enormous TAX INCREASES coming in 2013, people will be looking for more income and revenues then ever before.

President Obama, agree with him or not, has the single largest tax increase in nearly 50 years to hit January 1. And it impacts 80% of the nation;s households, and this does NOT include Obamacare.  So with those taxes coming and reducing the household income of 80% of Americans, there will be a TON of folks looking for new revenues and more income. This opens up conversations with people that last year were not open to talking about a secondary income or their own business. but they are NOW. And you will find that the anxiety of the tax increases will accelerate people looking for some relief from this enormous burden that will be on households.

2. There will be more LAYOFFS in 2013 because of the economy and people will be searching for options and alternative sources for income and security.

There will be a lot of either layoffs or people going part time in businesses and this alone will force people to want to seek more income. This will work in the favor of all home businesses and recruiting will be on the rise . There will be people that will not want to put themselves in that position again and will look at going full time with their own business to create their own security. THIS will be a game changer in 2013.

3. Because of the NEGATIVE MOOD of the nation concerning the economy,  there will be people searching for a more positive culture or environment.

72 % of those polled recently in a USA Today poll, had a negative view of 2013 regarding our economy. The mood of America seems to be in a “funk.” We all know that the culture of the home business profession is POWERFUL and POSITIVE. There will be more people seeking out a more positive environment then what they see at work, and around their friends. What we must do, is to tell prospects that we have a powerful personal development culture that you can double or even triple your income the first year with some of the most powerful people in the world and they need to be a part of this. And this will open up the eyes of those seeking this more powerful space for their life.

4. The BUSINESS MODELS are changing in America, and more and more people will be seeking more updated and social / mobile business models.

Our country is changing in many ways- some good and some, well, not so good. But the changing business models are driving the marketing changes that are happening. More and more people are looking for more updated and ‘today” marketing models and our profession has the opportunity to take advantage of that- from  home. Social media changed the game of marketing, and we know that. but Mobile Media is going to accelerate the marketing scope of what we can do from home, and there will be millions of people seeking these types of more progressive business structures.

5. People are tired of the last 4 years of a down economy and will make a decision that they must DO SOMETHING and no longer wait on Washington to do something.

People are TIRED of being in “economic limbo.” Many people today are going to make a life changing decision for their family, and start a business from home. Studies have shown that people are tired of the path they have been on economically, and are going to do something different in 2013. This is a perfect time for us to move forward and introduce the profession of home business in a more aggressive manner to people that are loking for it.

These are 5 predictions for 2013 for the mlm network marketing home business profession.

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MLM Training- FREE mp3 Download -“2013 Recruiting Secrets” from Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman

mlm free mp3 download

mlm home business free mp3

MLM Free mp3 Download from Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman!

What are your plans for 2013 concerning recruiting for your home business?

Are you planning a successful year with recruiting in your network marketing business?

How do you think you will improve in 2013 with your mlm recruiting?

Recruiting in network marketing is critical and if you do not do it, your business will never multiply.

Million Dollar Secret: Duplication is important, but Multiplication is IMPERATIVE.

Many distributors do not practice a lot of the skills that are really necessary for Success. they may get one, two, or maybe three ways to recruit, but often those are old and tired ways that simply do not work like they used to. I know. I battled with that for a couple of years when I first got in and found out that you need to really hone your skills in a variety of ways for a more powerful impact in the recruiting zone.

Diane and Hochman and myself decided to do an hour long mp3 on a specific topic and give it away. It is called “2013 Recruiting Secrets” and this is how you recruit for 2013 and IN 2013. It has over 25 powerful recruiting tips that NO ONE else will tell you, as they are unique but powerful tips. And it is a free gift to you for new years and all through the year 2013.

And we have unleashed it upon the world and you can find this on the Home business Radio Network or just click the link below to access:

“2013 MLM Recruiting Secrets FREE mp3 audio by Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman.”

Recruiting is simply HELPING.

And I believe that you are meant to help people solve problems, create solutions, and BE A SOLUTION for your mlm home business prospect. This free mp3 training audio will help you in a lot of ways and ever teach you multiple ways to start up a conversation as well as move the prospect from online to offline and start a long term relationship.

So do yourself a favor and download the mp3 here:

“2013 MLM Recruiting Secrets FREE mp3 download by Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman.”

Happy New Year and the best of the best for you in 2013 for you and your mlm network marketing home business!

happy New year!

blessings….doug firebaugh

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