MLM Social Media- 4 Tips for Setting Social Targets for your Home Business

social media mlm home business

mlm social media targets home business

MLM Social Media Tips.

Do you have targets set for your social media work in your home business?

What do you think of goals for your network marketing business? are they important?

What about developing a social media PLAN that will work?

Today I want to talk to you about Social Media Success and TARGETING with your home business. There are many ways to do that, and many ways NOT to do that. But most never set social targets goals. they just wing it.

I would suggest that you not only set social media mlm target goals, but set them WEEKLY.

Even with Mobile, you need to set some form of PLAN and TARGETS at least to know if you are getting close to the mark of Success, we also suggest you to search for commercial mailboxes for sale and get one for your business.

Here are 4 quick tips on how to create a powerful success with your home business in social media:

1. Set Social Targets.

I would suggest that you know how many new twitter followers you want to get a week or month. Set goals for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and any other site that is in your niche. This will empower you to FOCUS your business and start building a huge following. Put a plan together that you do DAILY for 15 minutes. It will make a HUGE difference as 15 minutes is all it takes. BE VISIBLE- but plan on how that will happen. Whether we like it or not, an abundance of followers equals credibility on social media platforms like Instagram. Luckily, there’s plenty of companies like Upleap that can help you get more Instagram followers.

2. Develop a Social Target Plan.

HOW are you going to get the new goal you just set for twitter? HOW are you going to get the new friends on facebook, Pinterest, and Google+? You MUST put a plan together in order to obtain your social goals.

In my last post, “Developing a Social Media PLAN,” we talked about developing a PLAN that works. I suggest that you read it and learn how to set a Social Plan.

 3. Create an “EmotiveBranding.”

This is what you are PASSIONATE about and a brand in social media that evokes an emotion and MOVES PEOPE towards you. It can be 5 words. It can be a sentence. It can be a phrase. But what are YOU Passionate about in your home business? Emotionalize that aspect and create a Brand theme that will draw people towards you and your business. make yourself UNFORGETTABLW with our social brand.

 4. Put your website and blog on SUCCESS STERIODS.

Your website is your office and living room. It is your neon sigh saying “This is WHO I AM!” Is it saying what you want? Make sure your keywords are tight as well as relevant. Make sure that your back links are building. Make sure that you use ALL media on your website or blog, not just text. make sure that you are interactive and have GREAT content people want to read. This includes video and audio. Offer something FREE to your visitors. Do these things and you will see a huge difference in your traffic and people asking about you.

Here is some Success HOMEWORK:

Set some goals NOW for your Social Targets for facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Put them in writing. NOW START engaging them in your mlm network marketing home based business.

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MLM Social Media- How to “Success Frame” A Conversation Before It Ever Takes Place?

mlm social media home business

mlm network marketing socia media

MLM Social Media Recruiting Tips.

Have you ever thought of how you could “frame” a conversation so that you can recruit someone for your home business?

Does the thought of positioning your network marketing conversation as a life changing conversation intimidate you?

Are you willing to consider some new ways that would make recruiting prospect EASIER in social media?

In our research, which has been going on since 2006 in social media, we have found many things that actually are quite surprising and interesting. There are folks that have recruited thousands off social media and then there are those that cannot recruit themselves for some reason.

We started looking at WHY these social media maniacs were recruiting so may people and found out that there were a few things that they were doing that others were not doing. And they knew that most were NOT doing it!

So we had to answer a question: What if it worked with anyone if they just learned it and mastered it? Well…that is what happened. There were some folks that we taught this “Framing”  of the conversation concept to and it worked. Their recruiting started to take off on social media and we wanted to share this with you.

We call it “Framing the Success PICTURE in Advance.”

You must FRAME in the prospects  mind the place that you can take them and are willing to go with them. it is a place that they cannot seem to get their by themselves.

Some folks call it Vision and the BIG PICTURE. Some folks call it a Destination or destiny. In social media, you need to paint with your words a vivid picture in what you can do for a person.

This includes creating a solution to their issues in life they want to change. This is actually the place where you are going to take them with your business and Leadership. Picture pages are the most visited pages in social media. Look at Pinterest, or now Instagram. All images and all the time!

OK. That makes sense to frame something as a picture sense it is the culture of social media. Then using that as a model and measure, let’s create s picture of where you are headed which need to be magnetic and quite  exciting, and what that picture has to offer anyone who will follow you to what could be considered “the promised land” where all their dreams can come true.

