Home Business Training- Top 10 Mistakes Made in MLM Network Marketing?

Top 10 MLM Mistakes

Home Business Top 10 Mistakes

For Home Business success, it is very important to know WHAT TO DO in network marketing.

No doubt.

if you do not know what to do, then you will find yourself chasing your tail and accomplishing very little. I know. I did that for 3 years. Fortunately there are great uplines as well as trainers that can teach you EXACTLY what to do in your home business including social media, recruiting, internetwork marketing, prospecting, team building, and other topics.


Sometimes it is as good to know what NOT TO DO as well. Mistakes in this profession can not only kill your business, but also your dreams and ambition for Success. if i had not studied Success and leadership, and understood this, I might not be writing this today. I might be flipping hamburgers or something. You never KNOW!

Over the last 25 years, I have found there are 10 big mistakes that are made over and over, and most often do not realize they are making them. So to help you in your MLM Home Business, here are the Top 10 Mistakes that are made in MLM and Network Marketing home business:

1) Listening to People Who Have Never Succeeded.


People that have never really succeeded at anything in their life suddenly become the authority on Success, and try to talk you out of this amazing profession. Do NOT let that happen, as that is like listening to a garage mechanic when you have a serious heart problem- or a tree farmer when you have need of surgery- or vice versa.

Listen to those who have done it and are willing to help you in your home business. I cannot tell you how many people told me not to waste my time when I got started. These people nearly pulled me out of this home business profession. Today, they look at  me and say I got “lucky” and could not repeat the Success.

Wrong. It is amazing how people are when you prove them wrong. Even your family.

2) Talking About the Past and what has Not Happened – Constantly.

Folks- THE PAST is OVER. MOVE ON. Do NOT dwell in the past. It is history. LEARN from the past- but do not re-live it or live in it everyday. It simply is too damaging to your dreams for your home business in MLM.

The secret to succeeding outrageously during hard times is keeping you and your prospects- FORWARD FOCUSED. Keep them looking toward where you are TAKING THEM– not what has already taken them.

Did you GET THAT? Keep them focused on where you are taking them- not what someone has said or got them to believe that has taken them for a ride of mediocrity in life.

3) Saying You are Going to Keep Trying.

Although it is Noble and admirable, THAT is a mistake! As trying in network marketing promotes weakness and is bound for mediocrity and will never be anything except the language for the failure.

There is no TRY- it is either ENGAGE- to not. It is either TAKE ACTION or not .

If you take action saying “I am going to try,” then what you are really saying is “I am going to give a half hearted effort and see what happens.”

How about- “I am going to hit this one out of the park – no matter what anyone says. I am finished trying- I am now in the Victory Mode!”

People will FEEL that from you- and respond accordingly. People follow winners and Leaders.

4) Talking to the Same Market.

Get out of your comfort zone in your home business market- and go find some people you don’t know and change their lives. Quit talking with people in the same mindset as everyone else that has told you NO. Get out- interrupt your pattern you have developed- and start a new one.

Get Uncomfortable- as that is the secret to Success in a Home Business. Talk to people you do not know to stretch your possibilities and grow your skills.

Hold 2 Conversations a day with NEW people you do not know. CONNECT with them in the social media arena, or out in the grocery store. Now you are talking a wealth mindset.

The 2 Most important 2 words to create New Success: “New Conversations.”

5) Continuing using the Same language that has proven NOT to Work.

Patterns and Routines can kill your success. Especially one that do NOT WORK.

Many people will continue to talk themselves out of this business. They will continue to say, “I hope this works,” “Well, I will see what happens,” “I am just not good at this.”

WRONG! You are GREAT at this!

Release that part of you deep inside. Quit talking the language of the Mediocre and putting yourself down. When you do that, unknowingly, you are programming yourself for that to happen.

Change your language- and focus.

Start focusing on what you are going to SUCCEED at. Start talking your “Success Language.” “This next quarter is going to be the best 3 months of my life- and my business is going to be INCREDIBLE- no matter what recession happens. I am going to show people how to thrive during it.”

6) Going the Same Places as You Always Have.

Change your locations that you do business. WHAT??? I LOVE My grocery store. Great. Just go to a different one for some frozen food and start new conversations with people you do not know.

Folks,  THIS INCLUDES Social Media. Find new niche sites. Find new social networking sites that few are working. Find new groups on facebook and LinkedIn and join them, and then start befriending them.

LEARN THIS: The Huge Success  you are looking for will be hidden in conversations that you were afraid to Start.

7) Thinking You are a Part Time Distributor or Consultant.

You are in a part time wealth vehicle. And you are NOT just a part time rep. You are working a secondary business that will end up being your primary income. (READ THAT AGAIN.)

If you just got that- then people will start feeling something totally different in your words- and start responding in a different manner as well.

MYTH: You have to leave your kids and family to work this business as it needs to be worked!

Wrong. You do NOT have to constantly leave your life and go and work this business leaving your family behind. That is a formula for stress and guilt. You work this business as you live your life. You take it with you. You leave it behind with people. You let it talk while you do what you do when you are living your life.

It is called ‘Lifestyle Marketing.” You live your lifestyle and work your business as you do. Let off the pressure and guilt. Live your life- and take your business with you and talk to people as you are out and about. Talk to people about who they know. Talk to people about how you love your secondary business- as it is portable and flexible.

You will FEEL SO Much better. People will be thinking, ” Now, I can do THAT!”

9) Following Up, and NOT Following Through.

Most people do not know this, but when you think “follow up,” you are totally agenda driven and people FEEL that in your words and in your actions. It has a “I want something” tone to it.

A “Follow through” is a SHIFT– and it is not wanting something- but COMPLETING something. And psychologically, people will respond to that in a much more powerful fashion. We taught that to our Leaders for years- and they ‘got it.”

The secret to Phil Mickelson’s mind boggling golf game- according to him- is his Follow Through. If your follow through is great, everything before it worked too. He COMPLETES the golf swing– not just takes one.

Follow through has a whole different feel to the prospect than follow up. If you do that, you will see what I mean. People LOVE the Feeling of someone completing something.

Why? Many folks simply do not so that.

10) Thinking it is what you DO that will create Success for you the Next 90 Days.

Let me be clear about something- ALL actions taken produce results. Right or Wrong. Most people get the wrong results continually.


It is NOT about taking action that will produce Success for you in the next 90 days. Millions will take action and still struggle in their home business– with network marketing, social media, internet marketing, and whatever they do.

It is NOT about Action- but what is BEHIND THE ACTION.

It is not that a race car can go 250 miles per hours that is pushing it. It is what is behind it and inside of it that makes that possible. Same way for an athlete. It is what is BEHIND the action and Inside of it that drives it. It is the same way in a great presentation. It is the emotion BEHIND it that drives it. Same way in Networking.

It is how you PURPOSELY SEE the result in your mind-which then takes over and influences your actions dramatically-almost “programming” of sorts what will happen. It is kind of cool how God made that, and it really is powerful.

Image the Success result that you want in an action and then once you have soaked your brain with it continually- then take the action- expecting that result. If it does not work a once- keep going, it will. Been doing that for years.

Actions are great to take- no doubt- but Imaged Actions are the type of actions that TAKE YOU- to a whole new level of result.

These are the Top 10 Mistakes that Many Distributors Make in MLM and Network Marketing Are YOU?

May I suggest that you do not in your Network marketing home business. AVOID these mistakes at ALL COST. No matter if you are only doing ONE- get rid of it. It will make a big difference in your home business success.

Triple the Number of Leads you have OVERNIGHT- GUARANTEED!

blessings…..doug firebaugh

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