Social Media MLM – The Social Recruiting Power of these 5 NICHE Sites


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You probably know MLM Social media has taken the world of business by storm.

I predicted it 6 years ago, and a lot of folks laughed.

 No one is laughing now.

I called it back then  “The Coming Success Storm” and man, has it been a STORM. It has changed every part of business as well as home business in everything that it touched.

Including mlm and network marketing.

In the growth of social media, there have been what are called “niche sites.” These are “specialized” or “focused” or “special interest” sites that house fewer folks than say facebook, but they are a GOLD MINE in social media mlm recruiting.

Niche sites are something I LOVE to train on as it truly is overlooked in many arenas in the home business profession. These sites I have found in private coaching, to be easier to recruit on as well as more fun. But being on the RIGHT niche sites are critical.

I have found 5 Social Niche sites that are GREAT places to recruit and if you do it RIGHT, can prove to be virtual gold mines for social media mlm.


Ziggs is a great site to meet, connect, and build your brand online. I would suggest that you look at the site and see if it would be a fit for you. Our private clients have had good results in connecting with the RIGHT people and enrolling them. You need to decide if this would be a good business social networking niche site for you.


This is another interesting business social networking site. It is different than ziggs as it is focused on “spoking” your contacts and you are the hub. You can connect with new folks as well and it has a lot of potential for a niche site. Take a look at it and see if this would be right for you. It really is a great niche site.


This is a site I have been a part of for several years and it a great site. It carries 11 million people on it and a LOT of potential as far as connections. As in all niche site I would encourage you to check it out and see if this would be a fit. We have had great success meeting people locally and recruiting them. As in all social sites, do NOT attack and recruit. Connect and construct the relationship so that they will be glad to offer you some help finding the right people.


Ryze is also a great business social niche site. I would recommend that you check it out and see what they offer. There are a TON of folks on this site, and all are business professionals. You can meet a LOT of heavy hitters on this site, and I would recommend that you join it.


This is a TOTAL niche site. It is a niche site for startups. It is a COOL site to meet people that are wanting to do better and go higher in life. You can meet great people that already are motivated, and want to do great things. I would suggest that you check it out and see if it is a fit. And there is also this killer start up social niche site (check it out):

I hope that you have learned something about possible social niche sites in the social media arena. These sites are only a START to the hundreds of powerful social niche sites out on the web for your mlm home business success!

Social Network Marketing? What is THAT? Read this.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Network Marketing- The Law of EXPERIENCE?

social media home business

social network marketing


For your home business– there is a NEW KID in town in network marketing.

Social Network Marketing is a FUSION Marketing model that fuses together Social Media and Network Marketing in your home business..

 It is a powerful concept in lead generation as well as building a home based business.

Social Network Marketing has an incredible POWER to it of:


And with those 2 powerful things, you can become a Recruiting Magnet with Social Media in your work at home business.

There are what I call “Social Network Marketing Laws” and I want to introduce some more to you on some future posts and I hope that they will give you some insight as well as ideas that will help you with your Social Media and Home Business Success.

What is Social Network Marketing Law One?

 1. The Law of EXPERIENCE.

 What people experience with you in the social media arena determines much of what they do or DO NOT DO in the future. They MUST experience an emotion or idea that will MOVE THEM to DO SOMETHING that will work in your favor. 

If they experience a conversation with you that makes them feel good and is focused on them, then they probably would consider a conversation with you, something they would like to do again.

You now are starting to build a relationship of TRUST with them.

 Most people in social media focus on EXPECTATIONS – not Experience.

 That is a mistake.

 Often, it is what YOU expect to happen with a prospect is more important to them then what the prospect Experiences with YOU in Social Networking.

 Make them glad they talked with you.

 Make them glad they connected with you.

 Make them want to talk to you again.

 Give them something to look forward to the NEXT conversation.

 That will insure you that the Experience of talking with you they will want to do again and build more Trust in what you have to say and RECOMMEND.

When you engage someone in social media, you need to understand this rule”

First people FEEL…THEN they hear. Feeling is a HUGE part of what they Experience is your Social Network Marketing and Home Business.

A Powerful Resource to Learn Step by Step Social Network Marketing?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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