Does the picture have any kind of a name or anchor phrase that works? Does the picture you paint of your message move people emotionally or internally? Does it get them full of hope for their life and to where they can see that Success truly IS possible in their life?

Create and frame in their minds what I call a “Picture of Promise,” and then keep that picture in your Social Media Leadership front and center. It could be a skinny person, it could be an exotic vacation, it could be a new car or home, or a stress free life! It could be a host of things but the key is that you need to frame it that this is where you are headed and want to take  a LOT of people with you! It could be a beautiful complexion! The list is endless.

Maria, a great friend of mine, keeps a picture of what a person will look like IF–they learn about and start using her skin care system. She keeps this image FRONT AND CENTER on her social sites. She is not trying to sell anything except a possibility and HOPE. It is a Powerful picture of a Solution that leads to a powerful place of beauty and appealing skin. THAT is what you want!

This is a social media tip on framing your social media conversation for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media – Are YOU Unknowingly Engaging in “Attack Recruiting?”

mlm home business socia media

mlm network marketing social media

Social Media MLM Recruiting.

Are you practicing “Attack Recruiting” for your home business?

What do you engage when on social media for your network marketing business?

Are you practicing “Attack Marketing” on social media sites for your mlm business?

“Attack Marketing” or “Attack Recruiting” is something that many people do- unknowingly. They are excited, and fired up because they want talk to people about their business,  but yet they turn many of their prospects off because they are not really recruiting them, bur ATTACKING them on social media sites.

I have seen this over and over, and it really does hurt your business in network marketing big time. And there are better things you can do when on social media sites then ATTACK the prospect.

But yet people do everyday.

There is a solution to it and that is understanding a simple  truth about social media when you are in the sponsoring mode. If you understand this secret it will help you accelerate your business and recruiting dramatically.

What is it?

There is a Reason why the First Word in Social Networking and Social Media is SOCIAL.

Many corporate recruiters as well as home business recruiters can get confused and totally go in a wrong direction.

They think that Social Media is “Attack Media” or “Attack Networking.”

What is THAT?

It is when you ambush your prospect or candidate by wanting to be someone’s new friend or connection-and then once you have connected with them,  ATTACKING them almost immediately with your message, product or business.

And NOT giving the relationship any time to start connecting and building rapport.

Most prospects resent that and will be turned off and many will unfriend you or unfollow you.

We see this all the time.

That is NOT the way to recruit in the Social arena. You FIRST create a Social conversation with the possible candidate, get to know them, and THEN start introducing the possibilities you offer as a corporate recruiter or home business recruiter.

Social makes it special.

Every candidate is special as they possibly may be the PERFECT candidate you have been looking for. But if you do not follow the social etiquette of ‘social first” on social networking sites, your Success will be limited at best.

Here is a 3 step social recruiting formula we have found that WORKS:

Focus on:

1.  SOCIAL FIRST. It is ALL about Social with the prospect initially.

2. VALUE Second. Be Valuable, Viable, and Visible.

3. Business IDEAS Third.  Ideas are great, but FIRST create the relationship.

Connect with the possible candidate and create a social conversation with them on several occasions with some Social Scripts.

Show you VALUE them as a new friend and connection and by  showing interest in their interests, and also helping them achieve what they are seeking.

That is when you start to mention some Ideas that SOLVE a problem the candidate has– like career placement or new income.

Part of the Social Scripts we developed were what we called “The GUSHER Questions.”

GUSHER as in STRIKING an OIL Gusher!

These were a few questions that we gently asked in conversation to find out the REAL
Problem they needed solving. Many times they went on and on talking about it.

But we CARED ENOUGH to ASK and wanted to HELP. This helped us understand
where they were emotionally, as well as what WE needed to focus on to help deliver the solution.

Helping them to find a new career or job, or help them start their own business is one
of the most powerful ways to SHOW VALUE with your new candidates.

SOCIAL FIRST- no exceptions.

This is how you can accelerate your recruiting and sponsoring on social media for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media- The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Social Recruiting- Mistake # 1

mlm network marketing home business

mlm social recruiting home business

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Do you use social media for recruiting for your home based business?

What is your favorite social site for your network marketing business?

Does social media play well in your mlm business?

