MLM Training- 3 of the Most Powerful Questions You can Ask

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MLM Personal Development

Are there questions that you need to ask yourself about your home business?

Do YOU ever think about if you believe enough in your network marketing mlm?

How would opening up your eyes to answers you did not know exist help your network marketing business?

There are 3 questions that I have asked all over the world in seminars, and today I want to ask you these questions.

If you dig deep, and answer these questions TRUTHFULLY, you will find that breakthroughs for your home based business will be numerous and FAST in their happening.

Many questions need to be asked in network marketing as well as personal development. These questions really get to the CORE of what Success in your home business is about. Personal Development is the KEY to Success in network marketing and mlm, and these questions will GROW YOU if you let them.

Here are 3 of the most powerful questions you can ask:

1) “What if I believe in myself more than I ever have before in my life?”

What would happen to my emotions?
What would happen to my business?
What would happen to my activity?
What would happen to my income?
What would happen to my lifestyle?
Believing in yourself is one of the MUST DOs in your home business. People will FEEL and SENSE if you truly believe in what you are doing, as well as if you believe in YOU. If you do NOT believe in YOU, they will know it….and walk away.

2) “What If I DECIDED to Succeed Massively- how would that change me and my prospect?”

 Never underestimate the Power of DECISION.
Decision creates an “Inner Shift” that is felt and makes you more believable, more credible, more authoritative, and more powerful.
A DECISION will send “signals” to the mlm prospect and they will FEEL the decision in your words and actions. They will sense that you are a NO OTHER OPTION Leader.

3) “What if I REFUSED any other option in my company other than MASSIVE Success?”

 RE-FUSED- putting a new fuse in your breaker box!
Re-Fuse to lose!
How would that change your focus?
How would that change your perspective?
Simply, what you REFUSE in your life, disappears.
That includes all the things that are slowing you down and stopping you in your network marketing business. If you REFUSE TO LOSE, your home business prospect will again, FEEL that in all you do and say and be PULLED towards you with that Power of refusal.
Are YOU willing to search your soul and see if these questions can rock your business and life? if you ask these questions truthfully, you will find that your home business will EXPLODE.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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