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The Affiliate Program is a Single Tiered Program. You will be paid 50% for any of our digital products and 30% for any of our CD’s and books for any sales that are generated through your referrals.

* Please be aware that affiliates will not be paid for their own purchases through their affiliate id. This is not considered a referral. Any commissions that appear to be related will be voided.

**This is grounds for dismissal from our affiliate program. We verify all orders.

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If you are a US citizen you are required to fill out a W9 form for earnings of more than $600 in a single year. To make everyone’s life easier, we need you to fill out a single W9 form prior to our releasing any commissions to your account and fax it along with a valid photo ID. This is a vital step for everyone to avoid dealing with the IRS.

Step 1: Fill in your Form W9 and Photocopy your Valid Photo ID

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Step 2: Fax or Upload your finished Documents

Fax W9 and valid photo ID t0 1.888.858.1642

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