Social Recruiting is something that I have been teaching with a buddy of mine, who happens to be the # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a national company. He and I came up wit three BIG mistakes of social media recruiting and applied them to the home business profession.

There are 3 mistakes that I see other recruiters making at the initial connection that
truly should be avoided and I want to share them with you. They are applicable to home business recruiting as well, and you should avoid them like the plague.

I am going to cove the first one this post, and the next 2 posts I will cover # 2 and # 3.

1. The Recruiter being TOO AGGRESSIVE and coming across WAY TOO FRIENDLY – WAY TOO SOON.

 You must BUILD TRUST. And Trust is something that usually takes a couple of  conversations to start building for the most part. Yes there are those candidates that there was an immediate “connection” from the first conversation. But it still took a couple of conversations to start building trust. Do NOT make the mistake of being too pushy or

Give your candidate time to breathe. Give YOURSELF time to breathe.

I have seen recruiters totally go into “sell mode” right off the bat, versus “lets’ explore
some possibilities”
mode which works so much better. It is so much more professional as well. Many corporate recruiters can come across like sharks or a piranha, or even worse, self focused and “it’s all about me.”

Being too aggressive is simply unacceptable as it pushes the candidate back and keeps
them there. Social Recruiting is a process, a step by step path that you walk them down. We have developed a magnetic 5 step Social Recruiting process, and it contains 6 simple little focuses.

Social Recruiting should have these 6 basic action focuses:

  • Locating.
  • Connecting.
  • Exploring.
  • Matching.
  • Deciding.
  • Employing or Continuing the Search.

It truly is that simple recruiting with social media.

And because of these 6 simple things, you really should not be aggressive at the first. You should consider it much like “dating” and getting to know the person, even if the person is extremely interested.

Your FIRST CONNECTION GOAL should be to get the candidate RELAXED, COMFORTABLE, as well as CURIOUS.

The MORE COMFORTABLE and RELAXED the candidate is, the more powerful
the initial conversations.
Talk about THEM and ONLY THEM. Ask questions
about their photos and posts. Ask them about their family. Comment and Complement.

The fastest way and the easiest way to get your potential candidate Comfortable and
Relaxed- BE NATURAL and focus on nothing else but what they have displayed on their profile page. Ask what they do where they work and how they enjoy it.

Tell them this: You are a National Recruiter for a corporate firm and looking for some High Quality Talent. Ask if they might know someone who would like a more powerful income. (That phrase is a MILLION DOLLAR PHRASE.)

If you own a home business, tell them you are a business owner and you are looking to
build a business where they are located.

 You get the candidate CURIOUS with your initial videos and presentation about the offer and requirements you are looking for. It is the same with a home business candidate. Curiosity is one of the most powerful emotions you can use in Social Recruiting.

This is part ONE of a three part series on the 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Social Media Recruiting in your mlm  network marketing home business.

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MLM Twitter- 5 Ways to DOUBLE Your Twitter Followers in 10 Minutes a Day


mlm social media

MLM Twitter Tips for Home Business.

Do you use twitter for your home based business?

Are you an avid twitter marketer for your network marketing business?

How would you like to learn how to double your followers on twitter?

(Follow Doug On Twitter)

There is a blogger on Social Media Today that I love to read. His name is Brad Smith and he is REALLY good.

Here is a post that will rock your social world on twitter.


Social media doesn’t have to be time consuming.

But there’s no reason you have to check Twitter every hour. Too many people confuse busyness with effectiveness.

In fact, 10 minutes a day is all it takes to engage with others and grow your followers.

Here’s 5 easy things you can start using this week.



1. Do Less

You can’t always get better results with doing more.

So instead, try to do less but focus on the essential.

Your results will skyrocket if you set constraints, like setting a timer for 10 minutes per day, and establish accountability, with time tracking software like RescueTime.

Start by looking at your own daily routines and activities. You’re probably wasting hours surfing the net or hanging out on Twitter.

The opportunity cost of that time is huge. For example, instead of hanging out on another Twitter Chat, you should be doing this…


2. “Top-Down” Strategy

People think that social media is only about community management.

So they get on Twitter and tweet to an empty room, or try to interject or interrupt others in order to “engage the conversation“.

That’s a really ineffective use of your time.

A better strategy is to put yourself in a position where others want to contact you .


