MLM Social Media- Six Secrets of Twitter for Home Business Success

mlm twitter

mlm twitter

Social Media MLM Twitter.

Do YOU use twitter for your home business?

Do you KNOW how to use it Powerfully and make it work for you and your network marketing business?
How do YOU use in in your mlm efforts?
Twitter seems to attract just about every kind of person, and from every walk of life.
Some people GET twitter and others do not. I love twitter, and think the site can really create some great exposure for you.
Many folks use twitter in many ways. Some use it occasionally and other use it all day. And it both works, and works well.
Twitter is a “micro blogging” site, and like others, you can send a message to your followers in 140 characters. That forces you to SHRINK your message to a bite size piece of communication
There are 6 ways to help build business with twitter:
1) Drive people to your blog.
2) Drive people to your website.
3) Drive people to your Podcast.
4) Brand yourself repeatedly.
5) Drive people to your internet webinar/ Conference call / internet TV cast.
6) Drive people to your “meet up.” 
After you have been on twitter for a while, you will make connections and then friends that can help introduce people to you that can use your products or business.
Develop “Doorways.”
These are people on twitter that can lead to someone else or something else. That alone can MULTIPLY your exposure and success in your mlm business.
Doorways lead to other doorways. And doorways always can OPEN new possibilities that can lead to new mlm business.
Twitter can open thousands of doors if done right. With over 200 million people on twitter, you can connect with a TON of prospects for your home based business.
Lets cover these briefly:
1) Drive people to your blog.
You can ask a question or state something that can compel people to click on your url to your blog tweet.
2) Drive people to your website.
You can ask someone to please give you their opinion on it as far as attraction or functionality.
3) Drive people to your Podcast.
You can give a FREE download to a podcast and get a lot of traffic.
4) Brand yourself repeatedly.
Use the same slogan, names, or themes in all you do. This will brand you well on twitter.
5) Drive people to your internet webinar/ Conference call / internet TV cast.
“Now broadcasting LIVE-join in the fun!” This can promote what you are doing NOW and drive traffic to your event.
6) Drive people to your “meet up.”
Tweet or Direct Message about local meet ups. Tweet even DURING the tweet up and then after wards as well to tell of the fun and who you met.
These are 6 ways to create a Powerful Twitter Success in your network marketing home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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