  • Offer to speak for free to local organizations
  • Contribute guest content to other websites
  • Help a nonprofit with their social media strategy
  • Create a free tool, plugin, or theme and email it to relevant bloggers
  • Run a promotion with another brand or blog

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. But every time the goal is to give freely to people who have influence or control over communities of people.


3. Automate

One of the best things about internet marketing is the tools that help you automate different processes. These tools also help you appear really active.

They will send out a consistent stream of updates through-out the day, night and weekend, giving the appearance that you’re always “staying engaged”. Here are two of my favorites.

Import the Tweet Old Post WordPress plugin to automatically send out posts from your archives. You can set up the time frequency, add hashtags, or even a brief message before or after each update. You can also specify a date range, so people will only get posts from the past 3 months, or posts from a year ago.

Another useful tool is Twitterfeed, which will send out Tweets automatically from RSS feeds you enter. So you can load your own fee, or your favorite blogs, and it will take care of the work for you.


4. Curate

Curating other people’s content helps you build thought leadership and can also create reciprocity. And again, there are a variety of tools that make this process instant and pain-free.

Start by grabbing a collection of your favorite blogs and loading them into a RSS reader like Google Reader.

Now you can quickly scan the headlines each day and pick out the best articles to share with everyone else. Then use Timely or Buffer to schedule these updates through-out the day. These tools also help you optimize each update to go out at the best times of the day. That means greater visibility, increased reach, and more click-throughs.

Add a few thoughts to each to personalize your message and show off your personality. Because people on Twitter don’t just want to see your links, they want to know why you like it. Then they can emotionally connect with your point of view and leave their own comment.


5. Engage

You’ve removed a lot of the time consuming aspects of Twitter in the first four steps.

What’s left is the important part – engaging with other people.

But when you start following hundreds of people, your home stream quickly becomes useless. So start creating Private Lists for the important people you want to connect and stay in touch with. For example, you can have one for “Bloggers & Journalists”, one for “Customers/Clients”, one for “Friends” and another for “Influencers”.

Now every time you login, you’ll immediately know what’s going on in your important circle of contacts.

And you can spend the bulk of your time communicating and using Twitter for the reason it was created – connecting with other people.

These are 5 Powerful ways to double your following on twitter for your mlm network marketing home business!

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MLM Social Media- Recruiting the “Closed” MLM Prospect into Your Business

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Are You aware of the “Closed” personality you will run up against in social media recruiting for your home based business?

Do you  know the traits and how to identify them for your mlm business?

Would you like to know how to handle them and what to do in your network marketing business?

Leave me alone.

That is the Closed. Unlike the Looker, Open and Sparker, the Closed are not even willing to
look or listen to anything you have.


Several reasons and they all vary:

1.    Happy where they are.

2.   Apathetic.

3.   Little Ambition.

4.   Family Culture.

5.   Misunderstandings about network marketing.

6.  Past experiences.

7.   Not in their DNA.

8.   Too busy.

9.   Too lazy.

 10. Their lifestyle is all they think they will ever have.

 Many people in my profession think that these folks are simply playing hard to get.

They actually are not.

They just do not get it – and refuse to.

They like their life as is, and do not want any change in it. They not only resist the
thought of change, but it sometimes can get angry if you try to push change on them. A change in life may as well be poison to them.

They are closed to any new ideas that include changing their life in any way. This includes career and job placement. And they see themselves pretty much in the same job all their life. They grew up for the most part in that environment and will remain there.

The Motto of the Closed.

The motto  of the Closed is “Tradition is my ONLY Condition.”

They LOVE what has worked in the past as far as income, career, and employment and are welded to that traditional philosophy of life. Non-traditional things in life upset their apple cart and they avoid most of them.

The Paradox.

Interestingly enough, many Closed do enjoy non-traditional technologies- like iphones,
texting, virtual worlds, mobile movies, and social media. It is quite a paradox. Why people who cling to the traditional ways of career and income and refuse to even consider anything new, embrace social media and technology like droid G4 phones.

.It does not really make sense, but it is the way it is.

What can you do with the Closed?

Talk to them about your product. Many times, they will at least
want some free information.

Talk to them about people they know. Often, the Closed will refer prospects to you. They want to get themselves off the hook so they point you in a different direction with a different person.

Talk to them about traditional
. That is their language when it comes to living life. Talk about what they feel comfortable with and possibly lead them to a new idea about a product.

Find out what they do after work.  The Closed do many things after work- all
traditional. Find out what they do and then ask them what they enjoy about it
and try and learn about it from them. That will draw them closer in.

Connect with them on hobbies or beliefs. The Closed many times have traditional hobbies. Find out what their hobby is, and then ask about it and learn about it. It actually is NOT a waste of time talking to these folks about what you do for a living. They may know who you are looking for. Many Closed say, “Oh, you should talk to my brother in law.
He would be interested in something like that.”

 Talk to them about their job and why it is so wonderful. They LOVE talking about what is comfortable and traditional. Many Closed are unhappy with their jobs, but they refuse to change. If they say they do not like their job ask them if they know other people who feel the same way. Get their names and contact information.

A Numnber One Corporate Recruiter Nationwide for a Recruiting Firm says,
“The Closed have proven over time not to be worth pursuing that much for career placement or any kind of change-including income as well. I have talked with hundreds of Closed folks that were highly qualified for a job, had all the right skill sets, experience, and education, and had an amazing job placement for them. But were very content with where they were and were closed to talking.

 They were too busy living their life to ever consider improving their life with a better job or more income. They just like the way their life is. And there is nothing wrong with that. But you must learn to spot them and it is pretty easy to do in social media. We developed a certain process or focus, that when we saw certain words in a person’s profile, or a particular type of photograph on their site, or even the way they comment on blogs or facebook updates, we knew they were Closed and we were rarely wrong.

 There were 7 revealing words and phrases that we learned, that revealed they were probably Closed at looking at any change. It saved us a lot of time, and a lot of headaches. Many recruiters today are wasting their valuable time with people that simply have no interest. I am sure that it is the same way in the home business profession as well.”

This is how you handle and can eventually recruit the “Closed prospect” for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Social Media- Six Secrets of Twitter for Home Business Success

mlm twitter

mlm twitter

Social Media MLM Twitter.

Do YOU use twitter for your home business?

Do you KNOW how to use it Powerfully and make it work for you and your network marketing business?
How do YOU use in in your mlm efforts?
Twitter seems to attract just about every kind of person, and from every walk of life.
Some people GET twitter and others do not. I love twitter, and think the site can really create some great exposure for you.
Many folks use twitter in many ways. Some use it occasionally and other use it all day. And it both works, and works well.
Twitter is a “micro blogging” site, and like others, you can send a message to your followers in 140 characters. That forces you to SHRINK your message to a bite size piece of communication
There are 6 ways to help build business with twitter:
1) Drive people to your blog.
2) Drive people to your website.
3) Drive people to your Podcast.
4) Brand yourself repeatedly.
5) Drive people to your internet webinar/ Conference call / internet TV cast.
6) Drive people to your “meet up.” 
After you have been on twitter for a while, you will make connections and then friends that can help introduce people to you that can use your products or business.
Develop “Doorways.”
These are people on twitter that can lead to someone else or something else. That alone can MULTIPLY your exposure and success in your mlm business.
Doorways lead to other doorways. And doorways always can OPEN new possibilities that can lead to new mlm business.
Twitter can open thousands of doors if done right. With over 200 million people on twitter, you can connect with a TON of prospects for your home based business.
Lets cover these briefly:
1) Drive people to your blog.
You can ask a question or state something that can compel people to click on your url to your blog tweet.
2) Drive people to your website.
You can ask someone to please give you their opinion on it as far as attraction or functionality.
3) Drive people to your Podcast.
You can give a FREE download to a podcast and get a lot of traffic.
4) Brand yourself repeatedly.
Use the same slogan, names, or themes in all you do. This will brand you well on twitter.
5) Drive people to your internet webinar/ Conference call / internet TV cast.
“Now broadcasting LIVE-join in the fun!” This can promote what you are doing NOW and drive traffic to your event.
6) Drive people to your “meet up.”
Tweet or Direct Message about local meet ups. Tweet even DURING the tweet up and then after wards as well to tell of the fun and who you met.
These are 6 ways to create a Powerful Twitter Success in your network marketing home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Social Media- How to Recruit the “SPARKERS” in Social Media

mlm social media

social media mlm

Social Media MLM Tips.

How would you like to recruit some of the best prospects in social media for your home business?

What would you do with ONE of the RIGHT ONES on social media that rarely comes along?

What would you do to get their attention for your mlm business?

This post is all about one of the most powerful types of prospects in social media you can recruit:


The SPARKERS are people that are not really Looking or Open, but they either see or hear about something that happens to “spark” their interest.

The Sparkers are highly intuitive people many times. Their instincts kick in when they see something, hear something, or even sense something. They pay attention to everything. They read other people’s posts and view a lot of videos.


Where the Lookers are Destination focused, and the Open are Education focused, the
Sparkers are Activation focused.

Sparkers are content where they are, but if their interest is possibly “activated” or
sparked by a video, post, tweet, webinar invite, or even an ebook, they will move towards being open and even looking at new options that have activated their interests. Many times, the Sparker did not even know they would be interested in what has caught
their attention.

 It could be a new idea for a nutrition or skin care product. It could be a new idea as far
as marketing. It could be a new idea or thought on working from home, anti
aging, weight loss, or social media marketing. You just never really know until
they “spark.”

The traits of a Sparker are:

Happy where they are.


Working hard at their career.

Somewhat Ambitious.

Somewhat Aware of social surroundings.

Focused on living their life.

“White picket fence” mentality.

Security oriented.

Values Tradition.

Spends time doing the same things.

Very social.

Extremely curious when “sparked.”

Extremely Loyal-even to a fault.

 How do you recognize a “Sparker” on social sites?

 You don’t. You have to wait until they “light up” and ask for more information about a message you cast forth in social media.

It is not easy to try and seek out Sparkers, as they could be anywhere and everywhere. But some of the best candidates that Scott ever found were Sparkers. Once Sparkers are lit up about something, they stay lit up about an idea or a new job. Their fire rarely fades.

That is why Sparkers are a GOLD MINE for a network marketing professional. They are highly recruit-able if their interests have been highly sparked.

How do you “PULL” these types to you on social sites?

Like fishing, you must “cast out the line” of messages, posts, videos, tweets, updates, comments, audios, photographs, blogs, social mail,  and direct messages with varying types of interesting information and messages, and wait for them to light up. And when they do- you will know it. To know more visit pruittvillefarms .

The Sparkers are the “Lighters” in Social Recruiting.

They are waiting for something to “light up” their attention and then interests. They
are “highly flammable” when “ignited” by a great idea, great message, little known information, a new thought, among many other possibilities. They are not looking for it, but when something activates their attention and then interests, they move towards it and CONNECT with it in a powerful way as they can be highly emotional.

The top National Recruiter for a head hunting firm that has used social media to become number one in the nation  says, “Sparkers are a hidden gold mine. I have recruited a LOT of Sparkers off of social sites. It took a while to figure out how to get their attention. But once we put discovered some powerful initial approaches -what we call Igniters- to get their attention, we hit a gold mine. Sparker’s have a lifestyle language of ‘life is good- not looking to change- but WOW! Now THIS is Interesting! I have got to check this out!’

 If you can get their attention, and most do not know how, you generally keep it. They usually are not even aware to the possibility of change as they like their life just as it is. But when that one thing sparks their interest, they follow that line of connection until it proves to be of little Value to their life. They seem to have a ‘social radar’ that picks up on new ideas and information that many
miss. It is quite intriguing how they work sometimes. It was almost like going
fishing. You put enough lines out in the social networking water, a Sparker
WILL show up most every time.

 And Sparkers let their friends know what they have discovered- and I mean ALL their friends. I was referred many times to other possible candidates for employment by Sparkers, without even asking for it. That is just who they are. That is why a home business owner MUST be visible online. You never know who will be reading or watching your messages, and say ‘well now isn’t that interesting?’ And bring a lot of folks to take a look at your business.”

How do you communicate with Sparkers?

With Hot Opening Phrases on tweets, posts, updates, messages, articles, videos, invites
– Like:

“Did you KNOW…?

“Most are NOT Aware…”

“I cannot believe this…”

“You have GOT to read this…”

“This video is a MUST SEE…”

And when you comment on videos and posts, make sure that you let the conversation
include “I cannot believe I ran across this…”

That alone could get a Sparker’s attention for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Networ Marketing NO ONE will tell You

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c)n 2012 all rights reserved

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Social Media MLM – 5 Ways to Avoid Overexposure in Social Media

mlm social media

social media overexposure


Social Media MLM Training.

What is one of the worst things that you can have in social media and a home business?

Are you aware that it can destroy your brand and even your business over time in network marketing?

What is this devastating poison called that harms your social media home business?

It is called  “Over Exposure without Value.”

Ok- fair enough…but what is that?

“OEWA”  is when someone is constantly being seen trying to sell or recruit in the social media zone and is NOT bringing any Value to the social conversation and people in social networking circles start getting tired of their selfish messages.


It creates something that I call “Social Visibility Fatigue.”

Much like with President Bush or President Clinton, and now somewhat with President Obama, the US got TIRED of the nonstop talk, images in the media, and chatter about them and people just wanted these guys to just go away. And true, as always, politics may have played some into it, but even staunch Republicans got tired of Bush and diehard Democrats got tired of Clinton.

That what happens as well in sociao media,  with an Overexposed message with seemingly No Value.

There are some folks that you see everywhere on social media,  but people do not ever seem to get tired of them. You read their posts daily, watch their videos constantly, and talk about their current message powerfully.

Why in the world does this happen?

There are certain social media folks thay bring Extreme Value to everything they say and do and contribute to the social media word. They do it without a selfish motive and YOU CAN FEEL IT, as well as sense it.

There are a LOT of social networking folks that bring great VALUE to EVERYTHING they do, and people on facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social sites look forward to hearing from them- again and again and again.

And they keep coming back for more!

What makes these folks special, is they do not “pitch” you on their products or trainings every time they hold a conversation online, text, broadcast a message or say something in a video. They constantly bring a more powerful conversation into the community with powerful ideas and concepts that ADDS– not tries to take from the whole.

Their message in social media BRINGS VALUE– not tries to be SEEN as VALUE. People are savvy enough to tell the difference today in social media.

And folks, that ONE THING  is the difference between powerful and enduring Successful Social Media professionals- and the ones that are not so successful.

It appears that Successful professionals in social media seem to focus more on being Valuable and BRINGING Value to people’s lives daily, – while it comes across that less than successful folks seem to focus more on being Visible.


Valuable vs. Visible.

Your ONLY goal in social media as a network marketing professional should be to provide Jaw Dropping Value FIRST and be Visible SECOND!

Extreme Value FOR Social media will ALWAYS bring HIGH VISIBILITY IN social media!

You must understand that there is the critical distinction between people looking Forward to your Message, and people being Tired of your Message.

 Over Exposure  Remedy.

So here is the Million Dollar Question: What can you do to powerfully market your home business message and NOT become a Victim of Overexposure?

Here are 5 things:

1) One secret is to give away something for FREE regularly and make it WORTH something and Usable

Do NOT make the mistake that a lot of people make…they save their best content for their CDs and webinars. If you want to gain High Visibilty, then give something away that has TRUE VALUE and can be used.

2) Another secret is to Solve problems for people.

Find out what challenges that your prospects have. Ask them.   Give them multiple solutions and ideas and resources that will help solve that problem, and then connect with them in your own webinar.

3) Start to Reveal Little Known and Little Taught Information.

What you need to start doing is research and find GREAT information that most people do not know exists and then help them discover it through a free download.  That process of helping people and showing them the way is called “Social Media Leadership” –guiding,  directing, and leading folks to new possibilities for their life.

4) Become a Powerful Resource…Suggest other people’s webinars, PDFs, ebooks, CDs, blogs, downloads, and content.

Why in the world do you think I am always pointing  folks to other people’s content on EVERY blog post? ?   Social Media Leadership. And it HELPS folks discover new messages, products, content, soultions, ideas and personalities in MLM they did not know exists that has made a HUGE difference in my life.

5) This is a MUST in all you do: Ask a very powerful but simple question- “Where’s the Beef?”

You may remember Clara Peller in that famous Wendy’s commercial. It became a national slogan for even a presidential election. It should be YOUR slogan in your social media marketing efforts. Yes, you can hold powerful conversations and keep it personal, and Value is within the CONNECTION . But in your marketing broadcasts, “where’s the beef?” Make sure that the Value is:

Constant VALUE.

VALUE that Makes a Difference.

VALUE that is USABLE and Teachable. (Much of what is out there is NOT.)

Are you making this HUGE Mistake in your network marketing home business of Exposure without Value?

I would highly suggest that you check your tweets, posts, notes, texts, mobile communicaiton, Direct Messages, IMs, and marketing efforts and BEEF UP the Value in your social media marketing for your netwpork marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download: “the 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell you”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook: Social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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